"Lovely Sarah! Thankyou so very much for taking my reserved order. I appreciate it and love everything as always! I am excited and looking forward to using everything and just love my little Hoodoo/Witchy collection of the best recipies ever, from a wonderful friend who works so hard, and puts her heart in every order. That meens a lot to the customers!! Blessings!!"


 "Hi I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to thank you for your banishing (name)-my daughter is no longer with her! Also, I want to thank you for her new apt works, they didn't make her move ,they changed their minds, so everything worked thank you from the bottom of my heart!" https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Black-Snake-Removal-Working-Remove-Negative-Influences-Reverse-snake.htm?categoryId=-1



"No cancer!!! Yay!
Just that, and thank you again for helping me turn my life around. Bless you and your loved ones!" 
View my full line of spellwork services here; https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Professional-Rootwork-Services_c13.htm


"You never disappoint. I want to let you know that my nephew is now starting to sing again. He is feeling amazing. You are our angel. I would love to come down for one of your classes. Can you please include me in any course offerings or meets you have. I cant thank you enough for all the candle workings that you have helped my family with."https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Reveal-and-Heal-Service-Release-Purify-Health-Protect-Trauma-RHS.htm?categoryId=-1


" I just want to give you a quick update. Ever since we received the order from you (St Expedite candle and oil set) and the Blockbuster mojo bag and hell notes on Monday; my husband has had interviews every day this week since then. He had had an onsite interview on Tuesday, He had phone interviews Wednesday. Next week as of right now he has an in person interview on Monday as well as a Skype interview on Tuesday!" https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Custom-Mojo-Created-for-Your-Needs-CMJO.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi Sarah! Just dropping a line to let you know the separation was successful! Im amazed at the speed of completion of goal from time of working. So much gratitude for you and Eleggua! He went straight to work! How mighty he is! How helpful you and Eleggua have been to me i can’t begin to measure in words! Knowing from your workings and report it will clear and improve is giving me hope, strength and patience at this time. Just so very grateful and happy that I came across you. If it wasn’t for you my life would not be changing for the better! I will never be able to stop thanking you! 

What you do, helping people and how you do it with such grace, kindness and full of support is truly wonderful. You help people assist in taking control of their lives, situations and help them in the most powerful way possible and your humble and genuine in helping people and that exudes in communication with you. 


 "Wow you’re a star! She texted tonight out of the blue with light hearted chat, thank you so much!!!" https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Commitment-Working-Heals-Speeds-Up-Strengthens-Relationships-comit.htm?categoryId=-1


"Just wanted to thank you. The package arrived and I have to tell you that you confirmed what I have thought all along. You are special. I had purchased a large, glass evil eye amulet some months ago. I proceeded to break it before I took it out of the package. What a surprise to find one enclosed is the merchandise you sent...and I haven’t broken it! You are majik!"



"Momma Sarah! What have you done! So much love right now. I can't get into specifics, but I may have the largest creative opportunity of my life. If this goes through, all I can say is this is a definite life changer in every aspect of my life. You will certainly have a life long client with me if this moves in the direction I'm hoping it will move. I'll update you again if/when there is more movement, but the potential opportunity is mind blowing right now."https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Come-To-Me-Prosperity-Working-Rootwork-Service-CTMP.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi Sarah, Just thought I'd let you know your comment in my report "You will have a few romantic options , including the target" is hilariously accurate. Since the working, I've been flirted with, hit on, asked out more than I ever have in my life! Every boyfriend I ever had has messaged me asking for another chance. The target texts more often and flirtatious. I'm sure it will manifest as soon as our schedules allow. He seems as anxious as I do, I'll just leave it at that lol. Have a great weekend, thank you!" https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Goddess-Magnetism-Working-Enhance-Draw-Your-Goals-To-You-GMW.htm?categoryId=-1


"My sincerest gratitude for sharing your energy, talents and skills on my work. I appreciated the details of the items used and their intended purpose. Your professionalism with the pictures would assure anyone who has doubts about your individualized work. I am optimistic and look forward to continuing working with you in the future. Many blessings."



"Thank you! You operate on a world class level- so very appreciative of your work. I'm going to wait a bit on the review so I can give anyone browsing a more helpful paragraph. Let me tell you, that Danda oil, which I also used to help my brother, I just fixed all his paperwork and prayed over them and that's all it took! I can go on and on but I'll save it for this weekend when I have quiet time write/submit. Very very grateful!!!" https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Danda-Oil-Court-Divorce-Custody-Immigration-ArrestsHearings-1855080.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hello Moma Sarah, how are you today? My son's case was closed out on last Monday. Everything went well with no issues from the Judge. Thank you for all of your help.
We will get back with you in August for more work. Thank you!" https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Legal-Matter-Working-Appeals-Immigration-Courtcase-Custody-appeal.htm?categoryId=-1


"Thank you so very much for doing this for me, I hope you can sense my complete gratitude and relief that I found you! 

Just to let you know after first initially contacting you and seeking your advice on all of this and explaining my financial situation and your very kind offer of adding me to your working altar before I was able to finance your work I came in to unexpected good fortune with the exact amount I needed for all these workings. I know that good fortune came to me because of your kindness so thank you so very much for that! 

I’m just very happy I found you, you and your work has given me confidence and a feeling of security in my future now that I feel I have the opportunity to take control of my life. 

As soon as I secure a steady income I will most definitely be returning to you to do more workings in the future and most likely on an ongoing basis! 

Sorry I’m rambling a little bit here! I’m just very very grateful for you and your work!" https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Professional-Rootwork-Services_c13.htm


"Because of all the work you did in the past we got on to a good relationship.I never got to tell you how much you have helped us! Have a blessed day." https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Across-the-Miles-Working-Draws-In-Love-Opens-Romantic-Avenues-atm.htm?categoryId=-1


Feedback; "I just got my package. Thank you for the added gifts! Every time I order with you I am always pleased with the quality and energy you put into your work. It truly shows
Anyone could go to luckymojo or original products, but I prefer to pay a little more for the quality of your work. Mahalo" A.N. www.shop.conjuredcardea.com


 "I wanted to say "Thank You". Up until November 2017, I had been without health insurance since January 2013. I got so angry about the unfairness in my workplace, I started looking for jobs, got hired at the school across the street from my house and quit my old job. Though the pay is low, the health insurance is AWESOME! Two weeks later, I got so sick and had to be hospitalized andhave surgery. Lost the use of my car two weeks after my surgery. I know these two negative events back to back would make most people say, "Why are you so happy?" Had I stayed on at the better-paying job with no benefits, I may have died after becoming so ill. Also, I would be in an enormous amount of debt due to the medical bills I would have accrued. Even still, without health insurance, who's to say I would've received proper care while in the hospital? I swear to you, EVERY employee at the hospital who came in contact with me treated me like a queen. The issue with my car would've caused me to lose my old job anyway, however, the new job is a five-minute (or less) walk from my home. At least now, with my health restored, I can look for a better paying job with benefits. This and your beautiful "Community Honey Jar" working saved my life!"https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/JULY-18th-2018-Community-Honey-Jar-Request-CHJ.htm?categoryId=-1



"Although I JUST found this email for the first time, I had suspected the work was already done because I have ACTUALLY been experiencing some relief AND my job prospects have improved. Bless you, I cant thank you enough. I am deeply indebted to you." https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Uncrossing-Service-For-Fixed-Crossed-or-Jinxed-Conditions-uncross.htm?categoryId=-1


 "I wanted to say "Thank You". Up until November 2017, I had been without health insurance since January 2013. I got so angry about the unfairness in my workplace, I started looking for jobs, got hired at the school across the street from my house and quit my old job. Though the pay is low, the health insurance is AWESOME! Two weeks later, I got so sick and had to be hospitalized andhave surgery. Lost the use of my car two weeks after my surgery. I know these two negative events back to back would make most people say, "Why are you so happy?" Had I stayed on at the better-paying job with no benefits, I may have died after becoming so ill. Also, I would be in an enormous amount of debt due to the medical bills I would have accrued. Even still, without health insurance, who's to say I would've received proper care while in the hospital? I swear to you, EVERY employee at the hospital who came in contact with me treated me like a queen. The issue with my car would've caused me to lose my old job anyway, however, the new job is a five-minute (or less) walk from my home. At least now, with my health restored, I can look for a better paying job with benefits. This and your beautiful "Community Honey Jar" working saved my life!"https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/JULY-18th-2018-Community-Honey-Jar-Request-CHJ.htm?categoryId=-1


My wax flow report from a client working; "The candle burned well and shows areas of negativity and chaos concerning her. I see her making a large mistake-something immature and costly that will show him it's best she is on her own and that he can not invest opening his home to her. It appears to be financial in nature."
Client Response; "Amazing!! I do know she ran up his credit card by $800 and he said to me last week she lied to him!"

Email me at conjuredcardea@gmail.com for your free rootwork consultation.


"AMAZING. And thanks for explaining about tear drop symbolism. I feel like some of the ways people read candles and the wax- hearts, penises - does not jibe. You read it according to the energy and it's so accurate and special. Your wax flow readings are exquisite. This made my day. THANK YOU." https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Professional-Rootwork-Services_c13.htm

6/2/18 "I just wanted to thank you so much for your help with the separation spell. 3 weeks after you did the working he contacted me-they have broken up and we are back together and very happy. He told me it was a big mistake and that he never stopped thinking about me. So thank you so much, I am so happy and grateful of your work, you really are the best!" Purchase your working here; https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Separation-Working-Separate-Break-Up-Divorce-sepw.htm?categoryId=-1


(Less that 18 hours after work completion); "Wow!!! You are amazing!! I just received a better work offer this week. It means taking on a new position with better benefits. Also, means I will relocate! Thank you!!" https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/7-Day-Open-Roads-Work-Expand-Avenues-for-Opportunity-Growth-ros.htm?categoryId=-1


 "Mama Sarah, you never cease to amaze me. I had purchased The "Lost and Away" service to get rid of a co-worker and I must say I was shocked to find out she put in her two week notice. I even went back a re-read my emails from the services I had purchased and you were right on the money!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.....Best Money Spent!!!!!" https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lost-and-Away-Jar-Send-Your-Enemy-or-Target-Away-for-Good-lostaw.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hello Sarah! I just want to say thank you for all your help. I'm finally in Spain! In fact,I'll go back to Mexico this friday. The work you performed on my behalf was amazing! I found good friends, a possible future job here and good flamenco teachers. My heart is full of joy! Thanks for your help and effort!" Books your Crown of Success working here; https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Crown-of-Success-Working-Opens-Avenues-for-Success-COSW.htm?categoryId=-1


 "I got awesome news for you. You know you’ve been doing these workings to secure a permanent position. On 29.03.2018, you did the gold fingers work and the wax flow indicated prosperity, and that I will have a more prosperous year ahead. Also you mentioned you saw “paths opening for you employment-wise with a past interest, company or networking opportunity you came across”. Guess what? last Thursday I got a phone call to say I was the successful applicant for the position and interview I applied for with a previous company and past interest. And it is a permanent position – pays more than my current permanent position which was secured last month. I didn’t believe you then (apology) but God Almighty your wax flow interpretation is so switched on. The permanent job offer is long time in coming and finally offered to me last Thursday. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the workings you do on my behalf. Gratitude." https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1


"I got awesome news for you. You know you’ve been doing these workings to secure a permanent position. On 29.03.2018, you did the gold fingers work and the wax flow indicated prosperity, and that I will have a more prosperous year ahead. Also you mentioned you saw “paths opening for you employment-wise with a past interest, company or networking opportunity you came across”. Guess what? last Thursday I got a phone call to say I was the successful applicant for the position and interview I applied for with a previous company and past interest. And it is a permanent position – pays more than my current permanent position which was secured last month. I didn’t believe you then (apology) but God Almighty your wax flow interpretation is so switched on. The permanent job offer is long time in coming and finally offered to me last Thursday. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the workings you do on my behalf. Gratitude." https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1



 "Dear Sarah, the Reveal and Heal working that you did for (my daughter) really made a difference in her life, she only picked up the glass of wine one time since you did the works for her April 16th. Her spirits are very high she's no longer in that downward spiral I think she's going to be okay. Thank you so much for your beautiful work I can't wait until you do for May 21st Goldfingers working!"https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Reveal-and-Heal-Service-Release-Purify-Health-Protect-Trauma-RHS.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi Sarah, just wanted to update you on the Gold Fingers working you did for me in early February. I just received a new job offer and have already started training. Everything I petitioned for regarding the job I got. I was starting to get discouraged and depressed. My back was against the wall. That very morning I woke up cryin. 4 hrs later the HR director called me offering me the position I had interviewed for. I cannot tell you how grateful and blessed I feel. My life is back on track. Thank you for your golden touch! Much love and blessings!" https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi! I won't waste your time here but I was speaking to a girlfriend about your work and organization. She noticed that my tone with your work is different from others. I told her that I enjoyed you BEING ON TOP of things and actually giving me what I ask for. I love how straight forward you are. I want to say, thank you!! I appreciate you. I can't wait to receive my oils! You can put this down as a testimony, I am very happy to have found you!"


 "Mrs. Sarah is an amazing person and root worker. She cares so much for her clients and the outcome for the highest good of all. Her oils are devine. They smell amazing, MOST of all they work. I have never been disappointed in anything to I have purchased. She knows what she is doing and loves it. You can tell. She is very discreet. I definitely look forward to doing business with her in the future." https://shop.conjuredcardea.com/main.sc


"I just wanted to let you know, it is working already! 
I'm not sure who made the move, but they are suddenly not Facebook friends anymore. I'm so glad I have found you! I want to shout out from the rooftops how amazing your work is! 
Thank you so much for sharing your gift with those of us in need!! I know I have somewhere to turn for those impossible situations in life that I can't break through on my own now." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lost-and-Away-Jar-Send-Your-Enemy-or-Target-Away-for-Good-lostaw.htm?categoryId=-1


"Your work is so beautiful. Thank you for this report. Thank you for the work and effort you put in. I am very happy and confident in what the future has in regards for this. Things have been moving already at breakneck speed. The great part is that it is bigger and better apt and my contract has been extended until May! It was originally to end this month! This was a surprise because I didn’t even know it was in the works. I just showed up at work and found out. It was a definitely movement of the spirit world with all this. This change now gives more time for me to find the ideal permanent housing to come to fruition. This is just the first week of the working so I am very excited to see what happens next!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Saint-Joseph-Vigil-Employment-Housing-Real-Estate-Prosperity-SJV.htm?categoryId=-1


I wanted to thank you for all that you do; Your teachings, workings, and guiadance have helped shape my life and guide me down a better path to a brighter future. I recently participated in your Papa Legba Holy Day service, and I kid you not, my request was put into motion within two hours after sending in my request. Things that I had given up hope on have suddenly been presented to me and my hope, faith, and belief in the univeres and myself have been reignighted. You are truly a blessing.


Sarah, Again thank you so much. I also participated in your super moon working last week along with this beautiful lovers vigil. Lots of power for a week of magic! And boy am I feeling it! The timing of these workings seem to have hit a perfect window of opportunity. I love the alignment and flow of my life. I am filled with intense, giddy, excitement, and joy today. I feel so confident and powerful. So much love is within me. That’s why I’m writing this email because I can’t contain it! Words can’t describe my feeling. I am so grateful for you and the spirits. Now let me get out here and spread this joy!! Also that plate is so absolutely beautiful!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/The-Lovers-Vigil-5-Day-Love-Romance-Relationships-New-Love-LVRS.htm?categoryId=-1


Moma Sarah's Love Haunt oil & candle worked well for me, I used it because after 20 years of marriage I felt I needed a little assistance and everytime I wore this my husband could not stay away from me and I noticed he would call and text me often while he was at work too. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fshop.conjuredcardea.com%2FLove-Haunt-Oil-Stay-On-Your-Lovers-Mind-Permanently-haunt.htm%3FcategoryId%3D-1&h=ATN5l7SkUAZCSvYX5AgKTi9zhVyG0a1UDERkeHvPrTLA__coQZ7MQbUs4o69ccSGnJNMTbQ9Aqpf7LSRtSz0Toa4OW3tIrCsQX9NA2ub38HFnNsS0tFe4sTyj1SOAvrmaVceyTsXIZvNvzHpowKPznk-Hri08rYPUz5lcEnonDuJ8IEG00vwBf9Dm6kGqkG4pmL-inOQ7ipA-7iayoYvdvwNE72vOzghDBEDjIUc5RKRSTXr


Hello Moma Sarah, I want to thank you for my products and for my note!It's always a treat for me to open my orders because everything smells so good! I received my package on tuesday january 24th and couldn't wait to use my oils. I've done a ritual using Lady Luck and Fortuna Madama. Yesterday night, I received unexpected money in my bank account!! And found 20$ in my purse this morning!! I love your products and love working my magic with them because it works so fast.
I am very blessed to have found you and I will be ordering again very soon. Thank you for what you do and may you be blessed abundantly!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Fortuna-Madama-Oil-Fortune-Luck-ProsperityLottery-Games-fort.htm?categoryId=-1


Thank you! I want to also let you know again how grateful I am for your work. What I like most about you is that you are true to your work. On your social media you are either showing your work, or sharing education about the craft. Your work has been life changing for me and has made me stronger in my own craft, especially after my queen B* working from about 6 months ago. I know it is still processing but I can truly say I am much more confident in my who I am and my own capabilities. Sometimes I search your site and learn so much just from all your products. I appreciate you and thank you for working for me. Blessed you are and I wish you nothing but the best. You are queen! " http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Professional-Rootwork-Services_c13.htm


 You did some Reconciliation work for me in October and wanted to let you know that IT WORKED! It was so an ex lover can contact me again. This is after it been over 8 months since we talked and he changed his number. I don't have him on social media either but I was using a dating app just because I was bored. I had only used it for a day before I was going to delete it when I got a message from him on their asking how I been and he missed me. Something told me to use the app and he barely made it that day too. Lol we both deleted it already but now he texts and sees me all the time.
Thank you so much for your help! You did the work for a reasonable price and it worked for me!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Reconciliation-Service-Restore-Commitment-Marriage-Love-RECS.htm



Hello Sarah, I hope your well. I wanted to thank you again for your amazing rootwork. I feel like a new person. I'm so energized and balanced! I've never felt so good in all my life! I'm completely focused on the future, I'm not procrastinating anymore and I feel free of my addictions! I'm also lighting candles everyday to stay focused and to give thanks. How often do you recommend I should have the restore rootwork done? I don't want this feeling, balance and energy to ever go away! :) Hope to hear from you soon." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Restore-and-Rise-Service-Restoration-Support-for-any-Goal-RRS.htm?categoryId=-1


Goddess Sarah, your Hell notes are the bomb! The saint oil and Hell note that I got from you I sent to a friend for Christmas. She lives in Vegas, so naturally she went and gambled (bringing the Hel note). She won a ton of money, then sent me some of it<3 Have a blessed new year and thank you for your continued miracle working and great mojo!


Dear Mama Sarah, Thank you so much for this work, for explaining the process, pictures and the final reading. I do understand what you say about getting a bit neurotic and how that affects the outcome. I do feel much calmer and I will be working towards healing and acheiving my goals. I look forward to 2018. I also wanted to thank you for being incredibly patient with me. I will place an order of your oils when I get back to the U.S. I have been searching for a mentor, I love your professionalism, discipline and efficiency with the workings that you do. I have been reading the books you suggested in your videos. I look forward to future workings, thank you!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Professional-Rootwork-Services_c13.htm


 "Sarah, I have to say that this working has sent me down deep into myself to clear the blockages that were buried within me. Some days I felt like I was hit by a truck, but each level cleared very quickly. What would have taken me weeks to work through, was dealt with in days. The results after the first 30 days are astonishing. I was led to deeply question my business and why I served and received clarity I never imagined. I processed grief and it released me to look forward again with certainty and love. I can not thank you enough for this work. Has my business expanded and I am relaxed and moving forward, of course! But your work goes deep to heal and reveal what is holding us back. I have sent many people to your site, from young beginning practitioners to layman needing help and no one has anything but praise for your integrity and solid practice. Thank you for all that you do!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Blockbuster-Working-7-Day-Remove-Blockages-Preventing-Success-block.htm?categoryId=-1


"You did the gold fingers working for my wife. 
Her business has taken off like a Raging bull! She woke up this morning and had three orders in her group page. She also had a business contact who hasn’t order any products from her in a while with her in a while; contacted her again for another product. It’s almost to the point of too much! But we’ll never say that. Lol just have to adjust our schedules for all the additional income we will be making. Honestly? How do you do it? This is the most divine or inspirational thing that has ever happened. After taking to you- it was like a switch was flipped. Even my job is going better and I’m not even sure I was apart of your working. Maybe it’s just all the great energy in our house now." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1


Hi Sarah, words cannot express the joy and gratitude I feel right now. Everything I’ve purchased from you has worked and your “across the miles” service was literally the icing on the cake for me. I am seeing major results with my guy!! Thank you so much!" 
Order your Across the Miles service here; http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Across-the-Miles-Working-Draws-In-Love-Opens-Romantic-Avenues-atm.htm?categoryId=-1


Mama Sarah you are amazing, YES, you are truly the BEST. (He) has been so good to me from when you did this work, its even better. I tell you, I'm going to be a customer for life because I see results in my relationship. I swear if it wasn't for you (he) wiould been done and gone. You brought us so close its amazing. Our relationship is definitely deepening as time goes on, it's amazing how the work you put in worked so fast. I always get immediate results, I'm so happy I got you, you have no idea and I'm going to get more work done as soon as I get extra money. I'm gonna give you a nice tip too! Seriously, you mean so much to me I'm just very happy with all your work you had dobe for me its only been two so far. Mama Sarah, I know me and (him) will be married eventually, I'm so blessed to have found you on facebook. I know it's your energy and love you put into the work- it's REAL, you are one powerful lady for sure. I give you so much respect-the best money I ever spent on my relationship and for myself. You're so amazing and that's why you're business does so well and you have so many customers. I know because I follow you on Facebook and Instagram its because you're the truth and you speak facts and you know your work! http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lover-Return-Working-Restores-Relationships-return.htm?categoryId=-1


Thanks Moma SArah, the birthday for my kids was full of joy, happiness,and love we got some money and everything was paid for! a Im going to stock up some oils for winter in case the weather gets worse. I will be ordering soon after the 31th and thanks for your strong powerful prayers. Thanks a lot Moma Sarah for helping me ,supporting me, praying for me and blessing me. thanks a lot thanks you. be blessed." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Personal-Candle-Vigil-Custom-Service-for-Your-Goals-and-Needs-1855313.htm?categoryId=-1


My mum got out of hospital finally last night. I asked for strength in one of your workings. It was the St Michael working. Well the strangest thing happened while I was visiting mum in the hospital . A healer approached me and asked if he could pray with mum and told me he felt he needed to pray for strength for me also to help me care for mum. He called to our home this evening to pray for us again. This is exactly what I asked for in my prayer petition I sent to you. It was definitely answered!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Saint-Michael-5-Day-Vigil-Highest-Protection-and-Guidance-SMCV.htm?categoryId=-1



"I just want to thank you for your the time, love and meticulous effort/energy that was devoted to my Across the Miles working. I felt a powerful energy radiate from the photos you sent me via email. It was a visually and energetically stunning working. It's imperative that you know that your knowledge, care and spiritual devotion - from order, packaging, product creation to delivery - is deeply appreciated." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Across-the-Miles-Working-Draws-In-Love-Opens-Romantic-Avenues-atm.htm?categoryId=-1


