Shipping Update

  •  If you can not take the time to actually read my site, understand my process and what you are agreeing to, please, take your business elsewhere. ANYONE who knows me, via my personal life or business, knows I work 80 hours a week. I often work weeks in a row with no break, doing my best to get your orders and services out. By complaining about the shipping time, WHICH YOU AGREED TO AND WERE MADE AWARE OF by placing your order, you are telling me that I am not working hard enough or fast enough for you.

Holiday Shipping and Service Dates

There will be no services scheduled from the 16th of December until the 7th of January. HOWEVER, I am still scheduling them from January 8th and after, as normal.

Holidays, Services and Oshun

Holidays, Services and Oshun


A Binding

Nkisis and Working with Doll Babies

Congo Square

It was common practice for slaves to receive Sundays off from their work. On this day they gathered in the only place that remained legal for them to dance, sing, set up market, share their foods and practice their native religions and arts-Congo Square.

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