Store Policies

I love sharing natural incenses, candles, and oils! They provide a deepening of spirituality for both myself and the purchaser that is immeasurable! My curios and oddities are designed to help you focus and direct your energy to obtain your goals. I am here to serve you. Most of my oil recipes are copyrighted or are in the process of. This does not include historical and traditional recipes such as Van Van, Crown of Success, Wealthy Way, etc. Attempt at duplication of copyrighted oils or names may result in legal action.

Due to a high volume of e-mails, please allow 24-72 hours for response. Thank you!

I fill and ship Monday through Friday. Due to demand, please allow 5-10 business days to receive your order. This excludes custom items which may take up to  two weeks to create, customs items will ship once completed. I do not ship holiday weekends, which include Friday through Monday. Please ensure your Paypal mailing address is correct, as this is what I ship from and use as an invoice. If your order is $100 or more worth of product, please allow up to 2 weeks to complete it, after all, I'm only one witch not a corporation;) If you can't wait for one of a kind, hand-made, high quality items, feel free to buy mass produced catalog crap and wait 4 weeks for it.

Once shipped, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number-please use it and do not contact me about where you package is as you will be directed back to that e-mail. If you want to know if an item has shipped it is your responsibility to check under your "account" then click "purchases". I will not respond to rude e-mails asking where your items are at. 

I can do over night shipping of a small package of items for $25.00. An additional fee may be added in order to move your order to the top of the que to ensure it is completed on time for the overnight shipping. 

I WILL NOT REPLACE A PACKAGE that has been thrown away, sent back, or damaged by a neighbor, ex, landlord, or other person!!! I will also NO LONGER replace packages with incorrect addresses given on the order!!! The order will have to be re-purchased in full as I have been grossly taken advantage of due to these circumstances.

Multiple orders will be shipped together unless specified not to in the note to seller.

No refunds or exchanges. My items are sold as spiritual products and curios only; there will be no refunds or exchanges if you believe that an item did not "work" for you. Please allow for variations in products. No  two items are ever alike here, as I craft each one individually. Labels and embellishments may vary from pictures due to what is available. Absolutely NO refunds on custom orders or items.

My items are sold as spiritual products/aids and curios only. The use and outcome are completely on you. There are no guarantees these items will work for you. I am not responsible for the outcome of any spiritual practice or usage of any of my products. They are not a substitute for legal, mental, or physical help. They are sold as entertainment and curios only.

My products are designed to be used by those who understand how magick works. If you have never used these types of products before and have questions, please convo me before purchasing so we can ensure you understand what you're attempting. If you are under the impression that magick is a quick fix or is a good way to get revenge because you are angry, you have been mislead. Magick doesn't work by pouring some oil on a candle and you waking up to a new, shiny life. Magick works when YOU work-when you decide to make a change in behavior, attitude and lifestyle, only then will the universe help you out. Work hard, pray often, and be the change you want to see!

Sorry, no phone consultations.

Coupon codes MUST be used at the time of placing your order and making the payment.

An additional fee for consultation may be added once the consultation (e-mails and creation of a reserved listing) exceeds two hours.

Sales and giveaways apply ONLY orders of $25 or more and $65 or more on international orders.

Powders and roots may or may not be labeled. Be an informed buyer and educate yourself as to what these items look like.

Tax is applied to all orders, as everyone must pay taxes on purchases. That is why Etsy has tax rates set for each country in their shipping system. Every state and country I ship to must pay sales tax, that's the law. 

On your tax forms there is a place where you MUST record all of the internet purchases you make on-line and then pay taxes on those purchases IF tax is not already added on to your purchase at checkout. It's called a "Use tax". Many etsy shops don't make enough in sales to have to file taxes for their shops, but i do. Places like Amazon already collect this tax.

This is because people try to skirt around sales tax by making internet purchases. Sales tax must be paid by the state or country where the item is USED which would be your state, not mine. It's called a "Use tax" on your tax forms and there is an area where all of your internet purchases made without paying tax at the point of purchase, must then be recorded and paid. The IRS is cracking down on people purchasing over the internet and not paying taxes on the items they use. it's not me, it's the government. If I don't collect it, i pay sales tax on all of my supplies plus the sales tax for my clients to use MY items and i can also get in trouble with the IRS.

I'm sorry but i am required to collect taxes by law as I am a business and ALL businesses and clients must pay taxes. Any shop that is not collecting it may not be paying taxes, which is illegal. 

I reserve the right to cancel a sale at any time for any reason without notification. I reserve the right to change any listing, description,look or packaging of any item at any time. I reserve the right to cancel any order if I receive a rude or disrespectful e-mail from the buyer at any time.