Thank You So So Much!!! Things between he and I have improved dramatically! I greatly appreciate you. Your work is so strong you started work for me in August. My guy and I could not even stand to be in the same room, now we talk and see each other everyday! I know things will get better and better as time goes by. I see his relationship with the other woman getting weaker too. Thank you!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lost-and-Away-Jar-Send-Your-Enemy-or-Target-Away-for-Good-lostaw.htm?categoryId=-1


Dear Sarah, Thank you so much for doing this ritual for us. You did an Excellent job!! Almost immediately after doing this ritual the situation changed!! It was great. My husband came to the house and said to me; "I can't believe I couldn't see this". He CHANGED from one day to the other his attitud towards me....!! We are very exited and grateful for this change. I can't thank you enough." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lost-and-Away-Jar-Send-Your-Enemy-or-Target-Away-for-Good-lostaw.htm?categoryId=-1



one week after service; "He actually called me this evening, just now, to invite me to dinner. I had already had dinner..we are having dinner tomorrow..but he called! I spoke to him, heard his voice! He didnt just text me...this is huge! Thank you thank you thank you!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lover-Return-Working-Restores-Relationships-return.htm?categoryId=-1



Things are going great! Our communication has improved drastically, his demeanor towards me has also improved a lot due to your hard work! I'm still working on my honey jar and nightly prayers to Oshun, Yemaya, and Ganesha! He's expressed on several accounts without me initiating anything, that he still loves me dearly and misses me." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Reconciliation-Service-Restore-Commitment-Marriage-Love-RECS.htm?categoryId=-1


Literally after you first emailed me about my service, my fiance got a phone to meet to start our business venture with a very old colleague of ours (a detail stated in the report). We are meeting him tonight. ANOTHER one of our business is opening this weekend (also in the report)!!! So far in just a few hours we have been blessed, as a family we continue to pray and just stay positive. Our future seems more clear and we are very grateful for everything that is happening. I can not thank you enough, thank you thank you!! ill keep you posted and send you updated pics! THANK YOU!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1



Sarah... I teared with joy as I read your email. I had this amazing gratitude fill my heart. I can't thank you enough for your dedication. Words escape me now to describe my feelings. But just know you have lots of love and gratitude coming your way. I'm more than grateful to you and I will remember you in my blessings and prayers today. When we get married I will send you a picture. May you be be showered with blessings of divine love, true joy, inner healing, and clear wise vision. So be it, so it is." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Marriage-and-Commitment-Working-Proposal-Relationship-Love-MAR.htm?categoryId=-1


Thank you for all your help. I will write a review for your services. In essence my life has improved dramatically since I found your website 2 years ago. My latest news is that my colleagues have chosen me to represent them to management with issues. This means an improvement in my working conditions and I get to use my skills and expertise. Never in my wildest dreams did I envisage this as being possible in such an alien work environment! Your advice to me was to keep working hard - that attitude has paid off. Thank you Moma Sarah" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1


May you forever be blessed.enough for all you have done to help my son. Every thing you said with the reading is coming to fruition With the Crown of Success working. May you forever be blessed. I send thank you all to the spirits that you petitioned to help. I will order one for my other son next month!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Crown-of-Success-Working-Opens-Avenues-for-Success-COSW.htm?categoryId=-1


Moma Sarah, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the Emotional Release service you and for the pictures. I have been feeling some relief already and I am making conscious intentional choices now for my happiness. I can not tell you how much I needed this and I truly appreciate all the hard work, love, care and attention to detail that you put into your workings. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Much Gratitude.
P/S Your Weightless Oil is amazing!!! My husband felt like he had the old (happy carefree) me back this weekend!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Emotion-Release-Service-Heart-Break-ForgivenessReconciliation-ERW.htm?categoryId=-1


My BFF found your page on facebook We looked on your page and read all the reviews at least 20 times a day. I get a text: I am doing the rootwork with Mama Sara. I'm like ok go for it, after your work with my friend she called me so excited she told me of the improvement with her situation and she was so happy. Her words were I think we finally found someone who is really gonna help us. Your work is amazing the pictures are so beautiful so many times I have given money for a service and receive no feedback which leaves you wondering. When I looked at the pictures and read your message my mind was at ease. I felt the love you put into this which makes me further more know that everything will be ok and It already is yesterday we made it through the kids bday pary no argument just peace. He actually was communicating and being really nice. He gave me extra money that I was not expecting. Thank You! I will be a client for life!!"http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Emotion-Release-Service-Heart-Break-ForgivenessReconciliation-ERW.htm?categoryId=-1


I feel you are wise and powerful, so I trust any thing you magically get creative with. You did a amazing Cross Roads of Love working for me back in January. It rid me of my child abusive, narcissistic father. He is LONG gone. I finally after almost a decade feel I can love someone else. Since you opened my path to love others. Right after your work, I met this amazing man. We started talking at our work. I never found a man who I was head over heels for based just on his mind, his thoughts, our talks. But this man....I most certainly am over the moon for. He told me he never has talks with anyone like me. He is a decent, moral, sober, well educated, intelligent, and a insight fully, in depth man. We were connecting great." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Crossroads-of-Love-Working-New-Love-Progress-in-Relationships-CROL.htm?categoryId=-1



Moma Sarah, Thank you so much for your professional and quality work. I am so happy and satisfied with the report. I look forward to the next year and to continue on my journey. So excited! I have already began feeling more confident and strong. Lots of revelations have been presented to me, helping me to believe in myself more. The QB mojo and paquet that I have been working in conjunction is proving to be very powerful. I'm so happy to have you work for me, so happy for your power and expertise. Thank you always! Ashe!"http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Queen-Btch-Working-Strength-Success-IndependanceConfidence-QBW.htm?categoryId=-1


Every working you have ever preformed for me has had quick, powerful and above all lasting results. So I will just allow this to unfold in the phenomenal fashion your work always does! Thank you for the time, dedication and love you put into all you do. It shows in the beautiful results I reap everyday from all your workings you have done for me. So I thank you again for all the power you have raised with this service. I can sense it, and am ready to let it come together in that super powerful Moma Sarah way that it does. Again, thank you for all you do!!! Beautiful Blessings To You" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Figure-Candle-Working-Custom-Working-for-Your-Goal-fig.htm?categoryId=-1



"Hi Sarah! I just wanted to thank you once again for your services. not even a month after you did the new love work I met someone amazing! We've already been dating for a month. She's great! She's everything I asked for, I went back and read what I wrote to you as far as what i wanted in a partner and it amazes me that she's is/has every one of the qualities i specifically asked for! wow! I've also seen an improvement on my health, physically and mentally thank you for the heal and reveal working. Once again, Thank you!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/New-Love-Working-Draws-In-and-Strengthens-Relationships-NL.htm?categoryId=-1



"It's wonderful, and I couldn't have asked for a better and gifted spiritual worker, funny thing is I ran across your facebook unexpectedly. Thank you so so so incredibly much. I look forward to working more with you on this complex case, and thank you for all that you've done and your recommendations."http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Professional-Rootwork-Services_c13.htm


"I love you so much, you have no idea. He has been so different from when you started the work. It's so crazy how much your work shows itself. I will forever be a customer and I'm so blessed and greatful for you. You have no idea how much you mean to me, I'm so happy I found you on Facebook. Thanks again and your work speaks for itself, he changed so much from the day you started the work! I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. The best decision I ever made for my relationship." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lover-Return-Working-Restores-Relationships-return.htm?categoryId=-1


 "Back in April, you had done a marriage service for me. We were discussing possible locations for a wedding (he suggested Salem) and making plans about our honeymoon (road trip across the country to try different fair foods we have seen on television) he's talking to my sister about a ring!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Marriage-and-Commitment-Working-Proposal-Relationship-Love-MAR.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hello Sarah, Thank you for you reading! I cant stop being amazed by it's accuracy. The details you've given about my personality are almost all perfectly right, so I'm convinced you did a great job at reading my future too! I feel better and more confident now, thanks to you.
I think I might order you a rootwork service, in order to give a little push to my love life (I want things moving haha!) in two or three months, when I'll get back to my studies. 
I just need to choose which rootwork will fit the best my situation. 
I'll get back to you! Thank you!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Tarot-Readings_c16.htm


 "I just wanted to leave a testimonial for a Lover return working that I got at the start of the year. I am amazed because at that time, it just seemed we were headed down a path of just a friendship and recently (7/7/17) he admitted that he is still in love with me. We have also not argued and before we argued a LOT. So it feels like we are getting closer and have even been on some "dates". Mamma Sarah is amazing and her working is always beautifully done! She sends photographs after the working and tells you what the candles say and you know it is YOUR working and not just any photo. She really puts her heart into these workings and I believe that's why they work! One other thing, last year I was having trouble with my boss and it was terrible. I ordered a working and my boss even went to HR and they told her that she was in the wrong! i was amazed , these workings work !! Also, be patient once you submit your orders, Mama Sarah always responds, always answers questions so go into this with an open heart/mind and faith. She is amazing and cares about her clients! Thank you, T."http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lover-Return-Working-Restores-Relationships-return.htm?categoryId=-1


This floor washing is amazing. I still have half a bottle left as you don't need much and every time I use it you can feel the difference in vibrations. I even add some to my spiritual baths depending on when I am guided to and it feels so good. I just ordered the La Bomba floor wash since there has been some negative stuff going on and needed a little more umpft to my spiritual cleaning right now...can't wait to use it when I get it...all of Moma Sarah's products are powerful and carefully made...try her Florida water too  http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Van-Van-Housewash-Hex-Remover-Opens-Roads-Brings-Luck-vanwash.htm


 "Thank you Sarah for your service! 
Since you've started doing work for me I've notices a huge shift in my energy and the energy around me.Specially with this last love service. Last week was a bit crazy I was getting a lot of attention from guys and girls lol. Since my weight loss surgery I have lost some weight but I truly beleive that your work amplified the amount of attention that I'm getting. I had people that I hadn't talked to in over 15 years sending me messages adding me on fb etc. I haven't had that kind of attention in a very long time, which is always a self esteem boost. Thank you for that." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/New-Love-Working-Draws-In-and-Strengthens-Relationships-NL.htm?categoryId=-1


 Thank you Sarah your candle works/conjure/spell work kept my car safe until I had enough money to get it fix. I greatly appreciate your work. 


 I started using Blockbuster soap on Monday and I love it. Moma Sarah did a Blockbuster service for me last month and I want to keep things good. I am going to start using my Arabka Soudager soap next..smells so good like baked treats, my husband loves the oil and it's been helping a lot.



Hi! First let me again say thank you! I'm so happy I found you and I've enjoyed all your products. They have been amazing at helping achieve my goals.

Now...girl..listen. I must tell you about my experience with your twin flame oil. I received the oil last night when I got off work. It was as beautiful as all your others. I also purchased the luv luv soap. So last night I did a ritual bath, dressed a plain white candle with the oil and let it burn on top of my honey jar as I took a bath. I added a few drops to my bath. I knew that I would see my target in the morning at 8am. So I did my rituals in the morning I showered with the luv luv soap, dressed myself with the twin flame oil and I also used your bewitching body butter. My encounter with my target today was unlike any other encounter we had. We both do physical performing together so it's a lot of energy generation between us after an performance. Today, it was overwhelming...I literally thought I was gonna pass out. I told him this after our performance about what I felt, and he says that he felt it too! He says that he thought of something about me this morning and when he felt my energy it blew my mind. This led to a convo about spirit and consciousness. We agree on a lot of things on this topic. We said we love talking to each other because we can freely talk on this subject with no judgement. I said jokingly get out of my head! He goes no you are in my head you are always there..something along those lines. It was so fast and so awesome it's hard to remember it all. I just know how I felt and how beautiful it was. We talked about how the future will be for us...that's when I thought to myself: THIS TWIN FLAME OIL IS KILLING IT RIGHT NOW! During the convo I stopped and told him this convo is crazy. He agreed because Sarah it was! It was as though our souls were talking to one another. I knew he was my twin flame maybe about 3 yrs ago. So when I saw your twin flame oil I had to have it! And with good cause because in all this time, the energy that was shared today was out of this world. And that says a lot because it's always out of this world. Today it was just extra wowowowow!

Also today I received so much male attention as I walked around NYC after I left my target. It's really hot today so everyone is out. I've never had so many men approach me or hit on me. And it was all respectful encounters. I picked up some flowers for my alter and as I walked through the city with my flowers the men were like "beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl"!

Twin flame oil gets all the stars! I know that everything is on the right track and looking beautiful. I'm so happy! Thank you! I'm learning so much from your videos and Instagram. Things are happening and I am just in awe! http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Twin-Flame-Oil-Draws-in-Suitable-Partners-Love-Marriage-TFO.htm?categoryId=-1


 "Hi Moma Sarah! I wanted to:let you know some result from the love haunt soap and powder..Progress with the husband..he showed up after my using the love haunt soap,powder regularly for about a week now, along with putting Scarlette Oil in a diffuser, meditation and extreme praying over my poppets. Not only did he show - but his exact words were "I could not stop thinking about you sexually". We had sex and it was intense! Afterwards he needed to wash his hands and the only soap I have out is the love haunt soap - by total accident! He washed his hands with it! I could not be more thrilled!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=love+haunt


 "Hello, Just giving you an update..your mojo bag REALLLLLY works. I speak to it and tell it what I want, and it listens!! Sounds crazy but its true. Lol. Today I asked for my book to start selling, since sales have been slow. About 20 minutes later, an old client emailed me asking to buy the updated version of my book and just now, I sold another book!!! All I can say is woooow!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Custom-Mojo-Created-for-Your-Needs-CMJO.htm?categoryId=-1



"Thank you for this, I can feel the relief coming in waves and I see it’s effects in my home. I see a difference in the children and I actually feel it’s effects a little stronger every day. Your work has landed well and I am grateful." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Reveal-and-Heal-Service-Release-Purify-Health-Protect-Trauma-RHS.htm?categoryId=-1


I love your candles!!! I placed my order yesterday; looking forward to using GTFB, Queen B*tch and Po No Mo. GTFB worked great for me last year and so did the Po No Mo Candles (and the money myrrh candles), Loved your Blue Healer and Love Haunt candles too.


"Thank you so very much...I was JUST thinking of you. I appreciate what you do and I will be back for other things. I've never have I hired another practitioner, but you are set apart from the rest." 


"He is less resistant to me since you did the last workings and communication is so much better between us and all anger is gone. I am so thankful to you and Oshun. Plus,
I got a letter from University today to say that my financial funding will start again at the end of August and my review exam has been postponed until September. So this is great news!! My funding will then continue if I pass the review in September. I feel much so calmer now knowing this .

Thank you so much Sarah for all the help you gave me and thank you also to the spirits who help you. Im so grateful for every Vigil, prayer and working you have performed to help me. It's such a comfort knowing my prayers for help are being heard." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Saint-Expedite-Working-Expedites-ResultsSolution-Goals-SEW.htm?categoryId=-1



"Good morning! I am e mailing to say thank you! I recently ordered some herb mixes, oils, and powders and months ago ordered danda and orange sauvage oil. I was using the danda with a lode stone I have been working for my husband to get him an approval for social security disability (he's a retired disabled veteran). I used the orange sauvage and money drawing herb mix and powder to dress a candle that I lit and prayed over for two days. This morning, literally 15 minutes ago, we woke up to see that over $20,000 had been deposited to our account from social security! My husband was approved and got a big deposit for retroactive pay! We haven't even received a letter or anything yet, but the money is there today! Thank you so much for the oils, powders, and herb mixes! I'm in shock to see that much money in the bank right now! Thank you for all of the products you make and the posts and videos you do because they have been such an inspiration to me and in helping me work my own craft. I have been doing offerings and praying so hard about this and I'm just so happy and grateful right now. Thank you again so much!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Danda-Oil-Court-Divorce-Custody-Immigration-ArrestsHearings-1855080.htm?categoryId=-1



"Dear Sarah, An update on this, court was last week on May 11. It went better than expected. Long story short, when the husband was testifying during cross examination, he royally messed up and was tongue twisted, his answers were not consistent with his looooong list of allegations against Jessi that he had used to file for custody. He didn't remember what he wrote. Duh! Even the judge was making few smirks with his testimony as if, is this guy for real?"  http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Legal-Matter-Working-Appeals-Immigration-Courtcase-Custody-appeal.htm?categoryId=-1



 "Sarah, I can't thank you enough for all your help and guidance. Everything you mentioned in the wax flow interpretation is completely on point. I've been going through a lot, and this gives me hope that things are clearing up and will work out for my good in the end. It's awesome that the pictures of the service and the interpretation came on my birthday, so this is an extra special gift. I will definitely keep you posted. I also want to thank you for the gifts of palo santo and the adventurine stone that I received in my last two orders. I'm blessed to have found your shop."http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Fiery-Wall-of-Protection-Service-The-Highest-Protection-fierywall.htm?categoryId=-1



 "Hi Mama sarah! I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for me. I got your report yesterday ahead of schedule! I swear, a few days ago I thought to myself " I bet mama sarah has started my work early" because I could feel a change in myself. I got a new calm regarding the situation, and sense of determination in life. Your work is truely powerful and I look forward to our results! Again thank you so much, and many blessings to you and yours."  http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Crown-of-Success-Working-Opens-Avenues-for-Success-COSW.htm?categoryId=-1



 "Hi Sarah, I just received your beautiful items on Saturday afternoon!! They smell so lovely and thank you for the Palo Santo stick!! Everything is always so beautifully wrapped! I can't wait to order more items!! Thank you for your help and guidance, you are a true blessing!! So happy that I know you and I am able to receive your beautiful products!! I feel so blessed, and thank you very much!! Many blessings to you and yours!!"




 "OK you know how I have been asking you to do the services for me with work and tenant. I also ordered the Saint Martin Novena candle, oil and the Rose of Jericho. Well the candle, oil and Rose of Jerico all arrived very promptly – neatly packed and smelly good as per usual. I have been petitioning Saint Martin using your oil and my own candle when the Novena candle was used. I have also been been very vigilant in praying and setting aside petitions in addition to the work you do. The Rose of Jericho is just so very amazing oh I love it. As soon as I put it in the water and cited the prayer that came with it on Tuesday at 9pm as instructed everything happened very quickly one after the other.

This Wednesday I received 2 job offers within the salary range I specified and in the area of work specified as well. I did ask that it will be with supportive peers and management with career opportunities. So I’ll take it as being answered as well. The other employer got very upset because I could not accept their offer which was just as competitive. Oh I felt so very guilty as I wanted to accept both offers. Obviously I could only accept one. The one that I accepted is full-time but fixed term contract. So I will continue to pray that when it gets advertised for permanency that I will be the successful applicant. My current employer asked to meet with me today to further extend my contract and I told her I had another job to go to. My fixed term contract with them expires today. Also today a lady with two children applied for long term lease of my rental property and she comes with a positive reference from one of the two sisters who runs the chapel I go to for prayers. So I know I’m in good hands with her recommendation.

I am now waiting for my insurance claim to be successfully resolved in my favour and paid out in full. Thank you so very much for everything, Sarah." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1


"Good afternoon, I wanted to give you some feedback on this service. In the last two months since you did this for me I have completely changed both my eating and how I see myself. I have gained freedom, peace and happiness with my body. I still have bad food cravings from time to time of course, but I no longer feel like food rules my life. I eat to be healthy and sometimes to enjoy myself with friends and family. Additionally, I am not even trying to lose weight because I feel beautiful exactly as I am. This is huge for me. And my boyfriend appreciates my new outlook because he has always told me I'm beautiful but I never believed it. So, thank you for the service. I feel so much better as this is no longer an issue for me."http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Black-Devil-Working-Remove-Negativity-From-Your-Household-BDWS.htm?categoryId=-1



"Thank you for healing my son's lead poisoning! Today was the last expected day for me to get a call from his doctor to see if the lead levels went down!!! There is no toxic level of lead in his blood at all!! I am very grateful for you." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Personal-Candle-Vigil-Custom-Service-for-Your-Goals-and-Needs-1855313.htm?categoryId=-1



"Dear Moma Sarah, A while back I ordered a Custom made Gris Gris mojo for healing, along with your Blue Healer oil and candle. I had major spine surgery and am healing even faster than my neurosurgeon expected. I could feel the energies in the Gris Gris mojo as soon as it was in my hand and carry it with me at all times. Thank you many times over for the time and energies in creating this gris gris mojo for me. I've also ordered many conjure oils, gris gris, roots, candles, etc. All of which I highly recommend. As your products work! You have a customer for life... Many Blessings!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gris-Gris-Bag-1820113.htm?categoryId=-1



"Hi Sarah, I just received my order from you this past Friday and I just wanted to say how amazed I was at how fast my order got to me! I had a large order and was expecting at least 2 weeks. I've ordered from you before on your site as well as all the way back in the Etsy days. Your products never disappoint me and I love everything I've ever received from you. I have to say my favorite this time is the Ju Ju Junkie soap. I am hooked on that scent and it lathers so beautifully. I never tried a natural soap before and I've been a strictly body wash person for years but this stuff has changed my mind. I'm going to order more." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/JuJu-Junkie-Soap-1820233.htm?categoryId=-1


 "Please, no need to reply to this. I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how thankful I am for all your hard work and professionalism. I feel so fortunate to have found you and your services. You are a beautiful, consistent ray of hope during difficult times and fabulous at what you do. Thank you SO much! " 


 (Within 72 hours from service) "Wow my son just booked a job TODAY...WOOOW you are AWESOME...unbelievable how your work is so great. Thank you Ms. Sarah for everything!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1



 "Lately my gifts have been on block a little and vague. I have been frustrated because of this. I received Conjured Cardea's Dittany of Crete oil on Monday. I used it 2 times a day since Monday let me just say Moma Sarah knows what she is doing. My dreams started to come back immediately more spirits came especially my brother he invited me into the spirit world with his protection. I also used this oil on my third eye the top center of my head and on my crystals this oil is amazing and truthful thank you Moma Sarah for helping me get back on the right path what you do is truly amazing. http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Dittany-of-Crete-Oil-Spirits-Divination-Astral-Travel-Psychic-DOC.htm?categoryId=-1


"Dearest Momma Sarah, This is just a little note to say "Thank You" for my lovely products created by you. Such Loving Energy went into those things and it was nicely Lovingly wrapped. I appreciate everything. When I want anything I will just order from your store." 



 "Just wanted to let you know that two hours after you sent me the email with the Honey Jar photos my husband received a phone call with a job offer! He starts his new job on the 20th. Thank you for your assistance with this. We will definitely be contacting you for more prosperity rituals in the future!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Community-Honey-Jar-Request-MARCH-8TH-2017-CHJ.htm?categoryId=-1


 "Wow Sarah, just a quick thank you so much for performing this service for me. I really appreciate the photos it's wonderful to see and it really does look like a very powerful working. Beautiful. The reading is on point too and the suggestions are fantastic as they are things I was considering, will push myself to go for it. Thank you again for all the time, energy, resources and effort put into my service. I love you work. " http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/New-Love-Working-Draws-In-and-Strengthens-Relationships-NL.htm?categoryId=-1


"I would like to thank you for being in my life for a year now. And it has been a wonderful journey so far. Thank you so much for sending the goodies I ordered, it was way back in Dec and it was my NY pressie. Love the way you package the goodies as they were all intact when I received them together with the cowrie shells. The soaps smell divine and I absolutely love them all. As I ordered 5 different kinds of soap, I alternate them in the mornings and evenings and I can notice my face is more supple now and gives me the energy of empowerment. Loaded Alligator tooth has been nicely placed in my purse and it is with me every day. Thank you once again for all your help and assistance you have given me so far and look forward to more in coming months."


