GTFB Oil-Twisting Work-Gets Things Back To Good!

GTFB Oil-Twisting Work-Gets Things Back To Good!


Oh no you didn't! You best just Get The Fuck Back! hence, my GTFB candle. You ever just have shit start going wrong for you? Maybe someone put it on you with a whammy or maybe you did it to yourself, whichever, you just want your life restored to normal...and a little added luck wouldn't hurt either, right?

Or maybe you know someone who is experiencing this-it would make a very uplifting supportive gift too. We must think of others before ourselves you know. This oil contains 9 twisting herbs, gris gris, and strong vervain oil to twist your bad situation into a good one.

What's my secret for this oil? Crushed crab shells. Crabs walk sideways and in hoodoo this is interpreted as revealing the power of reversal in this animal. Now this can be used to send back the whammy someone put on you, but when it comes down to it, who did it doesn't really matter does it? Sometimes not holding ourselves accountable for our own contribution to the mess stifles us. What matters is getting your life back to good and filled with blessings and luck! 

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Reviewed by on Sep 26, 2022