WHAT IS HOODOO AND ROOTWORK?-"Rootwork is the utilization of specific altar set-ups, tools, saints, spirits or deities, ingredients, formulas and most importantly, offerings and prayers. These are all chosen using research, recording, long term dedication and experimentation, as well as tradition to find their effect on a specific goal. Just as you would participate in physical therapy after you injure your body, in which you are guided by a professional on a scheduled, detailed process designed to rebuild and heal. Rootwork is a spiritual therapy designed to rebuild the life from a spiritual vantage point. Through a series of daily prayers and habits designed to focus your mind and spirit on your goal, you can achieve change in your life. Change your spirit with daily exercise and focus to regain your spiritual health, connection and life force." -Moma Sarah 

WHY IS CONJURED CARDEA DIFFERENT?-I do things a little differently than your big-box botanicas. Each order is filled upon request-I do not sell factory housed products. Your items will be made fresh and just for you and your needs. Many herbs and roots I used are hand harvested and organic and each bottle is hand-labeled and gift wrapped. Welcome to Conjured Cardea! Come on in and get used to authentic rootwork. Conjured Cardea's Full Service Spiritual Supply offers hand-made, home grown, witchcraft supplies for both the experienced and novice alike. I am a firm believer that the quality of my tools and intention is what makes a meaningful ritual. Unlike most hoodoo shops, Conjured Cardea's items are created from actual herbs, roots, resins and curios along with 100% pure essential oils. Each listing provides a wealth of information regarding the history, ingredients and uses of each item. I also offer a full line of spiritual services designed to help you achieve the goal you desire. Conjured Cardea has reached over 300,000 sales in 10 years.

WHO IS MOMA SARAH?-I am the CEO of Conjured Cardea, an authentic spiritual supply brand I launched in 2008. I have worked as a spiritual worker, lecturer, teacher and ordained reverend for 17 years. I specialize in hoodoo, conjure and rootwork. I created Conjured Cardea as a reactionary and necessary balance to factory-based botanicas, as well as to provide authentic professional rootwork services to the public. Through the development of Conjured Cardea, I have served clients in over 100 countries. Here, you will find original versions of traditional hoodoo formulas from hundreds of years ago, as well as a full line of spiritual services, conducted with pure intent, professionalism and ingredients. The authenticity and purposeful creation of each item and service helps you to manifest your goals through daily ritual and intent. It is an honor for me to make each item, and serve each client, to the best of my abilities. 

​If you are searching for top-notch items and professional rootwork services, I believe my reputation and testimonials will speak for themselves. I am available for consultations, which I provide for free, and I am always happy to answer questions about myself or my work. Please visit the links at the top of this site to read my blog, visit my YouTube channel, view my testimonials or contact me. I look forward to serving you!

FREE CONSULTATIONS-You may email me for a FREE consultation at conjuredcardea@gmail.com. Consultations are via email ONLY. You must include the full names of the people involved in the situation, past details of the situation as well as where you are currently and the goals you'd like to reach concerning it. You must also let me know if you are seeking item recommendations, a rootwork service or a combination. Please keep your emails to a maximum of three paragraphs in order for me to serve everyone promptly. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response. Emails without these details will not be responded to. The more accurately these details are followed, the more accurately I can serve you. You can browse my services here; http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Professional-Rootwork-Services_c13.htm

WHERE CAN I PURCHASE YOUR ROOTWORK SERVICES?-You can browse over over 130 services here; http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Professional-Rootwork-Services_c13.htm

SHIPPING TIMES-I fill and ship Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Due to demand, please allow  at least 15 business days to create your order. This excludes custom items which may take longer to create, customs items will ship once completed. I do not ship holiday weekends, which include Friday through Monday. Please ensure your PayPal mailing address is correct, as this is what I ship from and use as an invoice. 

*****************ATTENTION! October through December are my busiest months. If you place an order during this time, around a sale or around a holiday YOUR ORDER WILL TAKE LONGER. Holidays and sales cause an influx of sales which means LONGER WAIT TIMES since EVERYTHING IS MADE BY HAND, TO ORDER FOR EACH CLIENT. Please do not email me asking me where your order is if it has not been at least 15 business days. A "business day" is Monday through Friday-THIS EXLCUDES ALL HOLIDAY BREAKS AND THE DAY YOU ORDERED BECAUSE I DO NOT OFFER SAME DAY SHIPPING. 

If your order is $100 or more worth of product, please allow 15 business days or more to complete it, after all, I am ONE person NOT a company. I receive far more orders per week than I can complete within that week. Therefore, your order will NOT be shipped same day and will require up to 15 business days to complete. 