"MOMA SARAH!!!!!!!! I just want to share with you!!!!! I'm overjoyed!!!!!!!! I followed your Traditional Syrup Jar instructions. Not exactly but pretty close. I couldn't get the five liqours you listed. No matter!!!!! I just won over $3,000 here at bingo! Thank you so much for your instructions and products!" http://conjuredcardea.blogspot.com/2015/07/moma-sarahs-traditional-syrup-jar.html


"When I opened the package with Rainbow oil in my recent order, I began to weep, it was very cleansing and washed away a lot of grief from a recent death in the family and turmoil. Since then working with the oil I've had some deep and very touching healing experiences. I feel so much more connected to spirit and a sense of opening to new energies. I often have amazing experiences with your oils, but this one is really special. It's so magical that this oil works just as described! I'm about to order another bottle! Thank you." 



"I sincerely appreciate you for performing this powerful service on my family member's behalf, Sarah. I can feel the energy and a shift, just by looking at the pictures. I cannot thank you enough! May the spirits and your ancestors continue to bless you, as your work continues to touch the lives of so many people.
Blessed be. Enjoy your weekend!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Reveal-and-Heal-Service-Release-Purify-Health-Protect-Trauma-RHS.htm?categoryId=-1


"Thank you for your lovely products and oils! They are some of the freshest and best quality oils I've ever used in 16 years of occult practice. I did a working for prosperity with your products for a family member and she received $1,000! Very, very grateful. I plan on making many more orders and contemplating a service." 


"Hey Momma Sarah! I know you are busy. I am sure you remember me, as many times as I have ordered from you, left comments, and messaged you. I just felt compelled to tell you that I think you have a beautiful heart, thank you for always being there when I need you, thank you for all of your services I have recieved, and thank you for making a difference in this world. I hope you have a wonderful valentines day, you deserve it. I am sending you lots of love and well wishes. God bless and take care of you and your family, you darling woman."



"Moma Sarah, What you do is potent and powerful. And damn fast if I might add! It all makes sense now. You work caused a most perfect series of events. That allowed me the opportunity to confront my child's father. I have confronted him in the past. But just let his bullshit, lies, cheating, drug use, all slide. But this time I told him no more. And meant it. And above all FELT IT! It was freeing. Like someone took a huge weight off my whole soul. It was as if this light went on in my head. And in my heart. And it burned away whatever I felt for my child's father. You can with your mind recognize a person is bad for you. That they have a series of serious problems. That they are over and over again hurting you emotionally. But our emotions so much over power and cloud the rational mind. Your work uprooted this man from my emotions. Where he was dug in deep like a tick. So my rational mind and emotion could work as one. To see and feel what is best, and WANT it. In the past I never wanted him to go. I just wanted him to change. I told him this is the last time he will ever see my face. He told he took back everything he said about loving me, marring me. It now all means nothing. A threat in the past I would of crumbled under. I told him "Good. I am glad. And am going to take that and move forward in a different direction now". He had no clue how to react as I have never said something like this to him. He kept asking what I meant. In leaving this situation where I was speaking with him. I went and immediately changed my number. In the past I would of felt frightened. Filled with anxiety. At the very thought of walking away and even possibly losing him. But it was like...I just didn't not care. I still feel like i do not care. I feel like....I am alive and free. Like a nightmare ended because I woke up. I realize I could NEVER have done this myself. And why all my attempts to do work to bring new love never worked. Because I could NOT let this man go on my own. I see this with clarity now. I am so happy I found you. And I thank you as I write this with tears in my eyes. For freeing my heart, my soul, and my path from the grips of this sick man. That I can now move on and let new healthy love in all forms come in to my life. Thank you!!!!! You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Crossroads-of-Love-Working-New-Love-Progress-in-Relationships-CROL.htm?categoryId=-1


"He just emailed me. Im in shock. The man never reached out first after a break up. It had to be the work you did." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Come-To-Me-Love-Working-Rootwork-Service-To-Draw-Love-CTML.htm?categoryId=-1


 "Received my new bottle of Treat Yo' Self oil today, it looks and smells gorgeous! It really is a little work of art, just visually stunning to look at and full of good things, and it smells heavenly. I had a bottle I worked with last year, it lasted a long time, I loved it, but the new one is even more beautiful and potent! Thank you so much, there has been some grief and stress this month and I felt so much lighter and hopeful when I breathed in the aroma of your oil." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Treat-Yo-Self-Oil-Draws-Luxury-Desires-Pleasures-Abundance-TYS.htm?categoryId=-1


"Greetings lovely! Wowie my order just arrived.:)I am absolutely blown away by the quality of your items. I just wanted to thank you. I'm also so incredibly lucky to receive one of your amazing New Year mojo bags!
I thought whoah, this can't be, this would be a very pricey item to be included all of the magical goodies and time and attention that has gone into creating it, I can't believe I was lucky enough to receive it. What an incredible surprise, and is very special to me :)
I realize how hard you work, and how much time, energy and effort you put into providing services, creating goods and sending them to clients, exhausting work, and I just wanted to show my sincere gratitude. 
Thank you also for lifting my spririts, I'm very grateful for all of the magical work that you do and for imparting your wisdom for others. I love watching your youtube clips and I also admire your style and spirit. Finding you has empowered me to improve all areas of my life which I felt totally powerless over before, and has given me a whole new lease on life. Much appreciation" 



 "Last Wednsday at 3:33 in the afternoon I felt compelled to use the Blue Healer candle and Shifting Sands oil. Today I went back to the doctor for an ultrasound for lumps in my breast and my health is good. I am feeling lighter and energized too. Thank you for your careful, hard work that you do. The Healer candle burned beautifully too! Having videoed it with my phone I saw a beautiful blue halo around the dancing flame that was not visible by just looking at the flame. Amazing! I can't thank you enough. I will certainly be a repeat customer." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Blue-Healer-Candle-1855393.htm?categoryId=-1


 "The money skull service has truly been amazing. I had been scheduled for Wed the 28th but things start happening Tuesday morning. That made sense later as you had mentioned that you started the service early. Tuesday morning I had an old business contact text me with a job offer which offered a payment of $2,000--half of the amount that I had requested in the service! Typically most of my business clients and I connect via online initially and all of last week, even into this week my e-mail has been flooded with individuals requesting services. It's been crazy! I am totally booked for this week and into next week with some high paying clients. I finally feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel with some of the financial things I've been going through. I am very grateful for your work. Thank you again! http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Money-Skull-Service-Draws-Wealth-Specific-Sums-and-Prosperity-flame.htm?categoryId=-1


My Dear Momma Sara, I wanted to say a big Thank-you to you and to tell you the work you did for me worked so fast that I want to tell all my friends about you from the tallest mountain top.  I am so happy you are in my life.  For the first time since last June of this year I got my first needed sleep.  Thank you and many blessing.

12/7/16 "I also had used the Van Van oil & Crown of Success oil each day and a little of my Queen B*tch butter. I had enough money on Monday to retain a lawyer to represent me in the pretrial mediation hearing tomorrow and she's willing to accept the remainder of the payment next month. My mom was behaving negatively towards me Sunday, by the time I was 1/2 way through burning my GTFB candle she had reached out to me being kind and even joking around with me.


My husband is addicted to using your Arabka Soudager oil for work, this morning I woke up early and put a little dab of the Van Van oil behind his ears and the Crown of Success on his head, he just texted me that he was able to easily do some assignments that he normally needs to refer to his "cheat sheets" for helpful reminders. I told him he had on Crown of Success. For anybody who is unsure about this oil, it works!!!!

Our honey jar requests are beginning to manifest we've received holiday invitations and know everything else is coming to us too." 


"You truly are an an

gel! I'm infintely grateful for your work, my life would certainly be different if you hadn't shared your gifts and hard work, and come through for me so many times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3"




"Ms. Sarah, I want to thank you so much for your Purify & Protect service. I wanted to wait to make sure this is for real. Ever since you did this work for me, my life has changed so much. I used to be so depressed and cried myself to sleep. But now, I feel this strength from the inside. I feel hopeful and good about myself even though I have a few issues going on in my life. Your service does work. I cannot thank you enough for your help. I am truly grateful. You rock! Thank you so much!"  http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Purify-Protect-Service-Purification-with-Protection-Booster-PAP.htm?categoryId=-1




"Omg! Moma Sarah, I have started seeing results already. This is unbelievable. Honey jar service, I asked for financial help, and right after receiving my photos of the work done, not even an hour later.things started changing for me. Like it came out of nowhere. Hope this continues now waiting for the results of my other request! I will definitely be a devote customer! Blessings!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Community-Honey-Jar-Request-JANUARY-2ND-2017-CHJ.htm?categoryId=-1



 "Dear Mama Sarah, I hope your having a wonderful morning, I wanted to share with that I recently got proposed to by my boyfriend John and wanted to say thank you very much for everything." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Marriage-and-Commitment-Working-Proposal-Relationship-Love-MAR.htm?categoryId=-1



 "I just want to update you on the honey jar you did for me in June. I had 2 wishes, 1 was related to my job. 
It has been 5 months since the jar, and last week I was proposed with a new role in my company which will open up in the next few months (early next year). My request was to keep the job, and to be able to grow with the company, get something of a promotion. With this new role, this is somehow professional advancement. We have not discussed details with my boss but it is likely to materialize. When I was making the request, I knew this would be a process, and at the time I was not going to jump into another role. Both parts of the wish materialized- keeping the job and getting advancement. 
I would be most happy if you shared this with your followers. I think it always helps to make people believe. This jar was very real for me on this wish. It took time but it happened. Thank you!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Community-Honey-Jar-Request-JANUARY-2ND-2017-CHJ.htm?categoryId=-1



 "Dear Moma Sarah, today I recived my conjure oils from you and I am sooo thrilled! The scents are beautiful and the energy is potent. This is my first time ordering from you and I want you to know that you have a life long costumer in me. You are authentic in the recipes and it shows! I can't wait to place my next order from you."


"Dear Sarah, I'm just writing to tell you how grateful I am for your services,not only has your work brought amazing results every single time throughout all these years of me coming to you for help, but i also consistently noticed that everyime, as soon as i place an order, things start happening right away. Long before you actually even do the work, your spirits sure keep busy and don't waste any time! About the home situation that i'm scheduled for next month, it has really improved a lot in the past week, the very next day after i ordered the service i was invited to go to a party with one of my housemates who was celebrating his birthday, and yesterday we all watched a movie together and we had a great time together, it was a huge step, and the tension was totally gone! Also people have directly and indirectly apologised to me about things they did that created this situation, i so know everything will work out, i'm so releived and i can't wait to see what happens after you've finished your work! Thank you so so much i feel so blessed to have you!" 
Today's feedback (4 days after service); "Woooow something came through for BOTH kids! My agent just posted that she needs siblings matching both my kids EXACT same size!! Wooow I will keep you posted on if they book. Thank you again!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1
"I just wanted you to know that since you did the healing for me, I've been feeling better, calmer. There are bad days still but, overall, I feel steadier. Husband and I were able to have a calm conversation about some problems too. We had a little situation whereby in the past he would've blown up at me and I would've been my passive aggressive self and not able to withhold it, & there would be another world war. But that day, he started the conversation with 'Don't be mad ok, I do care about your feelings... My eyes almost popped. He would've never said something like that to me. We are starting to communicate calmly. 
 I'm very grateful for what you did for me." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Emotion-Release-Service-Heart-Break-ForgivenessReconciliation-ERW.htm?categoryId=-1
(within 24 hours of service); Dear Sarah-Just wanted you to know I had my first phone call with (target) this morning! I initiated the call but we probably talked about politics and other things for about fifteen minutes and laughed…I ended the call said I had a meeting, but before I did I told her I understood why she had gotten angry with me, and she apologized too!! I am not sure where it goes from here but that is a great start!! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Messenger-Service-Facilitates-Communication-and-Results-MSNGR.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi Sarah, I'm always so happy with your products, but my latest order had such a special vibration! Everything was so wonderfully fresh and fragrant, and there was a sense of joy as I opened the packages. I sense your high artistry and happiness in creating all your items. And I really love the custom set for Ganesh, the energy and pictures are very inspiring. Thank you for helping me so much in ongoing spiritual development and improving my life in so many ways." 


"It has definitely worked! Things are great. We communicate better and no more drama. He's more compassionate and he compromises... it's truly amazing." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Novena-9-Day-Service-Any-Type-of-Working-novena.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi Mama Sarah, I hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts and dedication. I am already starting to see results from the Gold Fingers Working. I am sure an offer for the best job to fit my needs and ambitions will come any moment now. Thank you for all your help. Many blessings to you."http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi, I want to thank you for the mater dolorosa erzulie oil. I started using your oil 2 days ago and the men just been flirting with me lately I have a boyfriend of my own and his birthday was yesterday. I wore the oil and last night and he made the best love to me thank you! Things are starting to move for me in my life from the open roads service you did for me in October. I'm starting to see a lot more money and love flowing to me thank you so much for the service im still seeing results." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/7-Day-Open-Roads-Work-Expand-Avenues-for-Opportunity-Growth-ros.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hello Mama Sarah! I just wanted to tell how much I love your products. I wanted to share with you my favorite- the way it makes me feel and the beautiful way it smells just sing with my soul and always puts a smile on my face. Helping hands oil is phenomenal. As a person with many health issues, chronic pain, and a health care provider I needed a little assistance.. I was overwhelmed and depressed- it was ruining all aspects of my life. Several of your oils have helped me deal with this and turn it around into a more positive outlook and attitude. Thank you! I'll be watching to see if you ever make in a lotion or other product. Thank you again for being a real hoodoo root-work expert and providing excellent products."


"Hi Moma Sarah! Here's a little testimonial for you: I've been working on a situation for more than three weeks without any success. I received an order from you, and immediately dressed a candle with three of your oils. Within an hour of the candle burning down, I saw positive movement. I almost couldn't believe it, but of course I did, because your oils are just amazing! Thank you for all you do!"


"Omg! Mama Sarah the custom blended incense to Hecate is absolutely divine. Thank you so much. You never disappoint. Hopefully this will be one of your new incense blends- it's truly a goddess pleaser." - Rev. Darrin


 "Hi Moma Sarah! I felt inspired to let you know how much I love your work, your oils, your posts and your videos. I ordered oils and candles recently and I love them. I could feel the energy before they arrived, and they gave me such a lift! I have been watching your videos and even though I am not a "beginner," your ideas, integrity and warmth have really helped me a lot lately. Thank you VERY MUCH for all you do!"


"Just wanted to let you know I've been using your Bitch B Gone oil on a co worker because she decided that the salon would be booking our appoints exclusively. Well since I only get to work Thurs & Fri that means she is booking all appointments and she wasn't booking me anyone. So I wore the oil and anointed her station with it. Since then she's been booking me appointments and many of them are new clients. So I just wanted to say Thank You and tell you how well it's been working. I like her and I don't actually want her gone, I just want her to be fair to me. and since I've used the oil she has been so far!"


; "I'm very happy to communicate to you that I found a job! After many interviews! During this period I had only a few answers from the e-mails I sent, after the candle the situation change immediately. I want to express my gratitude for your precious job and for your great power! Thank you so much."



 "My friend just got a job thanks to your work, she's been looking desperately for months, almost a year, sending cvs and taking classes etc yet nothing, not even an interview. The day after your work was done, she got two interviews, and they kept coming until today she finally got a perfect job for her. I'm so glad i recommended you, your services are definitely second to none. Thank you!!"



"Mini testimonial here. I've emailed Moma Sarah on a couple different occasions with random questions and she answered quickly with great info. I was worried about my questions being silly but if they were, she didn't make me feel that way. One email pertained to products needed for a situation and she recommended only what was needed, nothing extra. No fluff, no waste, Moma Sarah has a life long customer here!!"





"Do yourself a favor and order this service and bring some sweetness into your life. I ordered the community honey jar service in August and it was well worth price to try a service as a newbie. The petition was for my husband to be well received on his new job. We were very careful to be clear with our intention and we wrote and rewrote until we worded exactly what we wanted and as Moma Sarah teaches in her You Tube videos we were careful with our words.
Results: Within a day of us receiving the beautiful pictures, he’s being received very well at work, daily invites to lunch, included in after work social activities, his co-workers celebrated his birthday, surprised him with a cake and luncheon. Management said he is the gold standard of who they want to hire. I am so happy to finally see my husband truly happy, well received and well liked at his job. Thank you, Moma Sarah for all the beautiful hard work that you do, have done and are doing for us." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Community-Honey-Jar-Request-OCTOBER-26TH-2016-CHJ.htm


 "Dear Sarah, We won...big! For nearly a year the kids' mom has rejected every offer we made regarding spousal support and custody. Yesterday morning was our last chance to settle before it went to trial, which would have been serious hell for all of us. She showed up without her menacing entourage (quite a sight in past meetings) and within 15 minutes signed off on everything...agreed to no $$$ of any kind outside of child support, all the time we asked for as long as the kids want to participate(they definitely do!) She signed off on unfiled taxes so she can't have half the returns, accepted 50% of standing debts, was admonished by the Judge for dragging this out for so long and ordered to address her unpaid taxes, probation fees, etc. After the meeting her attorney "fired" her and told her she could no longer seek free legal aide in the upper peninsula due to her lying to the judge under oath at some point and not being honest with her own attorneys and causing them to waste valuable resources that are meant for those in need, not just retribution in the form of keeping a father separate from his children. Woah! When I asked that you "blast it" you did just that. There could not have been a better outcome. We are so grateful. Thank you for your amazing work and dedication and for empowering us through this intense court process." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Legal-Matter-Working-Appeals-Immigration-Courtcase-Custody-appeal.htm?categoryId=-1


My wax flow interpreation and feedback; "I can see that several opportunities or ideas will reveal themselves in the future concerning something you have been involved in for some time-you have a past there with it. The flow is very abundant and fruitful, signifying success. I see prosperous flows and no blockages. If you have been considering taking a leap of faith or making a change, it looks to be a successful time to do so. As always, use discretion, common sense and planning for your goals."

Fedback; "Awwww thank you so much Sarah! I am so amazed at how spot on you are with these. I did this for financial prosperity for my family, as money concerns are so big for us right now. In the midst of this I just took a 'leap of faith' and left a job I have been at forever, but had just become miserable at, and wasn't even making enough anymore to support us. I took this leap of faith, and do the best I can to stay out of fear of going financially under, and that the mortgage and bills will be taken care of somehow while I look for something I can be happy at. Thank you so much for sharing what you see ."



"Thank you so very much, Sarah. You have done fantastic wonders for me. When I first came to you, I was an absolute mess having been shattered and devalued at work. Literally I felt I was at rock bottom. Through your workings which always does wonders all the time and the healing works I sought, I gradually worked worked through the issues and a am complete person now. I got back into the system and working with colleagues who are supportive and sincere. Awaiting my permanency. Hopefully not too long to wait. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. You're a living legend. Much love, blessings and joy to you." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Crown-of-Success-Working-Opens-Avenues-for-Success-COSW.htm?categoryId=-1



 "I am dropping this email to thank you from bottom of my heart for all your assistance since I discovered you. We have not met in person but I can see you as a beautiful person so devoted to your clients and customers. And I look forward to working with you over and over again as I have more work to do.
Just a message to say I love you and your devotion to your work.
Have a blessed day."


Wax Flow Interpretation Feedback; My Interpretation; "I see a past issue that is reocurring or will soon reoccur. It may be a health issue, emotional issue or past relationship. Once you figure out which it is, I recommend you address it immediately with the proper help. In the mean time, focus on self care and keeping yourself and home free from negativity and drama, which I see will present itself. If you have a doctor appointment or counseling/therapy session of any type (even massage, etc) coming up, please keep the appointment. If you practice self care and address the issue, you can get it under control. If you ignore it, it will begin to severely affect your life."

Feedback; "Oh my gosh Sarah I just wanted to tell you I am completely blown away by your wax flow interpretation! Just this morning I was at the hospital doing lab work that I had actually been putting off, to help my doctor get my thyroid condition under better control and get my health back on track. So obviously that struck me right away. So crazy phenomenal, thank you so so much!! I will definitely be mindful of the rest of it, so I'm prepared if these other issues come up. Again, thank you for sharing your gift." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Wax-Flow-Interpretation-ServiceWFI.htm?categoryId=-1


"Over the last 6 plus years My life has gone to hell in a hay basket (or more accurately hell in a hell basket). Without Moma Sarah I don't even know where I would be right now. She's been so kind and patient with me while dealing with all the things that have been done to my family and myself. I can ask her a million questions and she'll answer all of them every single one. She had a challenge when we started working together especially with all that's been done to me but she's moving mountains for me and I thank God and the universe for sending her my way. I've seen improvements in different areas of my life based on the work she's done and I can't wait to see what other amazing things are in store because of her awesome work. Thank you Moma Sarah for all your hard work and dedication to your clients. Some of us would be so lost without you!!!!" 


