1 Mercury Head Dime-Protection, Luck, Prosperity, Mojo

1 Mercury Head Dime-Protection, Luck, Prosperity, Mojo


Mercury head dimes are used in folk magic for protection, prosperity and games of chance. The coins are considered magical due to the misconception that the winged image is of Mercury, the Roman god of communication, commerce and trickery. The image is female and is actually of Lady Liberty. Mercury head dimes have been used in protection workings and to prevent psychic and magic attacks due to their silver content. Silver has long held a reputation for repelling evil and witchcraft. Mercury head dimes were minted between 1916-1945 only and will become more rare as time passes.

A common hoodoo practice, and one I personaly subscribe to myself, is to drill a hole on two opposite sides of a Mercury head dime, run red cord from one side to the other and fit it to the ankle to protect from foot traffic magic. Folk lore says, that if the coin turned black it means that someone had set hot foot, black salt or Kufwa dust for the owner to step in.

You will receive ONE dime from the photo.


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