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Thank you for allowing me to serve you and thank you for your patience! I will not rush the creation of YOUR items-I want them to be the BEST I can make for YOUR workings! After all, this is all about YOU! Custom orders may take up to 20 business days. Please allow at least 15 BUSINESS DAYS for your 100% unique, hand-crafted spiritual items to be created! Remember, EACH item is created for YOU when you order-which is why you ordered from Conjured Cardea in the first place, right? NOTHING is pre-made here!  


  •  If you can not take the time to actually read my site, understand my process and what you are agreeing to, please, take your business elsewhere. ANYONE who knows me, via my personal life or business, knows I work 80 hours a week. I often work weeks in a row with no break, doing my best to get your orders and services out. By complaining about the shipping time, WHICH YOU AGREED TO AND WERE MADE AWARE OF, you are telling me that I am not working hard enough or fast enough for you. All emails that contain even the slightest tone of rudeness about shipping times will now have their order refunded, without reply, and IP address blocked. If you don't have time for me, then I don't have time for you.
  • Conjured Cardea's Full Service Pagan store offers hand-made, home grown, witchcraft supplies for both the experienced and novice alike. I am a firm believer that the quality of our tools and intention is what what makes a meaningful ritual. Unlike most hoodoo shops, Conjured Cardea's items are created from home grown herbs and 100% pure essential oils. Each listing provides a wealth of information reguarding the history, ingredients and uses of each item. I also offer a full line of spiritual services designed to help you achieve the goal you desire. Conjured Cardea has reached over 2000,000 sales in under 10 years with 100% positive feedback. 
My name is Sarah and I am the sole propietor and operator of Conjured Cardea, which I created in 2008. I have worked as a spiritual worker, lecturer, teacher and ordained reverend for 13 years, specializing in hoodoo. I created Conjured Cardea as a balance to factory-based botanicas and provide professional rootwork services to the public. Through the development of Conjured Cardea I have served clients in over 50 countries. Here, you will find original versions of traditional hoodoo formulas, as well as a full line of spiritual services, conducted with pure intent and ingredients. The authenticity and purposeful creation of each item and service helps you to manifest your goals through daily ritual and intent. It is an honor for me to make each item, and serve each client, to the best of my abilities. 
​If you are searching for top-notch items and professional rootwork services, I believe my reputation and testimonials will speak for themselves. I am available for consultations, which I provide for free, and I am always happy to answer questions about myself or my work. Please visit the links at the top of this site to read my blog, visit my store,  view my testimonials or contact me. I look forward to serving you!
My full line of professional rootwork services can be found here;
I lagniappe with each delivery! Lagniappe is the gulf coast practice of a gift with purchase. Conjured Cardea offers authentic, hand made, wild-harvested, spiritual supplies for Vodou, Hoodoo, Santeria, Folk Magic, Spiritualist, and all Craft practitioners. I ship as quickly as I can and to anywhere in the world! All major credit cards are accepted. Gift wrap is available upon request. How can I serve you today?
I am happy to join Indiemade! I was peviously on Etsy with over 30,000 sales in less than 6 years, the lead store in my category, and over 17,000 positive feedbacks!
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 I am not an initiate of Santeria, Vodou, or Palo. Nor am I an initiate of Egyptian, Norse, or Celtic traditions. However, I do list items for these traditions and MANY more. I create and make items that my clients request for their practices. This often means creating an item that I would not use in my own path and practices (Paganism, Spiritism and Hoodoo). I am a medium and I use this ability to create items for my clients that enhance their practices. It's very simple!

I do not provide instructions or labels with orders. However, most of my descriptions provide you with plenty of uses, ideas and cultural/historical signifigance of my items. It is reasonably assumed that if you are purchasing an item, you know what it is. Typically, clients purchase an oil as an ingredient for a specific working they want to perform. I can not give specific instructions for the items you purchase as I do not know what your goals or practices are and there are dozens of ways to use oils. I DO NOT provide "spells" to clients. All of my oils (with the exceptions of those containing camphor or cayenne) can be applied to the body. They can also be added to floor washes and baths, used to dress candles, anoint charms and statues, feed mojos and gris gris, used as an ingredient for workings and other formulas, and used as offerings. Please use your own creativity, research, traditions, intuition to use these items in the best way for you!

*** Please allow for natural variations in many items as they are home grown and I can not control Mother Nature.

*** Please allow 24-72 hours for me to respond to e-mails, due to the high volume I receive. Feel free to re-send your e-mail after it has been 72 hours. 

Good old fashioned workings are what you will find here. No fancy packaging just a lot of hard work passed down from my family to yours. All mojo bags are hand sewn, all powders are hand crushed and mixed, most herbs and roots are native, organically grown and harvested by me, and all oils are original, copyrighted recipes (except traditional oils like Van Van, etc.). I want you to know, I have spent half of my life learning and making these itemy. Any supplies that are not hand-made were acquired through reputable sources that my family has worked closely with for years. My descriptions will tell you of my research and experience with each item; I use these items myself and know the history behind them. You can't learn unless you have good information.

So, what do I do here? I'm all about hard work, living right, giving, and worship. If you do those four things, or just strive to do them, the world is your oyster! There is no bad habit you can't break and nothing you can't change! I don't sell miracles. My items are designed to change your mind set, encourage and empower you. With my items you can determine a goal, create a ritual, and start the transformation. Then, we'll tempt the fates to smile fortune upon you.

A portion of sales are donated to the Eleanor House here in Kalamazoo which supports temorarilty displaced families;
If you find yourself in need, give first, then you will receive.
*PLEASE make sure you know how to use the items you are ready to purchase or have a reputable internet or book source you can consult. I do not provide instructions or rituals with the items. It is reasonably assumed that if you are buying an item, you know what it is and how it is used.
*All products are sold as curios. They are for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for usage, reactions, or outcomes and my products are not substitutes for legal, psychological, medical, or financial advice. I reserve the right to change any listing or policy at any time without notice. 
* All waters and oils are hand-made. They may settle or separate. Shake all products before use to insure proper distribution of oils and herbs.
*All custom items and orders may take up to 4 weeks to create. 

New to all this?
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