"Thank you very much for the beautiful images and detailed description. I am truly speechless ... thank you for making me feel extra special. I would like to share with you that only a few hours after you sent this email I received an email from a PR company in New York wanting to collaborate with me! I am so grateful and looking forward to the amazing things that are to come. Thank you again for all that you do, I just can't thank you enough! With love and gratitude" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Personal-Candle-Vigil-Custom-Service-for-Your-Goals-and-Needs-1855313.htm?categoryId=-1


"OMG!! You always surprise me!! This work looks amazing, powerful, full of energy and love! Thanks a lot for all your help, your dedication and professionalism. In fact, a couple of weeks after our "break up" I restarted communication and we are talking well again (just as the service report stated). Your Blockbuster service has helped a lot!! I'm sure this work will bring us extra help, healing and love. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!! Blessings and love!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Red-Snake-Working-Relationship-Repair-Commitment-Healing-RRW.htm?categoryId=-1


"Sharing my experience with the queen B* oil. I wore it on my date with a very powerful and demanding businessman. He went on all night about how "I am in charge" and told the waiter that "I am the woman of the house and in charge". Very very intriguing how the oils work. I am ordering a large new batch hahahahaahahha."http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Queen-Btch-Oil-End-Competition-Draw-Success-PowerControl-1855361.htm?categoryId=-1


"I just want to thank you for the amazing work you've done for me with Come To Me service!The photos you sent are beautiful and show how much effort and thoughts you put into the service and what's more:it actually seems to be working!
It might be a bit early to say that things are definitely changing for good but regardless,after several big arguments couple months ago and himalmost withdrawing from contact with me,he is now back and things are gradually getting better and better every single day! This was actually my first 'encounter' with rootworking and I wasn't quite sure what to expect but desperate enough to try anyway. I've done a bit of research before contacting you and now I can only say I'm glad I did and that all the positive reviews I have read were well deserved. I will be definitely back for more. Many many thanks."http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Come-To-Me-Love-Working-Rootwork-Service-To-Draw-Love-CTML.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi Sarah! the Reconciliation oil arrived safely this morning- and THANK YOU so much for the beautiful cowries, they're on my altar! Thank you so much as well for everything- he is back to his usual self and *she* seems to have backed off a lot. We had a fantastic weekend together culminating in remendous fun! I don't think we'd have been there without your help from afar and I'm truly, truly grateful. Love, light and blessings to you and yours" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Reconciliation-Oil-Mend-Relationships-Ends-Quarrels-Hostility-REC.htm?categoryId=-1


 "I just wanted to give you some feedback since the prosperity release working you performed for me- Firstly, I had a really strong feeling to check my e-mail on that day and when I did your email with the report was there. Since then, I finished my contract with that agency, went straight into another role with really lovely people and out of nowhere got a Facebook message fromsomeone I had met months ago asking me if I could start as soon as this one is over- so I've literally gone from contract to contract since you performed the working. I've been doing my own workings as well and am really grateful to you for the support that your service has given me- the results have been really impressive, thank you. I always enjoy your lovely posts on Facebook and wanted to say thanks for the youtube videos you do as well, i learn a lot from them and they have helped me in my own practice in huge ways. Will be in touch very shortly for another service as well." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Prosperity-Release-Service-Money-Debt-Relief-Finances-PRS.htm?categoryId=-1


"Thank you thank you!!! I had some work done beccause I was having issue at work with my coworkers. I had the work done in May. I got to work tonight and found out the coworker that was causing the most problems found another job!!!! Thank from the bottom of my heart!!!!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Community-Honey-Jar-Request-AUGUST-8TH-petition.htm?categoryId=-1


 "I don't know where to begin, but I can say your work and service works like a BOMB!!! You carried out the separation ritual for me in May. Thank you so much for the wonderful service and explaining the process and meaning of the candle and its working. Your report was awesome and accurate and I can now confirm that your work has manifested in less than 2 months. I was blown away with fulfillment and happiness when I found out of the outcome of this service. Your recommendation to undertake this service was 100% accurate and it was worth the money spent. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering such great services. I appreciate you taking the time for my situation and carrying out the service with all preparation work, setting up the ritual and reading the candle wax flow. Thank you for everything once again! I can feel the love and care you put into each of your services, you do it with your heart which gives 100% results. Love and many Blessings to you and with all your work you do. Looking forward to working with you with future services with you." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Separation-Working-Separate-Break-Up-Divorce-sepw.htm?categoryId=-1


" Good morning, Before I began I just want to let you know how satisfied I am with your professionalism, the quality products you produce, and the over essence of your business. A couple months ago I purchased a "Come to me" candle, soap, and oil, and Wow! It worked instantly! After I dressed the candle with the oil, I drew a bath, got in and began to think of a certain someone, when I got out of the tub, I sat in front of the candle, to adorn myself with the "come to me" oil, still thinking of this person, and after a few rubs of the oil on my body, I received a text saying, "thinking about you". I was blew away! I usually receive texts from this person, but almost never in that context. I was sold after that! I was already taken aback by the packaging and scent of everything, but the magic really worked! Such strong and ferverant Ashe'!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=come+to+me


"Good evening moma Sarah, I gotta tell you those oils are amazing! That love haunt in particular is just magical I used on my hair one day and the target even wanted to touch my hair! I can imagine if I use it on other body parts lol. We appreciate everything you do for us, from your services to these magical products you create with such a great power. Can't wait to see the pictures of my other service! Thanks again, Have a wonderful evening." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Love-Haunt-Oil-Stay-On-Your-Lovers-Mind-Permanently-haunt.htm?categoryId=-1


" Good morning, Before I began I just want to let you know how satisfied I am with your professionalism, the quality products you produce, and the over essence of your business. A couple months ago I purchased a "Come to me" candle, soap, and oil, and Wow! It worked instantly! After I dressed the candle with the oil, I drew a bath, got in and began to think of a certain someone, when I got out of the tub, I sat in front of the candle, to adorn myself with the "come to me" oil, still thinking of this person, and after a few rubs of the oil on my body, I received a text saying, "thinking about you". I was blew away! I usually receive texts from this person, but almost never in that context. I was sold after that! I was already taken aback by the packaging and scent of everything, but the magic really worked! Such strong and ferverant Ashe'!"


"Good evening moma Sarah, I gotta tell you those oils are amazing! That love haunt in particular is just magical I used on my hair one day and the target even wanted to touch my hair! I can imagine if I use it on other body parts lol. We appreciate everything you do for us, from your services to these magical products you create with such a great power. Can't wait to see the pictures of my other service! Thanks again, Have a wonderful evening."


" I want to say I received my order and I love everything. You make all the packaging so pretty. The oils smell great. I love the way the candles are dressed and they burn perfectly Very clean. And they both work so fast! You did the ritual early for me and so I did not have a chance to do the male candle at the same time as you suggested. So I did that as soon as I got the order in the mail. Once you completed the ritual the first weekend I heard from him while he was out of the country and he was very intimate in the conversation. Which was a complete 180 from the way the last few weeks have gone. I knew things were about to turn around.
I got the order and began the male candle and the other candles and oils doing something a bit different each day. Which brought us to the holiday weekend and we were able to spend time together in person, this time. I could feel the shift in things. Even our love making was different. I know we aren’t there yet, but I know we are on the way and it is thanks to you and your magic touch. I appreciate you taking the time for my situation and for making such wonderful products we can use on our own as well.
I will keep you updated, of course, but I wanted to give you some positive feedback for the two weeks following your work. Within days of you completing the ritual there was quick movement and that is always the best feeling in the world. You don’t have to sit around waiting or wondering, the proof is right there. Thank you again for offering such great services. I appreciate it very much. If you feel anything I should have you go or be doing myself to continue forward in this positive direction, please let me know. Your suggestions have surely been spot on." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lover-Return-Working-Restores-Relationships-return.htm?categoryId=-1


Hello, I ordered bewitching butter. I just want to give you my review. I absolutely love the smell and the texture. It really moisturizes my skin. I have only used this for 3 days and I have never felt so confident and so alive. It's just this weird feeling. I feel high on life. So full of energy. Full of potential and I'm in the best mood. I want to grab life by the horns. Yesterday I felt this energy all day, a male co worker out of the blue invited me for drinks. We had a great time. I felt confident and sexy. I will for sure be ordering more products. I love the energy. Fantastic."


 "Hi Moma Sarah! I just received my very first order from you. And I wanted to tell you how completely delighted I am with everything! My order came in much sooner than expected considering I had ordered a special healing gris gris with it. I can feel the energies within and have it on me at all times or at my beside table where I will be spending many weeks recovering from surgery. At night I sleep with it in my hand. My St. Brigid Novena candle is lit in the morning along with a prayer for healing and burns until I go to sleep at night. Thank you so very much for the gift of the cowrie shells! Thank you for everything! I can feel the love and care you put into each item. Love, Light and Blessings"


"Just freakin Wow!!! Could your work be any more beautiful?! I mean seriously, the intricate dressings, arrangement, thoughtfulness that went into this service. Mind blowing. Your update was just the "cherry on top"...amazingly detailed and informative. Will be an absolute loyal customer. Extremely grateful and hopeful for the service to take affect. Thank you again for sharing your gift."http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Commitment-Working-Heals-Speeds-Up-Strengthens-Relationships-comit.htm?categoryId=-1


"Wow, what a pleasant surprise to have the service done so soon! Thank you for the details and photos. What a lovely-looking work. Funny enough, the person in question (uncharacteristically, based on the recent state of things) texted me about 10 minutes before I got this email from you, being flirtatious and sexy, warm, and excited about spending time with me this coming weekend. He has in general been reaching out to me more this week than usual. I'm glad I took your suggestion to do the Love Haunt service for this particular situation, as I've recently started using a couple of your Love Haunt products to facilitate things. I am confident that this service and the products are working in tandem to keep moving things in the right direction. I can actually feel it. It's really helping me feel less stressed, worried, and anxious about it, which I'm sure will help things improve. I am looking forward to working together more in the future. Thank you so much!" Love Haunt service


"Dear mama Sarah, first off I want to thank you from bottom of my heart, for the outstanding work you have done for me, if it wasn't for your loving heart & special gift that you have offered around the world, we would all be stuck suffering from the evil that surrounds us at times, I can't count how many thank yous & can't show you enough how appreciate that I am for you. May God continue too bless you in you path of life, & my he continue to strengthen your soul, as of today I bought a car!! And I got 2 more job offers!!



"Moma Sarah, Yesterday I was excited and blessed to find your package by my front door. This was my birthday present this year, and you do not disappoint!!! Everything was so beautiful he wrapped, and packed with care. Of all the things I've ever ordered online, yours by far was the most fun to open and beautiful to top it off. In everything you do, from your videos to your store and how you run your business – it really shows you care! I spent about 45 minutes slowly opening each package and enjoying the energy and the beauty of each. Although I have never ordered your professional services – I know in my heart that absolutely, without a doubt – you would be the one that I will call. Your level of beauty, care and professionalism go above and beyond. I just can't say enough how impressed I am with my order. Many blessings to you!" 


"Good evening Sarah, just wanted to give you an update on the separation service you provided me. Yes, it may seem to early but my kids dad approached me and asked if we could talk. So we had a conversation and he said that we would never work out, too much has happened in our past, which I agree. We both calmly, and drama free, have agreed to go our separate ways and just learn to be there and co-parent for our children. I'm ready to move on with my children and find my peace and happiness. I would like to thank you from the depths of my heart all the work you put into my service and my situation. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and explaining the process and meaning of my candle and working. I absolutely love your work and all your products. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! 
Blessings xoxo" 


"I misjudged her gifts and i feel so guilty for it. After benefiting from her services i started growing restless, knowing that spiritual workings take time and every single spell has their own time frame because they do not suffer from the laws of this reality. And then the moment that i start giving up my business started to flourish, i was in awe that how things can change this fast in a very short time and for that i personally thank you. You must've corrected my mistake as a practitioner with your experience, love and knowledge. I hope you can forgive me in that sense; Thank you for everything." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1

Many blessings.


"Good Evening Moma Sarah,  I hope you had a lovely day.   I have just read the report you sent for the Commitment Service and seen the photos. Wow Moma Sarah !!! I am so amazed by the hard work you put into the service, theres so much attention to detail and the pictures look so so so beautiful!!! Thankyou a million times Moma Sarah for the hard work you carried out on my behalf, I read the report and it fills me with hope, a sense of calm and positivity. Of course I will let you know what happens. I am so glad i came across your page in march, my life has got so much better and its because of your help.  You are blessed with a wonderful and amazing talent,  thankyou so much for helping me and all of us. 
Lots of love, Thankyou for all your help and advice Moma Sarah" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Commitment-Working-Heals-Speeds-Up-Strengthens-Relationships-comit.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi Sarah, I received your oils and soap yesterday and they smell wonderful. I used the attraction soap this morning while visualizing and speaking my intentions then did the same as I applied your attraction oil. I SAW my target today...for the first time in weeks!!!! And he made a beeline straight for me just to say hi!!! Coincidence? ?? Maybe but I can't wait for tomorrow!!!! Thank you so much!!!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Attraction-Soap-Attract-Your-Goals-and-Desires-attsoap.htm?categoryId=-1 

 "Hi Sarah, I got offered my dream job today. I have never in my life been offered so many jobs like this.This is all you and your wonders and I burn the money master incense. My life has been so much better since meeting you."http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Money-Master-Incense-Master-Your-Finances-Employment-Money-1825582.htm?categoryId=-1


"I meant to do this awhile now, but anyway I decided on the shi shi & Danda oil, in the meantime I used the mummy candle to attract the $$ to get my household caught up financially so I could finally deal with this. As of today all past due bills about a paycheck shy of being all up to date, but even better than expected about my license, the statute of limitations ran out & the tickets were canceled and my privileges restored all I had to do was pay the restoration & renewal fee $70! I mean maybe this would have happened anyway, but I swear the timing of clearing up bills to begin to get to as point to inquire was divine because because nobody volunteered this information at the DMV & the court I owed wasn't thinking about me until I inquired to update info with the DMV ,that's for sure! And the way it works is until they tell you your privileges are restored, they technically are not. So I'm legal again!!" -T.M. http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Danda-Oil-Court-Divorce-Custody-Immigration-ArrestsHearings-1855080.htm?categoryId=-1


I can't wait to use these and order my next ones. Thank you, Moma Sarah! Not only is it difficult for me to get to a more local magick shop, but I've found that by shopping Conjured Cardea vs. a local magick supplier, I'm getting more authentic, productive and potent products. The smart witch should be shopping Conjured Cardea. The only time I don't shop Conjured Cardea is when it's something she doesn't carry (or when I can go to the store for it like matches or cinnamon, etc) and even then I ask her if she does happen to have it, but I digress. Shop Conjured Cardea- you'll probably be glad you did!!


"As devout witch of over a decade, I highly recommend Moma Sarah's products. High quality, highly effective. I used several Conjured Cardea ingredients in the spell just because I have never worked court magick and it was vitally important that I won, so I covered every angle I could. The judge said she had made up her mind before we even started!! Next order I put in (I have 4 in right now) has to be a restock for my cabinet cause now I'm running low or out of wonderful witchery!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Danda-Oil-Court-Divorce-Custody-Immigration-ArrestsHearings-1855080.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi Moma Sarah. I worked the court magick using all and several of your products and I won today. Fully favorable with justice and in comparison to some, swift results. Once money hits my account I'll be making a donation to Conjured Cardea...and probably placing a huge order to keep my cabinet stocked. Thank you!!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Danda-Candle-DivorceCustody-Immigration-Arrests-Hearings-DC.htm?categoryId=-1


"Good Evening Moma Sarah,  I hope you had a lovely day. I  have just read the Reconciliation Service Report you sent me and looked at the photos. Thankyou so much for the hard work you carried out on my behalf. The candles look so beautiful , and the report just blew me away with your accuracy! I just want to say WOW WOW WOW !!! You are blessed with a wonderful gift Moma Sarah and I'm so grateful to you and im so thankful I came across your page two months ago. You carried out the Red Snake Healing Service for me one and half weeks ago. Yesterday ( May 8th) , he messaged me asking if we could meet and talk. As soon as i read the text, i knew the healing service you carried out for me was working, and i just started jumping around!!! We met and wow! We ate together, and then he spoke. His anger was gone, he spoke gently and quietly. He asked me to say what was on my mind and he listened! We spoke calmly and articulately. He actually said things can be ok between us !!! I stayed the night at his but we did not sleep together. He slept on the couch and I slept on the bed. This morning we spoke again at some length and kissed. Which brings me to the Reconciliation Report you sent today. It was so accurate!!!!!!! Yesterday he told me that he had taken some time off work and he was going to stay in a city two hours away with his mum at the end of this week. He also said he was giving up his flat. I burst into tears when I heard this but he comforted me saying he will come back , but he just needs time with his mum and some time out as he was very stressed out and not in a good place. I asked what was stressing him out, and I would help in any way I can. He wouldn't tell me fully, but he said the main reason was the love triangle we had been in. ( In my first consultation with you, I told you how she had found out about us two months ago). Since then, she has publicly humiliated him and made it very difficult to see their son. And it has affected him really badly . In your Reconciliation report, you mentioned the large wax nodes and flooding on his candle which showed he was going through a lot of stress right now. And 24 hours earlier he told me exactly the same thing !!! Wow Moma Sarah, im speechless at your talent !!! You are brilliant!!! I'm so grateful to you for the healing snake service. It is clearly working!!! Before the service, he wouldn't even look at me let alone speak to me!!! The change in him is massive!!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Moma Sarah for all your help and advice. I am a fan and customer of yours for life. Lots of love"  http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Red-Snake-Working-Relationship-Repair-Commitment-Healing-RRW.htm?categoryId=-1  http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Reconciliation-Service-Restore-Commitment-Marriage-Love-RECS.htm?categoryId=-1


"Good Evening Moma Sarah, I hope you had a lovely day. I have read the reconciliation report you sent and looked at the photographs. Wow Moma Sarah! Thankyou so much for your hard work. You are brilliant ! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou ! The photos are absolutely beautiful, and your report was 100% accurate! You said the wax nodes and overflow indicated the huge stress he was under. He told me 24 hours earlier he was going through alot of stress but he didnt elaborate on what it was.The Red snake healing service has started working, he asked to see me, he is communicating with me openly and his anger has gone. Thankyou for all your help and advice. Lots of love." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Reconciliation-Service-Restore-Commitment-Marriage-Love-RECS.htm?categoryId=-1


"Thank you so much for doing this love working for my mom! The photos of the work are amazing. I am also impressed that you picked up on the stress issue from the candle burn, because he is currently dealing with a lot of health stress. He is definitely much more kinder today towards my mom and me and not picking on issues intensely as he did before. We like him this way because it does help him be more relaxed and not worked up all the time which does play a huge factor in his health issues. So it's a good and positive sign he is affected by this working!"  http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Reconciliation-Service-Restore-Commitment-Marriage-Love-RECS.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi Sarah, Just wanted to give you an update. My drivers license was disqualified for 12 months as per court order, however the Roads Authority sent me a letter saying that my disqualification period was 5 years.  I went to the roads authority on Friday to query this and they said they don't know why it has 5 years.  I was told that I will be able to drive from August 26 of 2016. I couldn't believe my ears. I have not even started the appeal to the court on 5 year disqualification just yet. OMG I am so happy. I will go back this week so that I can get something in writing from them. Thank you so much for your prayers. My petition to ST Expedite was to help me with my license and appeal to the court etc. Sending you many many blessings!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Saint-Expedite-Service-Expedites-ResultsSolutions-7-Days-SES.htm?categoryId=-1


"The judge ruled in my favor and was able to see that I was not denying his right to visit and that he was preventing himself. Thank you!!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Legal-Matter-Working-Appeals-Immigration-Courtcase-Custody-appeal.htm?categoryId=-1


"Last couple of days I've been using your boss fix oil and it's working like a charm! I didn't have a chance to rub it at my place of work and having been applying it on my hands when I code. I seriously have been having the hardest time adjusting at my position for the past couple of months. My hard work is finally being recognized. Waiting on a few things to do reversal work, but progress is being made. Thanks Sarah!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Boss-Fix-Oil-2007133.htm?categoryId=-1


" A agent showed the house today and the feedback that came in said he is meeting with his client again tomorrow To write up a offer! :-) I'm so excited I'm praying this one will be what we need and we can sell. Thank you so much as I know your work and Saint Joseph are helping me."http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Saint-Joseph-Vigil-Employment-Housing-Prosperity-SJV.htm?categoryId=-1


"You were spot-on in your assessment of some sort of blockage with my boyfriend. He admitted in late-March that he was in "a funk", but was working through it. Within a couple of weeks, his energy felt back to normal, and things are going really great right now! I definitely feel a shift in energy between us - for the better! We haven't revisited the idea of moving in outright again yet, but I definitely think it's on his mind - I can tell by the veiled comments and "future talk" that he's been doing a lot more of recently. I'm in absolutely no hurry, so am sitting back and letting him come to it on his own. I definitely think your service helped, though! And I am so grateful to you for the work you do! As soon as I can get my summer tuition paid for, I'm thinking about commissioning you for another working just to keep things moving in a good direction:)" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Commitment-Working-Heals-Speeds-Up-Strengthens-Relationships-comit.htm?categoryId=-1


"I wanted to let you know that as of yesterday I was promoted to assistant manager and got a nice raise as well! Thank you so much for the help!"smile emotic"


"Dear Sarah, I wanted to say thank you for this beautiful service. Today I have been offered a new job for fantastic money, working the part time hours I wanted, so I can continue to collect my children from school. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to participate in your sevices and my life has been enriched as a result. Thank you for all that you do. Many blessings to you and your family." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Saint-Expedite-Service-Expedites-ResultsSolutions-7-Days-SES.htm?categoryId=-1


"I wanted to let you know that we were able to bond him out. He was released yesterday! He is now with a trustworthy friend and working.. so hopefully this madness will come to an end soon. Shortly after you posted the picture of your work, I could tell there was a shift. Later on, another contact that I had been trying to reach read the message. It was weighing on his mind all weekend, but lucky on Sunday night I was able to reach another friend that jumped right on board. I am so relieved to be over this first hurdle. I appreciate you so much.  http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Just-Judge-Vigil-5-Day-Courtcase-Legal-Matters-Law-Court-CRT.htm?categoryId=-1



"I must say, after working with you now for a couple of workings its remarkable how the energy in my life as changed the blessings are just nonstop!!! Growing up with Native American shamans as ancestors and being psychic I am able to pick up on energy and spirt very quickly. As soon as I reserved the package from you with out even opening the box the energy from the products and your own gratitude and commitment was so strong in that package I was overwhelmed with emotions. thank you for your had work and commitment. As you bless others I also ask spirt to send the blessing back you and your family!!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Money-Skull-Service-Draws-Wealth-Specific-Sums-and-Prosperity-flame.htm?categoryId=-1


"Good Evening Moma Sarah, I have just read your report for the Red Snake Service and looked at the photos and I just wanted to say thank you , a million times for the hard work you have carried out on my behalf. The candle and flowers and offerings look so beautiful and the report has filled me with hope and optimism for success. Wow Moma Sarah, this is my first service with you and just looking at the photos fills me with awe. You put so much effort into my service and I feel joy and excitement and positivity. Im lighting the candle and using the oils I purchased from you everyday. I will of course let you know what happens. Thankyou so much Moma Sarah, I'm truly amazed. Lots of love, Kind Regards-"


"Hi Sarah!I cannot tell you how much i love your products.My big sister knows when she need any spiritual help I'm the one to help her. My sister was with her boyfriend for 8 long years.She asked my help because she was tired of going back and forth without any commitment(with your help marriage will be next).I ordered strawberry filth, love haunt soap, and man trap well lo and behold two to three weeks later she call me screaming her boyfriend asked her to move in with her after 8 long years but it's a good step for her. Sarah, you're a great example of how hard work bring success your so hardworking and authentic. I'm so glad i found you because i don't remember when the last time i went to any botanica. Since everything is done by the internet now people want the real deal not colored oil. Please no matter what take your time with your work and continue to have authentic products. Thank you!" 


"Hello mama Sarah I just want to inform you that every thing is working perfect with the work you did. I will write a feedback I wanted to wait until the ceremony happened but I just want you to know its going to well we are working on our marriage papers and he doesn't want nothing to do with her. Yes he did take two week to break through his stubborness but the wax reading was right! Now he's joining me with no hesitation. I'm so happy. I love the oils.thank you so much I always had faith in you." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Marriage-and-Commitment-Working-Proposal-Relationship-Love-MAR.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi there! Just wanted you to know that I just got my job back early as requested in the working I requested from you! I wanted to say thank you for all you do, you are truly a blessing on this beloved playground we call Mother Earth!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1


"I know I say this a lot to you but seriously I can't believe how fantastic things are going. Seriously!!!!! I thought we were done. Take a bad relationship and multiply that by a hundred and ours was worse then that! Our hearts were broken and the kids were devastated. Now we've had, including today, 5 consecutive days of healing and NO fights and it's getting better and better when we talk. He showed up out of the blue Friday morning to take our daughter to her surgery with me. He was supposed to leave that same day and go back to work but he didn't he stayed and stayed all day Saturday with us. He's seriously becoming what he used to be. He needed to come back to being a family man and my loyal loving mate. I know this has got to be from your help because seriously there's no other explanation. I will use your help forever!"




Feedback within 24 hours of service completion; "Hey hun how are you? Boy you're good- my son moved out today ... Fish tanks and all. I will be placing more services from you! Thank you Blessings to you." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Get-Outta-Here-Working-Remove-PeopleHarmful-Situations-GO.htm?categoryId=-1


"We do see some remarkable changes in his conduct towards us. He is much more gentler and more thoughtful and generous. We are so happy with the fairly drastic changes in him! Out of the blue, he bought us an expensive plane tickets for the entire family (6 of us) to travel to the UK. Usually he would make a huge fuss about spending, but he just meekly went to get the tickets when we didn't even ask him too. So THAT was remarkable! I think you are absolutely spot on about my father's chaotic past from the candle wax reading. He grew up in a dysfunctional family. Thank you so much for doing this working. I am very grateful you could help and I truly appreciate it." 



