Abre Camino Wood and Leaves-Open Roads, Opportunity, Good Luck

Item Description

Have you seen all of the "Road Opener" or "Open Roads" items on the market? There are washes, incenses, oils, powders-you name it! Did you know the name for these items comes from the plant Eupatorium villosum or Koanophyllon villosum? It's use began in Latin America and it's ashe' is a powerful obstacle remover for all types of stubborn issues. Unless your "Open Roads" item contains Abre Camino, it's not authentic. Use this wood to create your own items, add to your spirit pot, place on your altar or use as an offering to Eleggua or Ganesh. These sticks were cut fresh and sent to me from a friend in Florida. You will receive one standard size zip-loc of leaves and branches. thanks for looking!

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