Gris Gris Bag-Custom-Personalized-Hoodoo-Voodoo-Witchcraft-Mojo-Created Specifically for Your Needs and Workings

Gris Gris Bag-Custom-Personalized-Hoodoo-Voodoo-Witchcraft-Mojo-Created Specifically for Your Needs and Workings


I am now offering this service in a smaller, more affordable size. Hey, I know everybody's got to cut back nowadays:)

The term Gris Gris has a few origins. Some believe it comes from the word juju for the west African word for a fetish or sacred object, jou jou for the french "doll" or "plaything". Grou grou then came from this and then gris gris, the french word for grey meaning to create a balance between light and dark to obtain, maintain, and control outcomes.
Your gris gris bag will be created for whatever your desire, or problem to remedy, may be. 

Ingredients may include any or all; seeds, nuts, herbs, roots, flowers, beans, coins, charms, stones, metals, beads, feathers, dirt, bones, sticks, salts, curios, sea shells, teeth, wax, nails, resins, hair, claws, sigils/veves or pictures among many other natural curios and ingredients. The ingredients will suit the purpose you specify. It will packed full, charged, and ready to work!
I do not recommend you open my gris gris. They are made to be just as they are, but if you feel the need to add to it I will not dissuade you from doing so. Just remember, there must always be an odd number of ingredients, so you will have to add at least 2 more to keep it odd in number.

Common choices for gris gris;
legal help
relationship matters
family matters
spiritual guidance

Please leave your intended purpose for the gris gris in the "note to seller" when you purchase.
As this is a custom service, please allow up to 2 weeks to create your magickal piece. These gris gris are about 6 inches tall depending on the size you want. Please specify if you want a smaller bag. They are all created with Spanish moss as one of the ingredients-some of this will break off during shipping as it is dry and brittle, so please understand this. 

client feedback; "Beautiful gris Gris. I have put it in my bathroom next to my mirror so that it reminds me every time I look in the mirror and stops me from getting down on myself."

"Hello, Sarah! The safe pregnancy gris-gris that you made for us arrived last night. It's so beautiful, thank you so much! It smells wonderful, and my husband and I both really like the fabric you used. It's so bright and cheerful, it just reminds me of sweet little child energy. And it fits perfectly inside our box altar for our baby. I'm almost eleven weeks pregnant and we'll be going for our third sonogram this Friday."

Your gris gris may NOT look like the one on the picture-the picture is only a sample of my gris gris. 

I am not responsible for any outcomes or happenings one may associate with possessing a gris gris. Sometimes, shit just happens and no spiritual or magickal work will help. Remember, when you work magick to change an outcome, other things must change too. Be prepared for outcomes and be responsible for your actions. Be honest with yourself and any people involved in the situation; magick can only create its best outcome on an honest, hard-working foundation.

thanks for looking! Ashe'!


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