"Yesterday it was The Grand National here in the UK which is the most famous horse race here. Everybody bets on a horse and it is anybody's race due to the many fences and over 4 mile run. It really is so exciting to watch and many times the race has been won by an outsider with high odds. For fun my family and I bet on a horse each (well I bet on 2!). So we bet on 5 different horses out of a choice of 40. We only bet £2.50 each. The race was close but guess what?! 3 of our horses were in the top 5. We won! My horses were placed 2nd and 5th! During the race I burned some Wealthy Way and Arabka Soudager in my oil burner. I also rubbed my hands in the oils and held all 5 betting tickets.Thanks to Moma Sarah for her wonderful oils. Blessings <3"  http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Wealthy-Way-Oil-1910137.htm?categoryId=-1


 "I just wanted to share more good news. My cousin and her husband are moving and they just offered me and my children our own place by allowing us to move in their old place rent FREE. I will only have to pay the electric bill. The place is paid for and sit on 20 acres by the lake! I wanted to Thank You Again!! I simply told you what was going on with us and you went to work with your blockbuster working. We Thank You" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Blockbuster-Working-7-Day-Remove-Blockages-Preventing-Success-BBS.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hey mama I just wanna say WOW u have just started my work an I know it's hitting Him. we had not spoke in 2 weeks an BAM! We talked 2day. It was short an sweet, only because I was at work but I'll take that yayyy ty mama!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Love-Haunt-Working-Stay-On-Someones-Mind-Permanently-lhs.htm?categoryId=-1


 "The money master incense I ordered work wonders. Today I just got a job offer of $30,000 more than my current salary and another offer yesterday with a major increase in salary as well. Everything is going amazing since meeting you." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Money-Master-Incense-Master-Your-Finances-Employment-Money-1825582.htm?categoryId=-1



 "Good morning, Ahhh, Where do I begin!! smile emoticon
You did your most powerful blockbuster working for us about a month ago and I most report the goodness...my brother girlfriend was at work one day and heard about a talent group looking for people to audition for Disney. So she called my brother and I called the number for my children. Well at first I thought it may be some time of scam. But oh boy was I wrong. They were looking for 200 people. My children auditioned and made the first cut and were called back for the second audition. When we got there they were given a new script to rehearsal and guess what??? They both were accepted and didn't have to audition a second time. Typically they make you audition again. They started working that same night with a Hollywood Actor to prepare them for LA auditions. So, I just wanted to say from the bottom of our hearts-Thank you!! You were the first person we thought of when all this came into fruition for us!! I simply told you what had been going on with us and you went to work!! We will make you proud and they said we will definitely speak of Mrs. Sarah wherever we land in Hollywood. "http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Blockbuster-Working-7-Day-Remove-Blockages-Preventing-Success-BBS.htm?categoryId=-1


"So, I received my tings today and everything is perfect! Everything smells soooo good I want to use everything all at once..lol. I love the body butters because I have really dry skin and they are extra emollient. Let's see, I have a drop of juju #5, bewitching, queen bee, and the strawberry filth oils on different parts of my arms to test the scents. I know I sound like a mad woman, but I revel in oils, lotions, and spiritual washes for spiritual or magical enhancement. I absolutely love my juju jar, Marie Laveau and Blackhawk candles. Thank you sooo much Momma Sarah!"



"So glad I ordered another bottle of Labomba wash. I love it. I use it cleanse my sacred space where my altars , oils, candles, etc are located. My nephew was up when I was tinkling around when I got off from work this morning. We were talking and he said he liked being back there and it feels different from any other part of the house. Sacred space is so important." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=bomba



"Omg Sarah your come to me soap is THE bomb. I didn't speak to him in a few days and as soon as I got out the shower he was calling me asking to go out to dinner... Amazing!! Ordering more this week. Along with some other stuff. Thanks so much :)" 



"Hi sarah.. you did a working for mother like three weeks ago. A lost and away for a coworker that my mom had at her job. Well she was kinda doubting it would work but she says when you started the work that woman stop bothering her and avoid my mom work area. Last week a Wednesday she was called into the office and was walk out of the building with the plant manager. There's one major thing I didn't tell you that you actually mention when you finish the work and send the pictures. You mention she was going to get fired for lying and that is what happen and the reason she got fired.. my mom is now good and feel in peace even though her supervisor is still bothering her she says so far after that woman left she is now happy at her job. Thanks Sarah like i always say your best." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lost-and-Away-Jar-Send-Your-Enemy-or-Target-Away-for-Good-lostaw.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi Sarah, I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but I just wanted to tell you that I love, love, love your oils and soaps and....everything!! Even though I have quite a few stocked up now, I'm getting ready to place another order, because there are more I'd like to try as well.Thank you again." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/main.sc



"Hi Sarah, I want to send you feedback on honey jar petition- community altar. I ordered it at the end of December and the service was performed on Feb 1st. My request was to find a new job. I do not want to go into too many details but can tell you that things took off in Feb and yesterday I received an offer. I found it fair to let you know what happened so you can share it with other people who might be in need and want to try something little ''unusual'' and not too expensive when giving it a try. Thank you for this simple, successful service. Kind Wishes, Your customer..." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Your-Honey-Jar-Request-Community-Altar-ONE-Petition-petition.htm?categoryId=-1


 "Sarah and I have know one another over 15 years. I have personally witnessed the thought, intention, energy and attention to detail that she puts into her spiritual products and her spiritual work. She lives in such a way that Spiritual practice is not separated from anything else in life - her life IS her spiritual practice and this shines through in every aspect of her work. Because I now live far away from Sarah I often order items from her online. Many of the items she carries are of higher quality and better priced than can be found elsewhere. She is my go-to for all of my basics, like frankincense, sage, charcoal, and magnetic sand. You will not find pricing & quality like this elsewhere! Her wide range of inventory is impressive, her knowledge extensive, her handmade items are of the highest quality, her shipping is timely. Everything is always well packaged and comes with a free gift! Look no further for your spiritual supply shop, Sarah has all you need." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/


"Hi Sarah, Was trying to wait until more start to happen after the Block Buster working you did for me exactly one week ago but I can't wait. You finish the working on February 25th and today is exactly one week from the day you finish. Anyway the main thing that I felt was blocked in my life is me finding a job-well I have 3 interviews!!! One from the actual job that I wanted with decent hours, Monday-Friday, no weekends or holidays. Just want to say Thank You and I never doubted you!! Can't wait to see what else is in store for me because I really needed this working done by you for me." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Blockbuster-Working-7-Day-Remove-Blockages-Preventing-Success-BBS.htm?categoryId=-1


"Sarah. Today, a miracle happened. I have been apart from the man I love for over a year. I made a terrible mistake and he moved on - we have rarely spoken since. You did two rootwork services on my behalf, and I use your love oils daily on my candles at home. Out of the blue he emailed me today, and told me that he thinks about me all the time and wants to see me. I was so happy that I cried. Words cannot describe how much this means to me. For those who doubt: stay positive and believe. Thank  you." 



"Good day Reverend Sarah. I want to share my happiness and testimony with you, I got the job which I was called for the interview within 4 days of receiving my prosperity set and hoodoo set. For first time in 10 years I got a permanent job and paying well, its like I'm dreaming. Thank you so so much for your prayer. Truly your products are not mass production, they were made specifically for me. Thank you with lots of love." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Prosperity-Oil-Set-Finances-Employment-Business-Money-POS.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi ya'll, I just wanted to share my experience with a couple of oils I recently purchased from www.shop.ConjuredCardea.com. I bought Attraction oil, Bewitching, and Come To Me among other love oils. I added just a few drops of these oils to my bodywash. So last night I had a banquet to attend, and used this fixed bodywash. So I get all dolled up and I kid you not, all I kept hearing all night was "you look so beautiful, hot mama, sexy" from men and women. They kept touching me, hugging me and coming up to me just to tell me I looked beautiful. Pretty much all eyes were on me last night. These oils worked fabulously!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Come-To-Me-Oil-Draws-In-What-You-Need-Quickly-1843166.htm?categoryId=-1


"First of all, thank you! As soon as I ordered the products, I started seeing movement. He started texting and calling. I ordered Love Haunt soap, Man Trap Oil, Adam and Eve Oil, and Attraction Body Butter. The body butter is unbelievable! I literally can't keep up with the texts from men and have been asked out by 4 different guys by literally doing nothing but sitting and waiting. One guy reappeared from 4 years ago! And, my target has been glued to my side. Will definitely be a loyal customer. I can't ever thank you enough. May you be blessed. Your products changed my world, truly."


"Since receiving and implementing the Clearance and Cash Conjure oils, in conjunction with the Arabka Soudager powder, money has been coming in! I use the Clearance on my hands and feet before bed. I use the Cash Conjure on my hands when I know I will be touching ANYTHING to do with money. The powder I used for 7 days.......a line at my front door threshold swept out each night at 10 for 7 nights that I was guided to do so. They were not in a row, but rather "as needed". Since doing this, jobs and cash flow happening! I am now down to just the oils and am at the bottom part of those.I am excited to see what's coming to me. Thank you for your guidance and efforts. Teaching and sharing is where it's at." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=clearance


"Hi i just wanted you to know that you did a Honey Jar for me on Dec 15 2015 for new employment. I want you to know that i have something better. Instead of working as a city bus driver. Im now going to be working as a independent contractor for Amazon. So I can practically make my own hours and make as much money as I want thanks again for all your help. When i get my money up " will definitely be ordering from you again." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Your-Honey-Jar-Request-Community-Altar-ONE-Petition-petition.htm?categoryId=-1


 " I did a new money spell yesterday That I drafted and used your Cash Conjure oil to dress the candles, within a few HOURS I had over half the amount I petitioned from a client who is doing a concept I pitched!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Cash-Conjure-Oil-Draw-Money-Cash-Tips-Winnings-Payments-CCOF.htm?categoryId=-1

smile emotic


"Dear Sarah, Thank you so much for all of your detailed work with my Lover Return Service. It is obvious how much you put into each service. I loved seeing all of the pictures you sent me which proved the work you did was really customized for my service. Also, your detailed description of how the wax melted was not only interesting but made me feel good knowing exactly how things went. Your assessment from the wax flow was spot on regarding our situation. We both have some current obstacles which are the same, you knew exactly. You read things exactly as they are. When I received your email yesterday I heard from him by email immediately following. I was so happy!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lover-Return-Working-Restores-Relationships-return.htm?categoryId=-1


"Less than a week since I worked the spell with your "Blockbuster" oil and incense and just got the call I needed with the news I needed. Also, have been revitalized to a point where my mental and magickal state is getting to be where I need it to be again. THANK YOU MOMA SARAH/ Conjured Cardea!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Blockbuster-Working-7-Day-Remove-Blockages-Preventing-Success-BBS.htm?categoryId=-1


"Good Afternoon Sarah, I wanted to let you know that the Ritual you performed for me​ 7 day Blockbuster Working )on 12/04/2015 is working very well. I am still feeling the effects. As I told you on a previous email my Father had started communicating with me after 6 yrs of total silence! Thank you! I am planning going home in April. A long time male friend in Vzla started communicating with me also! and showed definite signs of wanting more that friendship after 12 yrs!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Blockbuster-Working-7-Day-Remove-Blockages-Preventing-Success-BBS.htm?categoryId=-1


 "I just received Precipitado Powder and Happy New Year Oil (along with other beautiful items) and used these right away, they pack a punch and I can seriously feel the difference, I did some major cleaning this weekend and used the Lucky Home Spritz, it smells wonderful and there is a huge change in the atmosphere, just an uplifting presence of happiness and knowing all is well and as it should be, thank you so much again Sarah for your lovely products, blessings!"http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lucky-Home-Spritz-1855453.htm?categoryId=-1


 "Dear Sarah, Thank you so much for your report. I am humbled and honored by the lengths you have gone not only to help me but also the way you have detailed each step in the process. It is fascinating. My own practice currently consists of offerings, meditation and planetary work with a table of practice using streamlined hermetic techniques. Your hoodoo is a whole different ballgame and I really enjoy seeing how you work. Would appreciate it if you'd let me know when the work is finished as I might like to start another working with you soon after. Thank you again for your assistance. I look forward to continued work with you. Hope you and your family are well."http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Blockbuster-Working-7-Day-Remove-Blockages-Preventing-Success-BBS.htm?categoryId=-1


 "I think I am floating on air right now! I ordered your oils-Clearance and Cash Conjure-and the Arabka Soudager powder. I was instructed by my spirit guide to draw a line across the threshold of my front door and sweep it out and off my porch and to do it for 7 days (not sure why) each night at 10 PM. Last night was night 4. Meanwhile,the oils! Have been using Clearance on hands and feet before bed, and not before any money draw attempts,using money draw on my hands to touch ANYTHING that has to do with money and did my own tools to draw it to me. Last Friday my car broke down, $680 minimum to fix her. I received my package from YOU on Wednesday. with everything added together, my car needed $1330.I have $1400 to fix her. That money came to me from VERY unexpected sources, including someone I don't even know! I have 3 more nights of sweeping I am to do at 10 PM, I am new to this so have no idea why and why that time, but the money is here to fix my car and my dreams are really lucid since doing the sweep. Thank you with all my Heart! Thank you for the magic, the help and all I probably have no idea about yet! Have a blessed day♥" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=clearance


 "Dearest Moma Sarah, again I am awed by your wonderful products! I am now a customer for life! Your items are made from the heart… when I open your oils I feel the vibration radiating from them. I am about to try your soaps and if the feedback is anything to go by, I am in for a real treat! Your Body Butters are amazing too. When my Husband was feeling uncertain about his job, I rubbed some custom Araba Soudager Body Butter you made for me, into the palms of his hands and third eye area. Wow, He was calm and content within seconds! He had no idea about the Body Butter and the next day all was revealed about his work and job… all in a good way and to his favour!Thank you for always responding to my emails but most of all thank you for ALL you do and the items you make! You and your WONDERFUL items are empowering my life and my Families lives. I am thrilled that I have found you! May you ALWAYS be Blessed." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Custom-Butter-Made-With-Any-Conjured-Cardea-Formula-cbb.htm?categoryId=-1


"Moma Sarah.. Blessings to you and thank you for what you do!! My FIRST order from you was back in Sept of last year, I was in a pretty bad way..I had lost my job, had no idea what to do.. I needed money and did not see anything coming in.. I bumped into your website and just looking at your oils, then I started watching your videos.. Well I took the last bit of money I had and decided that I was going to buy a few oils.. One of which was " Cash Conjure" I did dressed a candle and said a few prayers.. And what happened 3 days later was NOT expected!!! I went to my mailbox 3 days later and had a letter from an Attorney stating that they would like to represent me in a case for FREE, against a school I had been fighting for over 30 years.. See in my early 20's I had went to a school that took out student loans for alot of single mothers, then left us with HUGE debts to pay without getting the proper schooling. So for the last 30 years they took every tax return I ever got..and I had no way to fight it, because they closed down.... Long story short within 2 weeks, I opened my mail box and had over 10 checks from Dept. of Education loan division.. I got EVERY penny they took!!! THIS was totally unexpected, after all, I had gave up ever getting anything back and just figured every year i would never see another tax return.. NOT only did I get my money back, but they also had to remove ANY black mark placed on my credit. WOW!!! Now if that wasnt enough..After that..I used another oil I purchased from you..this time it was "Bitch B gone" .. Again I dressed a candle said a few prayers, a little ritual .. and WOW!! The person I was directing this at, not only was GONE.. but got caught stealing from Elders at a nursing facility i was working at.. needless to say, she can NEVER work in any position in Nursing again, or ever get a chance to hurt any Elder again.. Your oils are very powerful!! I have now ordered more, and look forward to using these now.. I truly love your things, and the power you place in the things you put out.. I have nothing but high praises for what you create and what you do!! Blessings to you always Moma Sarah, and I am Blessed to of found you... THANK YOU oxoxox " http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Cash-Conjure-Oil-Draw-Money-Cash-Tips-Winnings-Payments-CCOF.htm?categoryId=-1heart emoticon


"Blessings Moma Sarah! I received my package today and everything was packed very carefully and everything item I opened was like Christmas. ..lol. I am going to have to hide my Mam'zelle body butter because both of my daughters (11 and 18) can't stay away from it!..The soap is divine and I am so glad I ordered two bars. The energy in the oils and soaps are truly uplifting and I feel a strange connection to Mam'zelle Laveau and truly want to get to know her. The Marie Laveau amd Blackhawk candles are beautiful. Everything I ordered is on point and just as you describe on your site. I cant wait to receive my next order. Thank you, thank you!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Marie-Laveau-Candle-Voodoo-Queen-Love-Luck-Money-Power-mamc.htm?categoryId=-1


"The rootwork service is a success. He's improved a lot and started caring about my feelings. Thanks a lot!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Red-Snake-Working-Relationship-Repair-Commitment-Healing-RRW.htm?categoryId=-1


 "You have a new customer for life, I love your products. I'm new to all things Hoodoo and only feel comfortable with your products and one other company. I feel the sincerity in all of your products!" 


 "I can't EVEN! WOW! I received my package today and the Queen B Cream is AMAZING! Both oils are beautiful. I can't wait to work with them. Thank you so much!"http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Queen-Btch-Body-Butter-Cream-Your-Competition-and-Be-1-qbbb.htm?categoryId=-1


 "I wanted to leave a testimonial on your website but I didn't know how. Without a doubt the items I have purchased from you WORK. For years I have had nothing but bad luck with men, I have been treated terribly and let one man in particular treat me bad and always went back to him. I purchased The One Mojo, and La Flamme oil for it, and I also started using Luv Luv Luv soap and Love Haunt soap. Within 2 months I met the most amazing man. He can't get enough of me and he treats me like a queen. I've never been treated so well by a man in my life. Thank you!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Love-Haunt-Soap-Stay-On-Someones-Mind-Permanently-LHSS.htm?categoryId=-1


"I purchase some of your oils when it was buy one get one free I definitely take advantage of that great sale (thank you) and one of the oils that I had purchased was a road opener and money come Money stay oil.... I've been placing the road opener and the money come and stay oil on my body but also on my feet and I recently put some of the oil an incense that I purchased from you in my money honey prosperity jar..... Boom!!!!! i received a check yesterday and it wasn't for a couple of dollars it was having actually for a couple of hundred.... I was some financial issues but I must say all the advice that I've been getting off your page along with your oils and incense and my own faith I'm just beyond shocked that this is happened I'm so thankful and I thank everyone for their tips on your page and I really really thank you for the amazing oils and incense,amazing service ,& amazing wisdom you are definitely a gifted woman and I appreciate everything you do and that you have done." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Prosperity-Oil-Set-Finances-Employment-Business-Money-POS.htm?categoryId=-1


" Good Morning, I just had to re read the reading this morning, It is so very on point and definitely the light that I was looking for. I know your very very busy but I really just wanted to take the time out to Thank you, I didn't have my computer yesterday and was reading it from my phone and was unable to truly Thank you the way I wanted to. I must say about the emotions and negative thoughts you were so on point. Once again Thank you so much for the time you have put into my reading, Thank you and your sprits for the honesty. Have a fabulous and Blessed day!!! http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/One-Question-Tarot-Reading-tarot.htm?categoryId=-1


"When you performed the vigil I was far away on vacation, dreading my return. Since I got back five days ago I can definitively say there has been a perceptible shift in energy which was immediately apparent. First, she has been completely hermetic. I can barely tell she is downstairs. Normally she is bustling about noisily and authoritatively, playing music loudly, TV blaring, loud phone conversations, interacting with our other neighbors, generally being a large, intimidating and oppressive force. For some unknown reason she has been laid low. Second, I received a supportive phone call from a former neighbor offering profound condolences about the situation (which he had heard about) and he called to let me know I had his full support and sympathy. Third, and shockingly- the other hostile neighbor, the one who was in cahoots with downstairs lady has completely vacated the apt! I haven't seen her for four days and two days ago a notice was hung on her door, I suspect an eviction. Best of all however is MY transformation. I am feeling peaceful. I am feeling downright cozy in my home. I am still being quiet and respectful and a bit cautious, but overwhelmingly I am hopeful. Tremendous progress. I am so pleased and very, very grateful. All in all, a great big hearty "Thank You" for your service. Not only do I appreciate the work you do and it's effects, but I also greatly admire your eye and artistic flair for color, composition, and beauty."



"Good Morning Sarah, I am in shock and in awe of you and your oils! You have done it once again! I'm still in shock but I've just got to tell you what happened! I was invited to play poker last night among regular poker players and I'm a bit of a rusty player so to speak (haven't played for years) and I've NEVER won against anyone the last time i went to play poker. Before i played last night, i used 3 of your oils & prayed to win the poker game. I used Gold Fingers Oil & Black Cat Oil as perfume and i used Arabka Soudager as perfume as well but also put all over my hands....Needless to say i shocked the hell out of the regular players & the dealer himself! I had rare cards: Quad 4 & Quad 8...ALL IN THE SAME GAME! The dealer told me that it was unheard of to have these types of hands in the same game! Because of this, i managed to knock a couple of people out of the game, was awarded just over $16,000 chips, and i ultimately won the entire poker game! This had never ever ever happened to me before and i know it was because of you and your oils! I cannot thank you enough, Sarah, for this because it almost made me cry and i had lots of fun....Thank you for your help & for bringing magic into my life...I can't wait to see what else your oils can do for me & for others! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Oil-Triple-Strength-Luck-Prosperity-Opportunity-goldf.htm?categoryId=-1




"About 1 1/2 week ago, i used the Boss Fix Oil behind my bosses chairs & also their computer mouses in order to gain their approval for overtime at my job and i kept wearing your "Come to Me" Oil along with "the most powerful oil" combination as perfume and prayed to be given offers for overtime at my job and only a few days ago, my job rang me asking me to come in 1 hour early 1 day & and then the next day asked me to work on my day off! This is just the beginning so far but i look forward to more offers for overtime at my job and its all thanks to you! Wow...All i can say is thank you so much for everything you have done & for all that you have done for me! Thank you so much!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Come-To-Me-Oil-Draws-In-What-You-Need-Quickly-1843166.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hey mama sarah just received your pics and feedback from the service ...AND OH SHIT you meant business lol. I so appreciate you doing this for me it meant a lot and I must say you're the first person that has ever showed there work to me and has given me feedback I swear I'm like a kid in a candy store waiting to receive an email from you. I get so excited and happy that's crazy sad I know but it's true I thank you and I appreciate everything that you're doing for me you have no idea thank you thank you thank you." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Get-Outta-Here-Working-Remove-PeopleHarmful-Situations-GO.htm?categoryId=-1


"I want to let you know I love your oils and powders, they have changed my life 360!!! Love , luck , happiness , abundance of new opportunitys and all that comes in between . Each day a bit of all is shaken into me and my family's lives. You are wonderful, your work is great and I truly appreciate all your products. I have learned so much from you, and your videos,its amazing. Wishing you and your family a happy holiday and a wealthy, healthy, prosperous new year!!"


"I just wanted to take a few moments to praise you for your excellent service. While I have purchased many items from you, the two that I want to speak about in particular are the Queen Bitch Oil and the Honey Jar for personal petitions. The QBO is pow.er.full. WOW! It not only smeels incredible, it does EXACTLY what it says it should do. Then, I petitioned the honey jar for new clients and job security. .. well.. I got a NEW job that pays wayyyyyy more than I was making before. I would (and do) recommend The Conjured Cardea to ANYONE who needs a little magical pick me up. Thanks so much!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Queen-Btch-Oil-End-Competition-Draw-Success-PowerControl-1855361.htm?categoryId=-1


"Sarah, Rarely am I inspired to write a testimonial or review for products. I make a fair amount of my own oils for my personal use and I do spiritual work for myself and family. HOWEVER, I THOROUGHLY enjoy your oils and products and I have been using three of them in the last 4-5 days and have seen AMAZING results.

