Jezebel Oil-Hoodoo-Voodoo-Witchcraft-Used by Women to Enhance Any Working-Hex-Control-Obtain the Things You Want or Need

Jezebel Oil-Hoodoo-Voodoo-Witchcraft-Used by Women to Enhance Any Working-Hex-Control-Obtain the Things You Want or Need


This is another old formula that, sad to say, is often misrepresented now. The Jezebel oils I see now do not even contain jezebel root, which is the origin of the oil. It is said that any woman who uses this oil will get their way with men. It enhances any working, especially hexes.

This oil is for women who want to feel powerful and alluring. It helps when looking for a mate to ensure he has some money! I don't know about you but I'm not interested in a man who don't work! Perfect for women whose profession is entertaining men or working for tips; dancers, entertainers, hair dressers, servers, bartenders, etc. This will enhance your sexual appeal in order to entice men to spend more! GREAT to use on cheap-ass boyfriends and lovers too-go on girl, get you that new dress you been eye balling;)

Use this oil on red, green, purple and orange candles.

About the root;

Jezebel root is a popular root used by rootworkers and Hoodoos. It is related to the Iris flower, and is native to Eurasia. Jezebel Root is known for its part in a curse, known commonly as The Curse of Jezebel, which is performed with an elaborate ritual and is used to cause distress in the life of one`s enemy. 

To work the Curse of Jezebel, hold a root in your left hand for 2 hours, while you burn a black candle set on the enemy's name paper, or from sunrise to sunset. Remain completely silent and think of your enemy the whole time. When the time is up, place the root in a jar of your own urine and put the lid on. Speak aloud your curse, naming the enemy, then carry the jar to a river or to the ocean, throw it in using your left hand, turn, walk away and don't look back. 

Jezebel Root is also well known in older lore as a root of particular boon to prostitutes. For them, it was held that the root possessed magical properties that would aid greatly in attracting wealthy customers. Its other uses have expanded into people of other vocations however, particularly among those who rely upon tips from men to supplement their income, particularly among servers, hair dressers, musicians, entertainers, and other such vocations.

My oil contains bergamot, musk, neroli, and jasmine oils with jezebel root, among other fine ingredients.

client feedback; "i bought this oil to attract a future investor within days he was calling me non-stop to set-up a meeting for the future business investment. lovesit and thank you momma for the suggestion!"

thanks for looking!

curio only.

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