Bone Throwing Set-Starter Kit of 20 Items

Bone Throwing Set-Starter Kit of 20 Items


This is my bone-throwing starter set. I have created this set at the requests of my clients and to support the tradition and esoteric art of bone-throwing, bone casting and bone reading.

Each kit includes 20 items;

4 Cowrie shells-Fertility, abundance, protection, money, pregnancy

Alligator claw-luck, prosperity, opportunities, success ahead

High John the Conqueror Root-Success, Overcoming adversity, strength, wisdom

Hag Stone-Protection, spiritual transformation and messages

Raccoon Penis Bone-Luck, Love, Fertility

Alligator Tooth-Abundance, renewal, longevity, health

Cat's Eye (operculum)-Divine messages and protection

Black Cat Bone-Great luck and abundance

Long Coyote Bone-trickery, appearances not being true, aprehension, careful

Short Coyote Bone-Divine messages, watch for symbolism and syncronicity around you, magic

Key-Transition, open doors, opportunity, decisions, crossroads

African Mojo Bean-True love, deep-seated wish, yearning, follow your heart, opportunity ahead

Quartz-Purification, removal of something, leaving something behind, renewal, rebirth, healing

Devil Pod-Protection against enemies, enemy, adversity, competition

Devil's Shoestring root-Don't make any serious decisions, patience, watchful eye, see what unfolds

Mercury Head Dime-Protection from outsiders, watch for false friends and deceit

Buckeye Nut-Abundance, fertility, luck, achievement, employment


This is a starter kit meant for you to experiement with and record your findings. Practice is necessary. This is only a guide. You will want to add your own items as your pactice and skill level progresses.


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