Each morning for 4-5 mornings, I have anointed my feet upward with Abre Camino to open paths, Queen B!tch oil on my head and third eye to get sh!t done and get people out of my way at work, and Big Money oil on my hands upward toward the heart, open to receive as well as give. (I also use an oil I made for myself in the mix.) The four oils I use smell great as a perfume, which is a nice side-effect.

In the last 4-5 days, I've been afforded new opportunities for another promotion at work, our mortgage closing escrow check was over $1500 ($1300 higher than we expected), our car insurance premium went down (which rarely happens in Michigan!), I got an affiliate marketing disbursement I didn't expect, we realized we have $1K coming back from a Flexible Spending account, and my boss just called me 10 minutes ago to say I get a handsome bonus for the holidays that is totally unexpected.

I wasn't trying to conquer the world, but to open roads and get on sure footing. I'm a firm believe that the users of the products have to do honest work to move forward, but I do feel your oils helped to give a push. I appreciate your shop and your work. I enjoy giving thanks back, and will also set aside time to properly thank Spirit for the blessings as well."


"Thank you so much. She actually emailed me this morning right after you did. smile emoticon so I would say it looks like it is working already! You're right, she does have a lot to work on and she keeps saying so in her email. I'm not sure what to write but I do feel like at least we have been given a second chance to start. Thank you so much." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lover-Return-Working-Restores-Relationships-return.htm?categoryId=-112/7/15

"I hope this email finds you well. You did a money skull service for me last week. First, thank you for all you do. Second, thank you for the follow up email and pics. I broke down with tears when I saw the pics and read the email. I realized then that I had been burned so many times in the past as I never received any correspondence from the past conjures I hired in the past. Third, thank you for the beautiful pics you post of your services. I have books, the internet, and things that was passed down to me. Yet, I never knew to use flowers, keys, and other things. Your knowledge is far more advanced and deeper than other conjures I'd met in my short journey with hoodoo. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Blessings!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Money-Skull-Service-Draws-Wealth-Specific-Sums-and-Prosperity-flame.htm?categoryId=-1


Today's feedback; "I used your Danda oil, I had 2 tickets and I used the oil as directed and prayed. To make a long story short, I asked the clerk if she could get me out soon so I could go to work and she made me the second case heard. During the first case the officer that gave me the 2 tickets got up and walked out. When he walked out the judge called me up and THREW OUT MY CASE!!!! He called for the officer but he was not in the courtroom. As I was leaving I passed the officer going back to the courtroom. You are the real deal and so helpful! I must admit I was a little worried, but I kept telling myself God did not send me to you to fail me. I have tried others with no results just money wasted. But you are truly gifted and for that I Thank you again for assisting me. May God continue to use you to assist others with the real supplies and not just taking peoples money. Once I get out of debt and can buy more products from you I surely will. I want to help others like you do and I will let them know about you. I can't thank you enough, I have tears in my eyes as I am typing this." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Danda-Oil-Court-Divorce-Custody-Immigration-ArrestsHearings-1855080.htm?categoryId=-1


 "Hi, I've purchased the Queen B oil (along with several others) which are all amazing. The same day I got my oils I received some paperwork that is been expecting from several months. Thank you! " 


"Received my parcel today. Ohmygoodness, those oils! every one of them smells incredible. and the Kyoto. it really reminds me of something absolutely specific that I can't place, but smells delicious and nostalgic all at once. just. Wow. if they work even a fraction as well as they smell, even more Wow. and even if they were nothing more than perfume blends, for that purpose alone, I would still be thrilled. they smell so good. hard to believe what you can get for the price, when you look at a lot of what else is out there." www.shop.conjuredcardea.com


"I'm so excited I couldn't wait to share my testimony about the Danda oil. My daughter's father had been rolling me over in court with custody, child support in an unbelievable way (I think some works were involved it's how ridiculous) but, part was due to me not having a lawyer. So, anyway his child support was lowered from about $400/month down to $300 then he got it lowered again $103, giving him a credit balance I barely have been receiving $40/month!! Mind you I was unemployed he has a state job! Well, I anointed an orange inscribed candle this morning with Danda oil, added a few drops to my body lotion & I've read people put it on their shoes, so I dabbed them too. Judge awarded me $370/month!! Thank you Moma Sarah for your wonderful oils & work and thank the Orisa for blessing me!!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Danda-Oil-Court-Divorce-Custody-Immigration-ArrestsHearings-1855080.htm?categoryId=-1


 "I adore Mama Sarah's products; she hand mixes all her oils, incenses, and bath washes, soaps and candles......but the energy she carries is infused into all her handmade products with such knowledge and devotion that it also effects you whilke working with these products.....I just got a freash batch of her hand made "Spiritual" Incense, and it was so freash, and the packet was so full and beauitful with swirls of colored incense, resins, and hand blended....it is absoutly divine and then sum.......She is totally unique in her rootworkings .....no compairson....Conjured Cardea-Hoodoo, Conjure and Rootwork is a leader in the art of Hoodoo"-GH www.shop.conjuredcardea.com


"I ordered the money mix from you last week, although it's on its way I am already getting it's magic. Every year I'm turned down to sell my healing jewelry in my closed minded town at their holiday fairs and street fairs. This year I put my application again and it was approved yesterday. I broke a two year streak of being told there is no demand for natural gemstone healing bracelets. Thank you Sarah " 

wink emoticon



"Omg omg omg omg okay let me calm down....lol sooooo glad I purchased the buy one get one free honey jar.....becus my request for my guy friend 2 be sweeter 2 me "BOOM!!!!" He calls me yesterday out da blue. ..hmmmm there might even be a possible reconsiliation....an my second one was for money to come my way an yep u guessed it I did.....I'm so ty to you...may u continue 2 be bless THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Your-Honey-Jar-Request-Community-Altar-ONE-Petition-petition.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi sarah I just want to thank you for what you have done. I purchased the honey jar twice already in which one is still in the workings still having interviews for the position I applied a few weeks ago and also the one you just did yesterday about prosperity and abundance and right before I got off from work today my supervisor call me to give me the news I was one of the few that will get an increase in pay. Thank you so much I can't wait to receive my MOJO and my oil

smile emoticon

. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!! YOU ROCK!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Your-Honey-Jar-Request-Community-Altar-ONE-Petition-petition.htm?categoryId=-1



"Hi Sarah, I have a testimonial. I purchased your attraction powder as well as your Ashe Gbongo oil. I received both of them yesterday, and all I have to say is, "WOW." I used the attraction powder for attracting new connections, friends and work. I powdered myself last night and went out - some guy started randomly talking to me (really friendly guy) about medicinal plants (I'm into that stuff). Our conversation was long enough to the point where we exchanged numbers (this was at a supermarket of all places). The results were eerily quick - Sarah, you have some mad conjure skills." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Attraction-Powder-Manifest-Your-Goals-and-Desires-1855203.htm?categoryId=-1


"Hi Sarah!! I received my order from you and all I can say is AMAZING!! The Master Root is filled with so much power as soon as I held it I could feel its energy!! The oils, soap, and candles smell sooo good... Thank you so much!! You also did a blockbuster working for me back in Feb..and my life has changed so much since then ( for the better) a thousand thank yous..May you continue to bless others and be blessed in return… much love...xoxo" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Blockbuster-Working-7-Day-Remove-Blockages-Preventing-Success-BBS.htm?categoryId=-1



"Sarah has the most beautiful handcrafted items, I want to say thank you so much for all your hard work, the energy and pride you put in your work shows, I love my Alligator Knife, it is just gorgeous, perfect for carving on candles and other ritual work. I purchased a Hoodoo Oil set which comes with 5 oils, these are superb, a must have, excellent price. If you don't have this set, this is one you want to include in your supplies. And super fast shipping, every package I have received is always carefully packed and secure upon delivery, you are a blessing to me and my family, thank you again my friend, many blessings." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Hoodoo-Oil-Set-1910159.htm?categoryId=-1


"The only ""REAL"" oil in the whole nation, hand crafted upon order.....my healing oil from Mama Sarah just came very powerful......it immediately guided me into a healing trance and opened my chakras thru deep breathing ....it's scent is magical, very calming very subtle but so very strong vibrational healing...I can feel a huge expansion of my ability to heal....oh my...it brought a great re leaf....i am indeed a different person already......these oils are magnificent......nothing compares to Mama Sarah's working's in every circumstance......she has given me the flame that ignites fire in my life when I was on the brink." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=asclepius


"I Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your blessings today. The original intent of the court petition was to get child support from me and try to get full custody from me. After sitting in the room a while and when he was asked what he wanted, suddenly my X husband said nothing and that the current custody order was good. I was completely shocked and even the judge asked "so why are we here?" I can't help but believe it was your help that made that happen. With all the bad stuff happening at work, I now have one less stress! I can't thank you enough ♡♡♡ Thank you for helping my children and me smile emoticon"-M.S.

http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Legal-Matter-Working-Appeals-Immigration-Courtcase-Custody-appeal.htm?categoryId=-1 9/21/15

"Just a note to let you know that I love the hoodoo oil set, just beginning to work with them. Used the Van Van oil today, it's incredibly fresh and I love the scent so much! There's been such a major shift in my mood and well-being, I was in such a deep funk for a few days and couldn't shake it, now I'm feeling restored in creativity and deep inner happiness in life! I'll see what I manifest in in material ways soon, but this is such a blessed transformation for me. Oh and my little senior lady cat is practically turning somersaults in the air, she loves the energy too! So happy with what I've purchased from you recently, and I love that you grow and harvest so many of the herbs yourself. Thank you!!!" -K.K. http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Hoodoo-Oil-Set-1910159.htm?categoryId=-1


"You did a road opener for me and I got a deposit of a large sum of money in my account! Moma Sarah is truly gifted and her work gets thongs done!" -C.B. http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Personal-Candle-Vigil-Custom-Service-for-Your-Goals-and-Needs-1855313.htm?categoryId=-1


"Today's feedback (within minutes of sending the client's report) "OMG!!! Your the BOMB. You just started and I just hit the number. Your work is truly amazing it speaks for itself. It just proves that I was blocked. Thanks!" -A.M. http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Blockbuster-Working-7-Day-Remove-Blockages-Preventing-Success-BBS.htm?categoryId=-1



 "I just want to let you know that this service was absolutely amazing. I can already start to see change at work... I'm truly thankful to have found you. You're are a blessing in disguise. Thank you so much!!!! " -M http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1


I have been using this oil for about 6 weeks now and I just wanted to say a very big thank you! I am a very creative person and sometimes life gets hectic and busy, causing me to suffer from 'Artist Block' occasionally. Before settling down for a project or commission work I will anoint my hands and pressure points with this oil and focus on my outcome or expectations and I am amazed at how much I have been able to accomplish. The quality and quantity of my work has greatly increased as well! -JR http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Clarity-Create-Oil-Creativity-Ideas-Business-Divination-CCOO.htm


"You have turned my life around. I had nowhere else to turn. Thank you. From my heart." -T


"I'm writting to shout out my Gratitude to this amazing women!!!!! I can't get enough of her compassion for all the work she dose....I receive my oils, soap, an lotion from her an let me tell u the engery in these things are FREAKING AMAZING !!!! She is one kick ass women if any newbies/curious inquiries wondering ...let me answer ONCE AGAIN SHE IS DA ISH!!!! I've Purchase several services she is awsome did I mention she is awsome.Thank you thank you so much. A forever client." -J


 "Thank you, Sarah. I adore your products. The oils are simply the best I have ever encountered in all the many years (vanity prevents me from saying how many years) I have practiced Wicca. I have been intending to rewrite a favourable review about your DAnda oil, which pulled off a feat last December that was a real jaw dropper. And there Mandrake Oil---well, let's just say it too has worked a miracle. Very truly yours, D " http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Danda-Oil-Court-Divorce-Custody-Immigration-ArrestsHearings-1855080.htm?categoryId=-1



"Well... it worked! The woman is out of my life and according to all reports out of my ex's life! Happy with this working!" -A http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lost-and-Away-Jar-Send-Your-Enemy-or-Target-Away-for-Good-lostaw.htm?categoryId=-1


"Unbelievably I met someone who is both very interested in my music and has the money and connections to help me. What's even better: he's legitimate and starting connecting me with meaningful people right away expecting nothing in return. Thank you so much!"-A  http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Saint-Expedite-Service-Expedites-ResultsSolutions-7-Days-SES.htm?categoryId=-1


"I just received another wonderful box from Sarah, OMG the shipping is super fast for all the work she has to do. I am so thankful, the size of these products are awesome, huge, The Van Van Wash has a wonderful fragrance, and the Ambre Camino Wash packs a punch!! Love the alligator claws, amazingly authentic, come shop here and experience the power within :) Thank you Sarah!"


"I am sending the respect and appreciation out to Sarah, always having authentic items in her store, she is the real deal, professional and sweet, she cares about her job and customers and it shows. Hoping you get the chance to do more videos with your busy schedule. Many blessings" -MD


"Hi Sarah, I got my order today and I have to say... These oils are WONDERFUL!!! The energy that comes off of them are AMAZING!! I will tell anyone, if you have to wait for any of these oils, it is worth the wait!! NO JOKE!! My Marie Laveau oil is out of this world beautiful.. Marie herself would be proud!! heart emoticon xxx Sarah THANK YOU!! I'm truly in awe...<3 And I cant wait to put these oils to use...smile emoticon"


 "OMG, Mama Sarah's products are amazing. You can smell them from far away, like still in the mailbox! The energy is awesome. And they work beyond fast!""


"I adore Mama Sarah's products; she hand mixes all her oils, incenses, and bath washes, soaps and candles......but the energy she carries is infused into all her handmade products with such knowledge and devotion that it also effects you whilke working with these products.....I just got a freash batch of her hand made "Spiritual" Incense, and it was so freash, and the packet was so full and beauitful with swirls of colored incense, resins, and hand blended....it is absoutly divine and then sum.......She is totally unique in her rootworkings .....no compairson....Conjured Cardea-Hoodoo, Conjure and Rootwork is a leader in the art of Hoodoo"-GH


"Since I started working with a few things from my last order my sales/income have literally doubled. Just started the last quarter of the year and sold 3 huge pieces between yesterday and today with requests for more. THANKYOU!!!"


"I'm just writing an update to let you know that after you had done your spellwork that you did on Aug 12th, about a week after... the guy you did your work on and the other person he had been seeing did end up breaking up!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Separation-Working-Separate-Lovers-or-Friends-From-Harm-sepw.htm?categoryId=-1


"I've so far purchase 2 services an soon a 3rd an 4th I've patiently waited Conjured Cardea-Hoodoo, Conjure and Rootwork has always been professional with me an I appreciate every moment she dosent judge the situation she is caring an understanding an TRUTHFUL....Thanks so much for everything may u continue with all the success!!!"


"Ever since you performed the Black Snake service to remove negativity from my relationship with ____, things have gotten better between us. He's not aggressive towards me, and he drinks less around me. He's even been more open with his feelings, on occassion. Also, he told me that I could refer to him as my boyfriend."  http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Black-Snake-Removal-Working-Remove-Negative-Influences-Reverse-snake.htm?categoryId=-1


"When I first found your shop I was beyond fed up with waiting for products I would order that took months to get to me. So finding you was perfect. Shipping prices were reasonable and the anticipation for a new product was overwhelming, I couldn't wait. Well, at the time you gave me advice on what to use and being that I was pregnant I wanted to start some blessings, since I felt nothing was going exactly how I wanted at the moment. You arabka oil is great, it goes on almost all my candles when drawing in money, but let me tell you , the shi shi is powerful. Every time I have a document I need or situation I feel out of hand, I use this and bam, things get solved. I used your juju soap while pregnant and it really lifted some negative energies away and left me feeling really good. But what I'm really writing to speak most of is the Oggun service you did. Sarah it changed me and my life a lot and has brought all those obstacles to the ground. I started getting phone calls for jobs I put in for months ago and still a employer is calling and emailing me. I can't accept the offer because I have a newborn , but I think she will call back again, she has contacted me 3 time since the end of July. That service has knocked out what ever was blocking me, omg!! It's strange but I feel so good and unbothered since my daughter birth, and that was a month before she was born that you did the Oggun service. Communication has opened up even more for me. I don't feel the need to keep things to myself. I really liked that service. The jinx be gone has rid me of anxiety I always thought has no business being in my life. Sarah do you believe it's all gone?! I love that oil so much. But really That jinx oil kicked in after I had the baby and I was able to light some candles full on. It has taken everything away. It's gone and I can longer wonder how or why it got to me. I have ordered from you at least 6 times and I love your powerful oils and soaps. The washes I ordered were good also, it cleanses everyone in the house. Things couldn't be better for me and my family. I have a lot of peace and love and happiness. I know The Lord has a lot to do with these blessings, but I know he sent you to my ipad that day I found you for a reason. Your work is magnificent . Thanks so much for all you have done. I know we don't know each other but, it feels like I do."


"I finally decided it was time to light my oil lamp today I got from you sometime ago (was planning on using it outside, but it just hasn't happen and today felt right!), I made almost $200 in my shop and won $750 from a scratch off it the mail!! Thank you so much!! Love your items! heart emoticon"http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Prosperity-Lamp-Lights-the-Way-for-Wealth-Employment-Good-Luck-2007156.htm?categoryId=-1


Feedback, one week from beginning of service; "So far, I got 1 writing contract the day you started service. This contract was held up for over a year. My adjunct professorship pay scale increased, and we just rented our rental property - which was on the market for quite some time. I'm hoping another contract I've been waiting on comes through. Things are picking up nicely. Thank you so much!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Money-Pyramid-Service-For-Fast-Luck-Emergency-Prosperity-MPES.htm?categoryId=-1



"Your banishing spell was the best $124.00 I've spent- it was well worth the money. It's amazing how different this woman is acting. Half of the time she's confused, most times she's separate from me. I really see a difference, of which I will forever be greateful to you. You've made me so happy...It's working miracles. Its unbelievable. I have so much peace." -P http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Separation-Working-Separate-Lovers-or-Friends-From-Harm-sepw.htm?categoryId=-1


"Your Van Van candles and housewash/Chinese wash was are incredible! After burning a few candles and adding the washes to our cleaning products all of the bad luck has stopped and good things are finally starting to happen. Curiously enough, one of my co-workers had some of the bad things that were happening to my family start happening to him. Not sure if that's what normally happens or if bad things he sent were just bouncing back to him. It's almost unbelievable how quickly changes and opportunities are starting to roll in, not to mention how much better we feel. Thank you for helping my family!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=van+van



"My husband surprised me with two dozen white long stem roses for my birthday, something he had not done in almost 7 years. I attribute this as one many results I have had since hiring Moma Sarah to assist in dealing with a multitude of issues. Between her own incredible professional energy & her AMAZING products so many areas in my life have shown significant & positive improvements! Thank you again Moma Sarah! Xoxo" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/7-Day-Blockbuster-Working-Remove-Blockages-Preventing-Success-BBS.htm?categoryId=-1



"Mama Sarah, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and advise. I want you to know I won my case today. I carry my Gris Gris with me everyday and will continue to carry it with me. Your dedication and knowledge in respects to your work is impeccable. I am so thankful for meeting you and will always choose you when I need assistance. Peace and Blessings!!!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Legal-Matter-Working-Appeals-Immigration-Courtcase-Custody-appeal.htm?categoryId=-1



"I met someone due to your service! We are so much alike we want the same things. Everything I asked for in a man he is, its like so weird how much we have in common never met someone like that until you did the service for me which I greatly do appreciate. Thank you...so far most of the services you did for me started working from 2 weeks." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/New-Love-Working-Draws-In-and-Strengthens-Relationships-NL.htm?categoryId=-1

6/19/15 "Thank you for sending me the photos of the service that you performed on the behalf of me and my guy. Everything was beautifully set up, depicted in the photos, and described. I personally think that the service is working because he is less aggressive towards me. Thank you for your help (professional and personal), and your attention to detail. It really shows that you care." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Black-Snake-Removal-Working-Remove-Negative-Influences-Reverse-snake.htm?categoryId=-1

6/7/15  "Good Sunday to you, I wanted to update you on a working you did for me back in April. I had a working done to facilitate me in becoming a financially successful well known abstract artist with gallery representation. In May I signed a 3 month contract for June-August to have 24 of my paintings exhibited at a gallery in Toledo, Ohio where I live. I believe the working has started to manifest. In addition, I will be submitting my artist portfolio to 2 other prestigious galleries this month. I am looking forward to the working fully manifesting in the coming months. Thank you for all your work ." http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm?categoryId=-1

6/2/15  "Sarah, You are amazing! Thank you so much! This was started I believe at exactly the correct time in our lives.Changes happened ALREADY...I was floored. We went from going to file for divorce Sunday to him making the attempt to communicate. He is actually cleaning - yes cleaning the bathroom for me right now. (RA in my hands makes getting in some areas hard). I feel a little lighter myself. I am so excited to see what else transpires this week and beyond! I also received my love wash yesterday and I swear that too has made a difference! I wish I lived closer so I could hug you and thank you in person! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Much Love-" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/7-Day-Blockbuster-Working-Remove-Blockages-Preventing-Success-BBS.htm?categoryId=-1

 "I really want to say thank you for all the time, energy, and focus you put into the "7-day Blockbuster" service you performed on behalf of myself and my beau. Everything from the altar set up to the detailed description of the offerings was BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't thank you enough. I know things like this take time, but it is definitely working. I saw results right away. The service you conducted worked so well that by the 19th (you started on May 18th), he was texting me again...he also invited me over;) We've been texting every day since then. We went out that Thursday night, and had a blast. He even wanted to have a heart-to-heart. He told me that he knew that I was in love with him, and that he had known for quite some time. He asked me was it true, and I said, "Yes". Sarah, he turned around and said he loved me, too! Talk about shocked!" 6/2/15 http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/7-Day-Blockbuster-Working-Remove-Blockages-Preventing-Success-BBS.htm?categoryId=-1

Dear Sarah, I am a new customer of yours and I have just received my first order. I’m proud to say I'm now a new loyal customer! I ordered a variety of your spiritual goods including oils, soaps and a La Madama statue-and every product was above and beyond wonderful! I could literally feel the love, power and dedication you put into the creation of your products. I’m honored to add your supplies to my personal conjure workings. Thank you, my dear! You are a true Wise Woman in every form and fashion. I will be spreading the word of your magnificence! -Darrin W. Owens of Hillbilly Conjure


I purchased this a week before my divorce proceeding, because I was worried my crazy ex-husband would get custody of our son, because he as throwing out money and hiring expert's. Nope! I ended up with the better deal than him. I have my son, M,T,W,TH, and Friday and he gets him for one overnight on Thursday night and on his weekends only, keeps the child Sunday night to Monday 9AM. On his off week, he has a 7 day period between the next visit! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!! http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Get-Outta-Here-Working-Remove-PeopleHarmful-Situations-GO.htm


My hearing was sitting on me & I wasn't prepared, everything that could go wrong food.I didn't get notice, found out indirectly, judge denied a continuance I was broke, the lawyer that worked my custody case want available & good thing it was her screw up I didn't know & she threw me under the bus she said she'd told me. She told me of a complaint filed, but a date of hearing big difference. So now the judge was already annoyed with me bci looked like a liar already. Daughter's father provoked me then twisted my intentions when I reacted.things looked glum. Moma Sara went to work, I found a lawyer last minute & he did great damage control but I still ended up giving up more custody, this sickened me it also entitled him to lower support but a month later I got a call idk who or how they got my # but they have me proof he's hiding income so I can raise support which thwarts his plan, trust it's not about him being a devout parent. I'm convinced it's the work & I'm faithful more to come!http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Legal-Matter-Working-Appeals-Immigration-Courtcase-Custody-appeal.htm

Amazing A+++



This was amazing and successful! She performed the work one week before my court date, and victory as mine for the taking. I know the work is the reason, because the judge we had was prepared to give my ex-husband 50/50 custody. But then he told us to go out in the hallway and try to settle it ourselves. My ex knew the judge would give him what he wanted, but he ended up taking my offer instead. He called the day after to let me know he just realized he screwed himself taking my offer and he doesn't know why he even took my offer? Ha! http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Legal-Matter-Working-Appeals-Immigration-Courtcase-Custody-appeal.htm

12/28/2014This is my favourite working from Moma Sarah ! It has never ever let me down and helped me get out of terrible situations ! I recomend it highly! http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Purification-Service-Spiritual-Cleansing-and-Renewal-pur.htm


I highly recommend this service to anyone who may be contemplating but or feeling unsure. This working proved to be very helpful for me. I decided to turn to this shop for help when I was in a place where I was feeling blocked from every angle and it just seemed as though I was only spinning my wheels. In the past a candle that I ordered from this shop provided such amazing results so I decided to give this Blockbuster Service a try and I'm so glad I did! Within a week things began to move in my life! I found a place to live after much unsuccessful search on my own. It was the weirdest thing - everytime I had found a place, the rug would get pulled right from under me! But that's alright because I ended up with a great apt with the best landlord and way more affordable than any other place I had seen. Also, I was given a position to make more money and a legal situation I was dealing with got freed up! I'm so glad and grateful to Sarah from Conjured Cardea and all the spirits!!