TRACKING-Once shipped, your order will have a USPS tracking number attached to shipping confirmation e-mail you receive-please use it. For domestic orders, this number will begin with 9400 or 9405. Please do not contact me about where you package is as you will be directed back to your shipping confirmation and the USPS tracking website. If you want to know if an item has shipped it is your responsibility to check your account.

INSTRUCTIONS-I do not provide instructions or "spells" with orders. However, most of my descriptions provide you with plenty of uses, ideas and cultural/historical significance of my items. It is reasonably assumed that if you are purchasing an item, you know what it is and how to use it. Typically, clients purchase an oil as an ingredient for a specific working they want to perform. These can be found by using an internet search engine or in books. I cannot give specific instructions for the items you purchase as I do not know what your goals or practices are and there are dozens of ways to use oils. I DO NOT write "spells" for clients. Part of the fun of learning a new skill and path is the research and self-discovery you uncover along the way. I can't walk your path for you, you must do the work it takes to educate yourself and create your own practices.

HOW DO I USE CONJURE OILS?-All of my oils (with the exceptions of those containing camphor or cayenne) can be applied to the body. They can also be added to floor washes and baths, used to dress candles, anoint charms and statues, feed mojos and gris gris, used as an ingredient for workings and other formulas, and used as offerings. Please use your own creativity, research, traditions, intuition to use these items in the best way for you! Please watch my video for more tips and tricks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FJhXFVPf-A

HOW DO I SET UP A BASIC WORKING OR SPELL?-Please watch this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apYTekn9CqU&t=6s

REPLACEMENT ITEMS-I WILL NOT REPLACE A PACKAGE that has been thrown away, sent back, or damaged by a neighbor, ex-partner, landlord, or other person. I will also NO LONGER replace packages with incorrect addresses given on the order. The order will have to be re-purchased in full as I have been grossly taken advantage of due to these circumstances.

REFUNDS-NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS. I CANNOT RE-SELL ITEMS THAT WERE MADE FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Exchanges, replacements or store credit may be given on a per case basis. Please contact me at conjuredcardea@gmail.com if there is an issue with your order.


SERVICE SCHEDULE-You will be entered into my schedule according to my availability and the proper day for your type of service as I schedule according to astrological correspondences. I am consistently booked 2-4 weeks out with services AT ALL TIMES. Yours will be attended to in a first come, first serve manner as well as taking into account the proper day for your service. These details must be taken into account for the success of your work. I am just like any other professional with a schedule-your service will NOT be attended to immediately, you will have an appointment date just as you would with any other service professional. You will be contacted within 72 hours to confirm you appointment date. The email address used on your order form is where all confirmations and reports will be delivered to.

Once your service is scheduled NO changes can be made. Preparation for services takes at least a week. I cannot make changes once preparation has begun as supplies have been created, offerings purchased/harvested, tools purchased and time blocked off in my schedule for your particular service.***I do NOT accept text messages, screenshots, Facebook status', etc. as information for spiritual services. They are not secure nor professional.

REPORTS-PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 7 DAYS FOR THE FULL PROCESS AND REPORT OF YOUR WORKING. THIS ENSURES THERE IS ADEQUATE TIME FOR COMPLETION AND DISPOSAL OF THE WORKING. This also allows me time to accurately record the details of your working process as well as perform the wax flow divination. In order for me to provide you with the best service, time is required. 

WHEN CAN YOU EXPECT RESULTS? Most clients will begin to see results in about a month. Results can happen for some within a few days and for others, it may take several months. This mostly depends on the severity and complexity of the client's situation. It also heavily depends on the client's choices, attitude and behaviors. All of my services are designed to bring permanent, positive change BUT this depends highly on the ATTITUDE, CHOICES AND BEHAVIOR OF THE CLIENT.

IS SPIRITUAL WORK GUARANTEED? NO! Spiritual services are not guaranteed. Just as not every treatment, medication or therapy will be successful for everyone, spiritual work will not be successful 100% of the time for 100% of the clients who attempt utilize it. THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS WORLD THAT CAN SOLVE EVERY PROBLEM FOR EVERY PERSON. There is no such thing as a "magic pill" so be realistic with your goals and expectations.

RUSH FEE FOR SERVICES-If you need your service attended to immediately, you may use this link; http://shop.conjuredcardea.com/Emergency-Rush-Fee-FEE.htm?categoryId=-1. This fee guarantees that your service will be attended to within 24 hours. Reports can only be send AFTER THE SERVICE DURATION IS COMPLETE.

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