Nation Sack-Traditional Hoodoo Secret-Hoodoo-Voodoo-Witchcraft-Wicca-Find and Keep Love, Bring Luck and Prosperity Into Your Life

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Nation sacks are carried by women Hoodoos. This is powerful Haitian magic at it's best! Hand-made sack for the best power! Hoodoos keep all their important roots, stuffs, and business in nation sacks. They are traditionally carried at the waist, say, on your belt. They are taken off at night and put back on the next day. Any charm your workin' you add the ingredients to this bag...usually used to keep your man. Women hoodoos believe that a nation sack is mandatory to find and keep a good relationship with a man. Your man must NEVER touch your nation sack or remove its ingredients! Or he'll have some troubles his way!

Traditional ingredients are high john, mojo bean, sugar, copper,alum, iron nails, osha root, lodestone, iron sand, low john, and jezebel root. This bag contains ALL of these, plus a few more tricks:)

ALL of my items are made to order, so your nation sack will not be exactly like the one pictured. The main ingredients will be the same but it will be made especially for you!

thanks for looking!

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