This service gave me the exact outcome we required. I cannot thank Sarah enough for her excellent communication, products and services. 5 Stars..... Thank you http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Personal-Candle-Vigil-Custom-Service-for-Your-Goals-and-Needs-1855313.htm

I can?t wait to do this service again



I did this last year at the beginning of the year. I believe it was to Ganesh and or Lakshmi. I had more than 10 jobs last year. No lie. I had dozens of interviews, calls, e-mails. Some jobs I never even started. Now, I realize you have to appreciate and take seriously what you get or you will lose it. 

As soon as I am able I will get this again and now that I am wiser as to how things work I will be consistent with those that have blessed me. 

I will say if you get a job from this service or whatever your petition you may want to do additional work or buy the oils of whoever you petition to keep what you have( just my 2 cents).



This service is well worth the price ! Moma Sarah can make miracles happen even with cheaper services, but i have to say that this service unstuck a stituation who's been blocked for 8 years now and who was going even "downer" down the drain. It made someone simply change their minds from one day to the next ! I thought i was stuck, Moma Sarah came and changed the entire deal in a way no one could ever have wish for. This is a truly amazing service to be used in extreme situations. Plus, let's not forget about the way Moma Sarah works : she listens to you, always, she counsels you and her "door" is always open and her welcome is full of Love. And THAT is free ! In my opinion, Moma Sarah is the best in her trade and this is the ultimate service you can ask from her. Be prepared, it's going to shake you and your situation from head to toe, but the results are amazing, miraculous and she makes you feel loved and important and worth something ! ???



I put in a request with Moma Sarah to help "sweeten" my boyfriend towards actually getting married. We had talked about it for a long time, and he wanted to get married, but because of his personal experiences with marriage from his parents (both divorced multiple times) he was hesitant. Well, within a few weeks of making the petition, my THEN boyfriend decided he not only REALLY wanted to get married, but he wanted to get married right away! I am no longer a Miss, but a Mrs and I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much Moma Sarah!!!




Bless you Sarah for all that you do! I am so humbled and grateful for your shop. Finding it 3 years ago has helped me so much in my life, and I cannot say enough about your products and services. Affordable, beautiful, full of positivity and love. The photo from the community honey jar you sent with my request filled my heart. Already feeling more confident and strong!

Request for Abundance in multiple streams



After I made my request I keep noticing I am getting things like money on gift cards, clothing, movie passes, money on my Starbucks card (that I did not put on it), and I got some free beauty products from a store (K-mart) and they never gave me anything free before. I keep getting offers from different people for all kinds of material things.




I had put in a request to bring my family and myself happiness, good luck, good health and wealth, and that is what we received and I couldn't be happier.





I had put my request in for business success with orders and more paying customers and that's exactly what I received!

*Less then 24 hours after the service- "Hi Moma Sarah,I want to thank you for your assistance and your special energy with this working.  Apparently, your service is already doing it's work.  I saw him last night (I wanted to meet up and speak face-to-face).  I felt like he had been avoiding getting together in person the last week or so but yesterday, after work, he finally agreed to see me.  We went to a park to talk and it went well…in fact, much better than anticipated.  He’s very emotional for a man, so at first, I was a bit concerned about what his demeanor would be like, since men will sometimes either “close off” emotionally (or get defensive/upset). He was calm, open and receptive and we were able to talk and work things through harmoniously.  I am SO relieved.  I just wanted to let you know how things went. :)Thank you so much again!" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Lover-Return-Working-Restores-Relationships-return.htm

"THANK YOU SARAH AND DANDA WORKING! So I had my driving test today. The day started well, as I had the nicest instructor ever – very lucky, as the instructors in my hometown are notorious for being nasty and arrogant, failing people for petty reasons (including my nephew, who drives really well, four times). Something happened and I know this working saved me. I was driving very carefully, but made one OBVIOUS mistake. It was nothing dangerous, but serious enough to fail my test. As I made this mistake, I’m sure the instructor witnessed it, but he didn’t say anything. Nor did I. We drove around the city for another 20 minutes or so, and then returned to the office. I had to do a reverse parking at the parking lot. Then he told me that I have PASSED my test! I received constructive and detailed feedback on how to develop my driving further. But NOT A SINGLE WORD about the mistake!! ?! Wow!! I’m so relieved and happy – that I’ve passed my test, and passed at the FIRST go! This has been miraculously blessed driving test: this working works!!! ~ I will leave this feedback on your shop page too. Xx http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Legal-Matter-Working-Appeals-Immigration-Courtcase-Custody-appeal.htm

"Hi sarah, Just to give you an update! As I type this ____ is lying next to me asleep. I prayed to Oshun telling her I know I am a newcomer and don't know much but I feel such a strong connection with her and will do all I can to get to know her better. I asked her to help with the work you have done on my behalf and that if it is successful I will forever be her Child. He messaged me out of the blue this morning when I was debating whether or not to message him.  We spent most of the day together and were even a little naughty! Lol! He still maintains we should be friends despite the feelings we have but I understand that this is a process and even though my goal is to get back together, this is a first step. I am so grateful and cannot wait to see full results so I can post a testimonial like I told Oshun I would. I also cannot wait to see full results so we can move on to the other work we have to do. I just want to say thank you for your patience and for the work that you do." (2 days after completed working)"  http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Legal-Matter-Working-Appeals-Immigration-Courtcase-Custody-appeal.htm?categoryId=-1

 "Oh my goodness I just wanted to immediately express my eternal GRATITUDE for all your services and blessings Sarah!!!! I just got news (minutes ago) that my dad is coming home! His hearing went so well and I want to thank you for helping us in a very difficult time for my family. I knew after you had done the service that my dad would be ok, however there was some discrepancies with the court that caused my dad to have an extended month for his final hearing. I lit an abre camino candle and added some danda oil to it, and thank goodness his final hearing was today and he is coming home. Thank you for all you do and for loving what you do, it really shows in the karmic results! May the Universe bless you with so much more. With Much Gratitude" http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Legal-Matter-Working-Appeals-Immigration-Courtcase-Custody-appeal.htm?categoryId=-1

"I purchased the New Leaf Oil and Glamoury loaded candle to aid in breaking some bad habits. I am a HUGE procrastinator, and have a horrible habit of not finishing what I start. I had a task at work that I avoided for a week or two, because I didn't know how to use the software. My only learning tools were YouTube videos. Normally, I pick up on things quickly, but I really struggled and started losing my confidence in my abilities to do my job. I brought the New Leaf Oil to work one day, hoping it would do SOMETHING as stated in the description. The description said to anoint a purple candle, but since I was at work I rubbed the oil on my hands, focusing mostly on my fingertips. I placed my fingers on my keyboard and petitioned for the ability to focus and the confidence to complete the task. I watched a YouTube video and things started to click. Instantly, my creativity began to flow, the areas of the software that gave me trouble before, no longer existed. I was able to complete the task AND earn glowing feedback from high level management. My confidence was through the roof. I became determined to be the best Trainer the team ever had.
Just today, I used my glamoury candle. Although already loaded, I annointed it with the New Leaf Oil. I made my list of goals and a list of bad habits. I annointed the list of bad habits and burned it. (I'm smiling as I write this because again the results are amazing). For MONTHS I have had some African Art leaning up against a wall in my foyer. My thought was to create a gallery. I had hung 3 pieces and abandoned the project. Passing through the foyer, I looked at the wall…(BIG SMILE)…I am pleased to say the gallery is now complete!
What a great oil and candle! Your products never disappoint. I can't wait to see how my list of goals plays out. It's going to be a productive new year and I have you to thank for this jump start. I couldn't be happier. May you continue to be blessed!" 

"My first order I placed 6 month ago.
It was the first time I tried your oils and I must say - high quality oils and made with love and knowledge.
As a midwife I worked 20 years with oils and I can feel what is good and pure and what is massproduction.
I also purchased a wonderful La Mamada statue which was carefully packed and safely shipped to germany.
Really extraordinary things. 
Beside that I tried your handmade soaps. When I opened the packet the whole room smelled wonderful.
To buy soaps and oils is a question of trust. So I always recommend your shop when friends ask me about the soap.
I love books and was really excited to receive my last order today. After 8 days I hold the books in my hands here in germany and you didn`t promise to much, really gems :-)
All in all I never found a shop where the person is so friendly and helpful and always answering EVERY question coming up. You were never tired to explain the how and why.
The workings you did for me were even starting to work before it was finished.
You send me different pictures of the working to let me know what you do. I felt like I´m there and part of it.
I really feel blessed to have found you and I love to use your powerful items.
Thanks for beeing there for people."

"Dear Sarah, I met my partner this evening to give back things to each other. In the past we could never speak from heart to heart.
This evening we could talk about our problems the first time ever really open. He said he still needs some time to think about what we talked today but he will contact me. And he wants a new start.
Im very happy about the chance to start again and about our open conversation. Because now there is really hope to make things better in future. So I see unbelievable success even before the working is finished. Thank you, Sarah from deep of my heart. I was so desperated about all the problems the last months. Of course I would like to write a testimonial about what you did for me. I will do it the next days. It would be nice to correct my english-mistakes then . For now, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! God bless you and your loved ones."


"I don't know if you get annoyed by updates…but you did a money spell for me a few weeks ago and I had a windfall just like the time before you did a spell for my business. The same 2 clients popped up and dropped a lot $$$. Very odd..that it was the same exact 2…out of all the clients I speak to. Either way, I'm not complaining, your money/biz root work always pays for itself many times more than the cost of the spell! Thanks!"http://www.shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm

 "I meant to tell you yesterday, that my fiancee got a job the day after you said you would light a candle for me because I lost my job and my situation! Thank you ,THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! Your amazing!!! I appreciate your kindness and your spirit!"

"I got my package today in my mailbox. I love it. YOU are changing my life. I appreciate you. I am using the kali oil first and playing her mantra on itunes. Because of what I have learned from you I no longer have the fears and worries of what's next. I truly see the majic in every moment even the most challenging moments. I am always going to be your customer. Whatever the cost you are worthy."

"I just wanted you say Thank you .I recently got one of your loaded and fixed beeswax red doll babies and as soon as I unwrapped it and held it for some reason I started to cry but a good cry.I just had to say Thank you .I have been a costumer of yours for almost a year everything I have ever purchased from you has been truly a blessing."

"I was just watching your video about the beginnings of Conjured Cardea and it reminded me that I wanted to send you feedback on the results of the working you did for me to help me with the money for a new laptop.So, I didn't get the laptop - I actually got far better.

By the end of October, I got a HUGE amount of clarity around my business(es) and a business idea I had and how I wanted to implement and share that with the world that moved me away from actually needing to invest in a new laptop and is quickly on track to being worth significantly more than the $1,500 or so that I asked for. (Conveniently/eerily, the idea that I had is going to be priced at $1,500 once it's out of beta/alpha testing phase. No lie, ha.)


Then suddenly - much sooner than I was anticipating - I have the opportunity and the financial means to move into my very first apartment after the first of the year (and it's literally everything I've wanted/envisioned/prayed for/was working towards for the last year.) AND - to make that happen - I have an interview on Tuesday for a work-at-home job that's legit, in line with what I've been doing solo anyways, pays $15/hr with full-time potential...a minimum of $1,500/mo.


I don't really know what to say except THANK YOU so much for holding space for me and for assisting me. It is so obvious you are a beautiful spiritual presence and I am super stoked to purchase supplies from you and work with you in the future <3 (Oh, and I've already recommended you to a couple of different people so I hope they will buy or book, too!)


Much love and gratitude.. " http://www.shop.conjuredcardea.com/Gold-Fingers-Working-LuckEmploymentProsperity-Rootwork-Service-Gold.htm

"Always a pleasure to work with Sarah. I felt the need for some help and she is right there. You are a blessing and I thank you for your help!"

"The best money I have ever spent! Do yourself a favor and order this!"

"Wanted to let you know how things turned out. They turned out fabulously!! Not only did we get a good enough refund to pay for airfare as well as pay some bills....but our vacation destination gave us a refund on part of our trip because our travel dates were within the time frame of a special offer they had. This service is wonderful! Thank you Sarah! Bless you for all you do."

"First time ordering from Moma Sarah and I am greatly impressed with her excellent customer service and the positive energy that exudes from her. Sarah sent me 3 great photos of my candle burning with an explanation of her working. She was helpful, kind, prompt & thorough in addressing my concerns and meeting my needs. Best of all, things seem to be working as the target has been nicer and more attentive to me in the past few days after Sarah's working. Thank you, Moma Sarah :)"

"I'd highly recommend Moma Sarah's private candle requests. I noticed results even before her candle was lit, and right now things are much better than I could have imagined! I did work in addition for this task, but I believe Moma Sarah's energy helped a lot!" "Moma Sarah opened me up to working with spirits I hadn't had any prior experience with. I can tell you that I felt the spirit in question around when she did this vigil for me and the whole experience was powerful and positive. Thanks, Sarah for helping ensure my prayers were heard and for offering this wonderful service."



"Hi Moma Sarah,Thank you for all that you do! I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your products! I'm hoping to find the time and composure one of these days to write a review (right now, I'm just super busy). Even just opening the box when my goodies came in the mail, I could FEEL the positive energy emitting from everything within. It's nice to know you're buying something authentic and not mass-produced and that time and care goes into each product (as well as the right energy)! Thank you again and I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future!  Blessings-A"


"Momah Sara,My wife mentioned you wrote an article about how  people generally don't contact you when things are going well. I'd just like to take this opportunity to report that there are basically no problems here. A while ago, my wife's ex was using some kind of hoodoo in an attempt to destroy my marriage, and since your working for us, things have been getting better and better. Obstacles of all kinds seem to have been cleared, and we're experiencing new spiritual guidance and improvement in all areas of life. Your products and your working help me daily to raise my vibration and make sales at work. We feel like you are looking out for us in a personal way, because you clearly put such loving care and integrity into your products, and your business. Your name is like a blessing in our house, because we are both so grateful for what you do."


"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that this morning I was reconnected with my friend, even just on the surface it's a start. I've been praying for this for over 3 months now, and it's like days after the honey jar, bam. Just want to say thank you for your services and blessings!

-C." http://www.shop.conjuredcardea.com/Your-Honey-Jar-Request-Community-Altar-ONE-Petition-petition.htm



"Hi Sarah, just to let you know an update that he is moving in today. Im so happy, thank you again. Many blessings!-A"



"I know i emailed you on Saturday n told u that not many changes, but this morning baby let me tell u. I got my mind back!!!!! Yesterday i started getting all these signs while i was at work. I was thinking clear n the spirit ( i think my grandfather)  was telling me its my sister.  All kinds of different signs.  So when i got home i reversed most of the stuff back.  I couldn't reverse everything bc she has 3 boys n a single parent ( i think she knows i wont bc I'll b he one doing whichfor them which is the other problem). Anyway, i was laying in bed this morning n i was thinking planning my day then it hit me.  I got my mf$!#/" mind back, at least most of it. Yasssssss. I m self motivated,  im caring about my apperance more, im getting ideas about my business n excited as if it's i can see smell n taste it happening.  I can feel n hear my grandfather talking to me again.  As im getting ready im thinking SARAH has done it again(saved another person from sinking)  n then i here the song (In my mind) i got the feeling by James Brown.  Then when he said hit me i can see someone playing spades or tunk and slapping the card on the table. Im gettin my life back. 

Thank you your tha bomb. As Martin Lawrence would say "YOU GO GIRL". "


"I found Sarah and Conjured Cardea about 2yrs ago and her products have done nothing but help me improve in my working, and grow into feeling more confident in what I may be doing myself. I also have found when I need a little extra kick in the working or help with a situation in my life I order a personal candle lighting service and so far things have worked out as they should. Sarah is the real deal here, not selling “spells” and “potions” she is very educated in everything she makes for her shops along with any of the personal services she offers. I can always feel her packages even before the post office delivers them!! On a personal level she is up front, honest, and very willing to answer questions you may have. She has always been completely respectful and to the point when I ask something, and I love that!! I feel like I know her and I think its because of the time and energy she puts into her shop, blog, fb page, and most of all her items and services!! If your looking for a “spell” keep looking, if your looking for a person and items to help you in your workings or you need a personal service and either do not have the proper items to perform it yourself or feel you are in need of someone a little more experienced then there is no need to keep searching!! Moma Sarah and Conjured Cardea is the place to help you!!-I found Sarah and Conjured Cardea about 2yrs ago and her products have done nothing but help me improve in my working, and grow into feeling more confident in what I may be doing myself. I also have found when I need a little extra kick in the working or help with a situation in my life I order a personal candle lighting service and so far things have worked out as they should. Sarah is the real deal here, not selling “spells” and “potions” she is very educated in everything she makes for her shops along with any of the personal services she offers. I can always feel her packages even before the post office delivers them!! On a personal level she is up front, honest, and very willing to answer questions you may have. She has always been completely respectful and to the point when I ask something, and I love that!! I feel like I know her and I think its because of the time and energy she puts into her shop, blog, fb page, and most of all her items and services!! If your looking for a “spell” keep looking, if your looking for a person and items to help you in your workings or you need a personal service and either do not have the proper items to perform it yourself or feel you are in need of someone a little more experienced then there is no need to keep searching!! Moma Sarah and Conjured Cardea is the place to help you!!-V"


"Sarah dear, you have done it again! I am so absolutely thrilled with the Queen B oil, Bewitching oil, my Third Eye Mojo, the Violet Wisdom oil (I believe I have a new favorite!), glamoury loaded candle, and spiritual all purpose incense. I smelled these divine treasures before I even opened the box. I must say, I dont trust many now a days with being supplier of my work because frankly, most of it is garbage. I trust you making these quality items and I can feel the energies there. I have been an admirer of your shop and products for a long time, I hope I can do business more often. My family too were Hungarian, and they were Romungro people, “gypsies”, and with the elders of my family passed I dont share common traditions with most people. Yours always reminds me of them and brings back fond memories. When I open up a box from you its like coming home. I think they must have sent me to you! Thank you again."


I ordered the oil lamp customized for Marie Laveau. I've only had this lit for one day, and have already felt significant positive changes in my personal outlook and self-confidence. For many reasons I was unable to add anything to this offering outside of some organic tobacco and cinnamon sticks, but I know it is this wonderful lamp which also has an incredibly beautiful smell. Many Blessings to you  - will be ordering a 'refill' (if possible?) as soon as possible OR another lamp as this is such a great way to show honor and gratitude, using a historical tradition with goodies customized for a specific spirit. http://www.shop.conjuredcardea.com/Custom-Lamp-Lamp-Lighting-or-Setting-of-Lights-Hoodoo-clamp.htm?categoryId=-1


Dear Sarah, Thank You so Much! I used the items I purchased from you and it has tamed and frozen our crazy neighbor, his parents are happy, I'm happy, and the neighborhood is happy. I know you added your prayers to our problem to help solve it, and it worked. He knows if he acts up or acts out he will be put into a facility that will deal with his mental problems, so he is remaining very quiet and very meek. Thank you So Much and Many Blessings to You!! http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/la-sal-negro-black-salt-witchs-salt-hoodoo-voodoo-witchcraft-drive-away-salt-preventative-ma


"I just wanted to thank you again. I retained your services and spell work to aid in my pursuit of sobriety and for positive balance. I could not be happier to say that I am entirely sober (164 days) and my circle of family is stronger and more beautiful than ever.You rock!" http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/personal-candle-vigil-hoodoo-voodoo-witchcraft-ritual-working-1-day-private-prayer-requests-


Note from a client; "Sarah I received my insurance approval today (for surgery)!!!!! It looked questionable last week but received the good news today. Thank you so so so much!
Many blessings! -D" http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/your-honey-jar-request-community-altar-one-petition-dressed-fed-and-added-conjured-cardea-ho?tid=7


Just wanted to say something about my new favorite, Queen B***h Oil. I wish I had tried it before I wrote my blog post that talked about Conjured Cardea products! This oil arrived after I had already written the post and put it in the queue. Wow. Moma Sarah is not exaggerating when she says that it helps you "get s**t done." I would say it practically does everything for you. This is the one to use when you have procrastination issues with big, grrrrrrry, I-don't-wanna tasks. Yet, it does not give you a nervous or jittery feeling. Just calm, as if it's all being done for you, you just have to go with the flow. Wish it came in a 2oz or 4oz bottle -- or by the quart! By the way, if you want to see what other products I (and Moma Sarah) recommend when going through a difficult time in life, that blog post is here:http://thedynamicdivorcee.blogspot.com/2014/08/8-must-haves-for-every-dynamic.html I can feel another blog post exclusively about Conjured Cardea products coming down the road : ) http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/queen-b-tch-oil-hoodoo-voodoo-witchcraft-confidence-results-success-ends-competition


"I wanted to tell you though, upon your advice, I used the three oils that you recommended to strengthen the love aspect of my relationship. I used the French Bracelet to annoint my candle, but I also applied this oil to my wrists when I was seeing my boyfriend. I also used the Mam'zelle and the La Flamme oils to annoint my candle. 

And within one week's time, my guy has been THE MOST LOVING and romantic guy!! OMG I am so so happy with the results! They really did make a difference! My relationship became so calm and loving - not physically (physically it's great) but emotionally, which is exactly what I wanted to happen. I was trying to downplay the physical aspect and bring out the more emotional loving side of him. I am so happy with your awesome products, THANK YOU!!!! XO"





"Dear Sarah,it's been two weeks since I received my attraction kit, (powder, incense and candles). I did the spell you describe on your website, step by step. I was praying for a new dance partner, that I've been looking for for two years. I also sprinkled some of the powder on my dance shoes and left them on the altar by the candle and then put some powder out in the terrace, as an offering. This afternoon when I came home I took the powder and blew it in the wind (your advise). Then you lit my Marie Laveau candle last week and I'm sure both of us working together did the trick because he just fell from Heaven! I hadn't seen this guy in ages, and out of the blue I just ran into him, he mentioned he was looking for a partner and before I knew it we had set up a date tomorrow to start rehearsing. WOW! I never had something work so fast! Right now I'm burning another Marie Laveau candle -this one is to give thanks to the spirits for granting my wish. And also thank you, for helping this happen. I love you! Bless you!" http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/attraction-powder-hoodoo-voodoo-conjure-wicca-witchcraft-law-attraction-abundance-prosperity


"Just wanted to say thank you for such fast shipping and wonderful products. I immediately opened my package. Lit some of the some of the incense and I could not be happier. My kids love the smell and now they want some. I will be placing an order in the next week. Thank You Moma Sarah!!" http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/spiritual-incense-self-igniting-hoodoo-voodoo-conjure-wicca-witchcraft-sweetwoods-fruits-and


"Moma Sarah,

Good evening and blessings to you. First, I am writing to share with you the most amazing experience. Almost 3 weeks ago, I lost my job. There was no final paycheck or severance pay. I was/am blessed to have the income of my husband to help with my financial needs, so I truly had no reason to complain. Instead, I kept the faith that the right opportunity would present itself in time. In a weeks time, I had three job leads on the table, two that I felt were the best opportunity for me. I interviewed for one, to be told I was still in the running, yet nothing further has come from it. The other, I interviewed just today. As I prepared, I rubbed some attraction oil on my wrists and neck, all the while thinking…"will this work?" I immediately felt a sense of peace. When I arrived, I learned that my presence was requested at the wrong location. Instead of rescheduling, I was asked to do a phone interview instead. Oh, how I loathe these, but I went with it and the outcome was and still is surreal. With an hour of the interview, I learned that I got the job! I was told the company contacted their HR department and told them to draft the offer, they found what they were looking for! I was/am flattered!!! Your Attraction Oil is the real deal and I just wanted to thank you for making an authentic product! Continued blessings to you and your family."



 "This is probably the third one I have ordered from you. It really sets things in the right direction. I anoint with it, along with prayer, in the morning before work and sometimes before bed. It rocks. I have made a couple of things myself but there's just something about your items. They work. Like "kapow" work, lol. :) Thanks and blessings" 



"Thank thank you! I have been using your wears for awhile and they have brought me so many blessings I could fill a book for you. But hot damn this oil works super fast. I got it yesterday as soon as I put on I saw a spike in sales on my online store then today I went on job interview and they hired me on the spot. I start this wensday! Then to top things off with out tring I am now renting my place out! Something I been thinking of doing since things have been tight and bam I am now in process of renting it out. I am amazed at how fast this stuff works! It has also brought some luck to my finance to! I am wondering what it will bring me tomorrow! Thank you soo much this has helped me so much and taken alot stress from my shoulders. You really were a gift to find moma thank you for sharing your wears." http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/attraction-oil-hoodoo-conjure-wicca-witchcraft-voodoo-drawing-success-prosperity-love-abunda


"Dear Sarah, This is wonderful, thank you very, very much for your help. I felt strongly that something had powerfully lifted on the 15th. My husband and I both had our first night of uninterrupted sleep that night for the first time in months. You are amazing. I cannot express how grateful I am to you (and to Eleggua) for your services! May you be blessed! And thank you again! With the warmest (and highest) regards" http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/your-custom-working-witchcraft-wicca-hoodoo-voodoo-sweet-salt-sour-hot-or-ice-jar-intranquil?tid=7

"first off, want to check in and see how you are! long time… finally got internet at new house, and boy have i missed shopping your pages! all the things i have shared my concern for with you, have all been happening so fast. remember my job situation and losing the apartment? I got a job I love now, a new home, an actual house, starting my garden to get my shop going (the way it should be, from seed to bottle all by me!) and, also, remember the boyfriend of four years I was concerned hadn't proposed? He's going to talk to my family tomorrow.... and he has gotten my grandmothers rings sized for me!! I just had to tell you thank you so much for your help, every chance I get I tell friends how great my favorite hoodoo is! I wouldn't trust any other  Hope this finds you well dear! I hope you are having much success in your business on indie made and happiness in life!"

"Sarah, I truly wish I could meet you personally and hug you. You are inspiring in all you do and so humble. You are a rare breed and the quality of your items, the authenticity of your work, your compassion, patience, and diligence truly marks you as a true Priestess with integrity, whether you were "initiated" with formal/"traditional" ceremonies or not. The juxtaposition between what I've experienced, learned, and received from you versus many so-called "authoritative", "Official" Priest/esses who were initiated formally is astounding: You rank head and shoulders above them because of your Truth. You are a blessing to the community of Spiritual workers and I am privileged and happy to know you and be your client."

"Sarah, Had to drop you a thank you!! This worked in bringing a wonderful new position my way which I start the end of this month. A significant increase in pay, benefits, and working for a couple who are my age, very cool people and very much on the up and up with their business. I feel that my talents and abilities will be able to help them grow as they want to rather then working for someone who treats me with disrespect and as a lesser class...

Its been over a yr now that I found your shop, items and you and everything has helped in my path onto bigger and better things!! You are a wonderful woman who isn't selling "spells" but options & tools to help people in their own workings or with workings they may not be custom to but believe in. 

I can not wait to see what the future holds for me, and your shop will always be my go to for items i need to help myself and you will be my go to for the things I am not yet comfortable doing on my own or if I need a little extra umph in my workings!! Thank you so much for your personal touch. without it i would of moved forward and found another botanical that offered what you already do. Superior products and exceptional client services!! Be Blessed!!"

"Just wanted to say how happy I was with my last order...I could practically TASTE the ashe coming out of the box! I live in an area with a distinctive lack of botanicas or even new age stores, so you and your shop truly are a blessing from the lwa!"

"Bought this for my friend's boyfriend. She put some in his shoes and, burned some on a candle and they threw his case out ;-)" http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/danda-oil-old-hoodoo-formula-voodoo-witchcraft-court-victory-divorce-custody-immigration-pro?tid=1

"I was waiting to review this after my court case. I dont know what you do Sarah but EVERYTHING you offer WORKS. I purchased this oil along with the Maman Brigitte paquet to use to turn a small claims suit in my favor (I was being sued) I went to court today after annointing candles with this oil and using it on my hands & shoes and my case was THROWN OUT. Oh my goodness. I am completely speechless. Thank you AGAIN for offering these incredible items."http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/danda-oil-old-hoodoo-formula-voodoo-witchcraft-court-victory-divorce-custody-immigration-pro?tid=1

"I must tell you this! You know I love your oils!! But I used your danda oil in a court case between us and an old landlord that was lying and suing us for " damages" well I used it on a psalm 23 candle rubbed some on my neck and forearms and on the bottom of my heels. Well long story short he left the courthouse before our case was to go to the judge! I mean he disappeared and they dismissed his case! Now I know the oil didn't do that on it's own but coupled with my positive thoughts and " knowing" we were right the oil just nailed it. Thanks again for your quality work!!" http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/danda-oil-old-hoodoo-formula-voodoo-witchcraft-court-victory-divorce-custody-immigration-pro?tid=1

"Wanted to let you know too, my kids and I used your oils on our luggage. Nothing was stolen. TSA did have to tape shut suitcase holding my hoodoo boxes but that was only issue. Amazing! We felt sure we would be stopped at customs.....no. Even with 10 massive military duffels, a cat, a chinchilla and 4 kids, no one stopped us. Thank you!!!! I do not believe we could have done it without your work and your help.

In one year, your work has brought us from homeless living in a friends garage to us moving home, me remarrying (yikes) and my kids smiling/laughing/happy and thriving.
That's why I want to order from you again.
Thank you for helping us Moma Sarah"

"I hope your Thursday is full with joy and laughter:-)

Moma Sarah, first and for most, I would like to thank you one million times for this wonderful product that you have created, The Danda Oil"; I spoke to you last several days ago, prior this, I had anointed an orange tapered candle with this wonderful oil, sort of speaking a week in advance, and let it burn, completely:-)
I spoke to you about the court issue; few days ago, they have send me a letter and indicated if I would like to work with them, they will not proceed with the court case; I am sure they have their own reason, such as they don't want to pay lawyer and court fees:-)

But what's interesting to me is that they had served me, then, several days later, they are changing their mind....right after I anointed my candle with this wonderful oil:-)
Thank you so much, again; I just also bought the " Chinese floor wash" from your new shop to help me with my Etsy shop, and just over all:-)You really are amazing to be able to create so much magic; I genuinely believe what you do comes from a very "sincere" place:-)Much Love to You,~A"

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for my package! You and your shop give me so much spiritual inspiration. I absolutely love your products and I really appreciate all of the hard work poured into them. I like to make a lot of my own products. But there are so many I buy from you because they are just unrivaled!! Your oils really do go a long way and I just love how authentic they are. It was very generous of you to include a free candle in my package. I did not expect that! You are a very kind woman and I wanted you to genuinely know how much I respect you! Blessings! ~ S"

"I'm just sending messages to a couple of my favourite pagan shops to say thank you for a) existing and b) being so unpretentious and charming and great. Just looking at your shop lifts my spirits because I know you're doing what you're doing for the right reasons, and one day a fellow witch and I hope to have our own shop & will be taking inspiration from you and the way you do things. Because it's wonderful.I'm making a point of sending messages to say this because there are a couple of pagan shops around that have recently made my mind absolutely boggle with either how petty or how staggeringly unethical they are, and I wish I could do something about them, but it seems more productive to encourage the people who are brilliant and do something positive than just sit here being bewildered by people who suck. :) So : thank you. You give me (and my friends) great pleasure just by existing and by doing it right, and we appreciate you so much."

"Just wanted to say, the other day my mom came over for a while. Before she left she mentioned that she was waiting for her taxes to come back because she needed the money, but they wouldn't be back for days still. I gave her some of the Money Draw powder I had recently got (and hadn't even used myself yet) and instructed her how to use it. She rubbed it all over her money and sprinkled some in her wallet. The next morning she informed me that when she got home, the money was there in her bank account. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful shop!"http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/money-draw-powder-hoodoo-voodoo-witchcraft-draw-prosperity-employment-new-connections-busine?tid=10

"I played a game with myself when I received my latest package. The bellarmines were packaged very securely for shipping, and were wrapped in such a way that you could not tell which was which unless you opened it. Both had very noticeable energy patterns coming from them, and I spent a few moments holding each, still wrapped, to attune myself with them to guess which was which. And wouldn't you know it, I was right! Each had their own signature energy and purpose coming from the bottle, and they felt good. I do strongly recommend people to add a taglock to the bottle. It does alter the energy, but not in a bad way. The taglock seems to attune the energy more readily towards the owner so it feels more "yours". Since the first night of having them in my home, I have had several very vivid dreams at night, featuring fortunate symbols and events. I am really looking forward towards these positive energies manifesting in my life!"http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/prosperity-bellarmine-hoodoo-voodoo-witchcraft-wicca-conjure-bottle-abundance-employment-luc?tid=5

"hi sarah, i've ordered a few times from you since november and just want to thank you because i've been so inspired, uplifted and empowered by your work! i love the care and vibrance put into the packaging, don't know where to start on the products, but also even the messages you include in the product listings have... how do i put this, uprooted and awakened my spirit. you speak of how people cross themselves up with their beliefs, about working hard and giving, putting oneself in the right state of mind. i've been through a lot in the past few years and all of what i've purchased from you has helped me strengthen and heal and be more in the moment and take action. i begin every day with the conjure hand rub. every day is an important working i tell myself every day now. i've been focused on opening my heart and WORKING. all my life , to feel easily discouraged and look for rejection has been a crutch. i haven't wanted to fully believe in my own strength, comparing myself to others and emphasizing what others aren't providing for me, looking for lack. i would attempt to change but deep down this was my foundation and my habit. ritual has helped me shift radically from within. i'm typing this from my phone , i'd like to give more specific feedback once i get the computer fixed. just been feelin it's about time i thank you! gratitude! like the sun is in my heart."

"I bought this from you last fall and used it a little then it became boxed up during my move to Florida. I found it last week and began using it on my Staph/MRSA areas on my body. My sore on my left ear is healing on its own now and weeks of antibiotics could not heal it. I am going to continue to use this and may need to have to buy more to completely heal. Thank you for being such a pure loving soul and for making a product that really helps others. Blessed Be <3http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/curve-concoction-balm-salve-divine-curves-healthy-glow-neroli-and-carrot-seed-oil?tid=3

"I just wanted to say thank you for the wishing beans. I found them today when i opened my last candle from you and I was just so depressed earlier that they really just made me feel hopeful. I hope you know what magic you bring to people's lives and how deeply I was affected. "http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/13-mojoafrican-wishingsaint-joseph-beans-hoodoo-voodoo-witchcraft-wicca-wishes-luck-mojos-an?tid=5


"Moma Sarah,Your products are amazing - I can sense the care and preparation involved in each order : ) I will absolutely be ordering from you in the future : ) the uniqueness and personal care involved have got me coming back for more.........

"Good Afternoon Sarah,Hope this email finds you well. I had placed an order a few days ago for the Arabka Soudager oil and your wonderful all purpose Spiritual Incense, which I love! I just wanted  to send a Thank You email as I used the oil today on a yellow candle  along with some herbs on my Steady Work honey jar I made as I have been unemployed since June. I lite the candle said my prayers and psalms and my candle burned beautifully. There was only 1 candle wax tear. I have been working my honey jar strong since June and this is the first time there has not been a pile of wax build up afterwards. I took this as a good sign as I also felt more relaxed in knowing that everything is going to be ok, a job will come my way soon and my daughter and I will be doing well once again.
I then went to view my emails and job search as I do daily and a few minutes later I received an email for a job interview. I know it was your Arabka Soudager oil which made this happen. I know it is just a reply for an interview and not an exactly job yet, but it has been a while since I have heard back from anyone!!! I was also surprised to see an extra gift of a buckeye in my package since I was thinking of getting that soon to help bring in more money.
Thank You for making such great truly magical products."http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/arabka-soudager-famous-hoodoo-oil-voodoo-witchcraft-business-abundance-manifestation-love-ga?tid=2

"I am honored to have you as the woman who is blessed with these formulas.Since I met you I have had the greatest experiences an insist that you continue with your exploration.

As Aleister Crowley once said,"Magic is used so we can undo any hindrances". And that is why I come to you...because your formulas work. I could sit here and explain many occurrences, but I will mention only one.

There was a nation sack I bought from you and every time I put it on this woman called me asking me why there were text in my loves phones from me. Yes at that time he lived with her, but I told this woman the first time she called to take care of him. I told her I loved him but I could not have him here at this time. So out of love I asked her to care for him.

I am crippled and I walk but with a cane. Many women wonder how I keep a man. Opening the door and giving me money. It is from your nation sack. I always had the etiquette to keep a man ,but with the sack I see more control. And it is fair...

Its just as fair as when they didn't tell me of the ancient secrets.
So I travel, I move around, and I exist on the grid, but a grid of more understanding and control. I am happy to have you."

"Hi Momma Sarah! I have been working with my most recent order here the past few days and I just CANNOT express how AMAZING Things have been working for me!!! I feel like Oya is sitting right here with me, pushing me along fullfilling my accomplishments!! I all of this to you my dear!!! Thank you so much for bringing her into my life! 

I am already in need to re-order another supply of the incense and the oil! I use a little bag full of her incense to roll my Oya oiled candles in. I even made her dark red candles myself!! I even created a dark red 7 day candle in her image to keep in my sewing room. So far, I have had very good luck with less problems, sewing wise, (snags, thread or needles breaks!). Also it seems my sales are comming in just at the right times and exact amounts, down to the penny allowing me to get my bills paid! How awsome is that?? "

"Hello Sarah
I recently purchased some new things from your site since I just LOVED the stuff I've gotten previously. (floor wash.... LOVE!!) One of the most important ones was the Justice Kit. I am going back to court AGAIN (hopefully for the last time) this coming Monday. It's for a post divorce decree modification and my ex wants to lower child support and get more visitation. I know in my heart that it's just motivated by selfishness and greed but I wanted a little bit of your hoo doo to help me through as a booster. I lit one candle last night, said a prayer and went to sleep. Then this morning I etched in the court date, dressed it and lit another candle. While it was burning I called the court house to see how to get a transcript from a previous hearing.... one that would SINK HIM in this one. Being laid off currently, hearing that it would cost me over $1000 left me feeling defeated. The girl on the phone was SO helpful... genuinely trying to find a way for me to get this ONE page from that transcript. Just when I was ready to give up hope... a court reporter who was doing pro bono work overheard the conversation and said she would do it for FREE at home tonight. I started to cry. There genuinely ARE good people in this world. I want to pay this forward... I'm not sure how I will do it, but be sure that I will. Your oils and candles are empowering, magical and plain ol' FABULOUS. I'm placing another order today.... in this order is something for a friend of mine who is traveling down the same road I have as she is in the beginning stages of a nasty divorce. I will buy her one of your oils and gift it to her knowing that she too will have a little bit of Moma Sarah walking with her as she navigates down this long and scary road. Off to place my order now. It's with tears in my eyes that I tell you that you DO make a difference and the love you put into your work impacts people more than you know. Keep doing what you're doing... we need you. Thank you for offering the discount to single moms. So helpful, much appreciated." http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/justice-kit-hoodoo-voodoo-witchcraft-favorable-outcomes-divorce-custody-settlements-gets-you?tid=4

"Oh... my... Goddess! Is this what REAL oils are like?!?!?!? All this time, I've been investing in oils that claimed to be made the traditional way.... only to discover I had a lot to learn! {giggling}
I didn't know which oil to try first... SO I blended them all and got slap happy with the deliciousness. (I'm sure there's a better way to play with them, and any suggestions are most welcome. heehee)
Thanks so much, Moma Sarah, for doin' what you do. You know I'm going to be back... real soon, right?!?!? ;)P.S. I was even more jazzed that these oils arrived on the day of the New Moon!!!!! WOOT WOOT"

"Wicca, as a practice, never felt like a 'good fit' for me, but I believed Voodoo was--for lack of any better words--'scary' and 'bad'. :) Your products, your shop, and eventually you yourself demystified root work to the point I was able to overcome my preconceived judgements enough to explore, then enthusiastically embrace, Hoodoo as a spiritual and magickal path that allowed me to reconcile my instinctual Pagan leanings with my Catholic upbringing. For the first time in my life, what I believe and how I practice my faith are in sync, and it's made an immeasurable impact on just about EVERYTHING, EVERY day. Following my divorce in late 2010 I was a shattered shell of a human being; I even tried to take my own life, and luckily only succeeded in putting myself in ICU for a week. And despite colloquial wisdom, things can ALWAYS get worse, there is ALWAYS further to fall, and I continued to slip even after the suicide attempt. I turned to Catholicism, then Wicca, for guidance, and they guided me to you. It didn't happen overnight, but just seeing one positive and unambiguous result gave me hope, and encouraged me to keep exploring my new path.Now, 2 years and a Spiritual Awakening later, I see and practice my abilities to control my own path, and to sway my environment and the circumstances around me in my favor. You've shown me how to remove what's holding me back or standing in my way, as well as how to discover what I TRULY want and need, and which direction to travel to get me there. You haven't changed everything, but you've shown me how to change it myself. Teach a woman to fish, right? Thank you, Sarah--you really have made a special difference in my life. Blessings beyond what you know."

"Always a pleasure to work with Sarah. I felt the need for some help and she is right there. You are a blessing and I thank you for your help!"

"The best money I have ever spent! Do yourself a favor and order this!"

"Wanted to let you know how things turned out. They turned out fabulously!! Not only did we get a good enough refund to pay for airfare as well as pay some bills....but our vacation destination gave us a refund on part of our trip because our travel dates were within the time frame of a special offer they had. This service is wonderful! Thank you Sarah! Bless you for all you do."

"First time ordering from Moma Sarah and I am greatly impressed with her excellent customer service and the positive energy that exudes from her. Sarah sent me 3 great photos of my candle burning with an explanation of her working. She was helpful, kind, prompt & thorough in addressing my concerns and meeting my needs. Best of all, things seem to be working as the target has been nicer and more attentive to me in the past few days after Sarah's working. Thank you, Moma Sarah :)"

"I'd highly recommend Moma Sarah's private candle requests. I noticed results even before her candle was lit, and right now things are much better than I could have imagined! I did work in addition for this task, but I believe Moma Sarah's energy helped a lot!"

"Moma Sarah opened me up to working with spirits I hadn't had any prior experience with. I can tell you that I felt the spirit in question around when she did this vigil for me and the whole experience was powerful and positive. Thanks, Sarah for helping ensure my prayers were heard and for offering this wonderful service."
- See more at: http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/personal-candle-vigil-hoodoo-voodoo-witchcraft-ritual-working-1-day-private-prayer-requests-?tid=7#sthash.m33ub5xt.dpuf

"Amazing stuff! Had some shoulder pain from a pulled muscle recently. I applied this along with some old fashioned heat; two days later I have minimal pain, and a fully functioning shoulder!"

"I have to admit. This is amazing. Works almost instantly. I apply in the morning and before bed. I suffer from joint problems due to autoimmune disease and I truly believe this has given my symptoms a swift kick in the rear."

"I splashed this on and my migraine disappeared!"

"All I can say is this took me by surprise! I have a neck "tic" where my head jerks for nor reason ll day and night. I have been to several doctor and hospitals and two neurologists...I have been told there is nothing they can do and it has worn me out. I am tired and my neck is in so much pain some days I wonder if I can take it. Anyway I came back to order more of your glorious items and thought to try this for other reasons. I put some on before bed just to try it out. I woke up for the first time in nearly two years without neck pain. I thought hmmmm this is odd. Then I noticed my tic had lessened.....so I thought very strange. Anyway if this keeps up I will have to admit you have made miracle in bottle!!! I had lost hope for this condition when the last neurologist said I will be like this forever. Being only in my 30's that was very grim news as I have felt like this is killing me. I will be using this daily and hope to get my total health back! BTW this order contains the best smelling oils I have received from you yet. Will give more feedback on the rest later once they are used. I appreciate your gift love to you and yours Sarah."

"I've shared my success with your Queen Isabel of Hungary water before, but I just wanted to take a minute and tell you again how truly amazing it is. I suffer from runner's knee, and I was experiencing a lot of pain yesterday. Last night, I decided to rub the water on the front and back of my knees before I went to bed. I hadn't taken any type of over the counter pain medicine; just a hot shower. When I woke up, I couldn't believe how my knees felt!! I'm SO grateful for this and for you sharing it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! "

 "I bought this thinking it would be a nice addition to my collection of waters, but after having a sore neck and back today, decided to try it. This worked immediately! I couldn't believe it. I kept moving my neck almost in disbelief, thinking it would hurt again, but nothing! No pain! Buy this!" - http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/queen-isabel-hungary-water-hoodoo-voodoo-witchcraft-wicca-invigorating-perfume-beauty-vitali?tid=3#sthash.amttsZhq.dpuf

"TO ANY PARENT!!!! PLEASE BUY THIS!!! Especially for bebe girlis! The antibacterial and antifungal properties are AMAZING, and this clears up ANY type of diaper rash within 12 hours... my daughter LOVES it (she is day-trained now but this has been an effective treatment for thrush from wet bathing suits for her!!!), the beach sand of the summer has been rough on her inner thigh and bum area) and asks for it for EVERY THING and refuses ALL other products. It's an amazing balm, truly! Sarah has hit the serious mark on this one! BEST BOOTY BALM EVER. And mama uses it on our exzcema, as well... great relief! We both get it from soy allergies as exposure is often accidental. Just a superb product and I clearly cannot say enough!!!"

"I don't know what's in this stuff, but it's a miracle! Nothing on the market worked, but this stuff? Within a day symptoms subsided, and infection was gone."

"This worked like a miracle for my nephew's eczema, after two days of use his skin is cleared. My mum was amazed and asked what magician made this balm... If she only knew! ;)" http://conjuredcardea.indiemade.com/product/baby-balm-plain-old-healthy-skin-baby-balm-moisturizing-antifungal-antibacterialeczema-aroma?tid=3#sthash.FNXOShdg.dpuf