Kufwa Spell Set-7 Dressed Candles with Oil-Hoodoo-Voodoo-Witchcraft-Gets Rid of Unwanted People or Situations

Kufwa Spell Set-7 Dressed Candles with Oil-Hoodoo-Voodoo-Witchcraft-Gets Rid of Unwanted People or Situations


Traditionally referred to as "goofer's", this word is derived from the Kikongo word "kufwa" meaning "to die". Historically, this aid allegedly causes the target to to become weak and confused. Powers of speech, concentration, and thought are affected. Historical accounts from hoodoos say the targets act "goofy", crawling on the floor and barking like a dog. Particularly potent Goofers Dust is said to leave the victim to waste away and die...but i don't make that kind of product:)

This is the oil form of this traditional hoodoo powder. I often transition traditional powders into oils, either for accessibility of the client or to be used as a compliment to the original powder. 

For instances when one cannot lay the trick of goofer's dust (getting it to the location of the targeted) this oil used in a 7 day spell will work nicely without having to set foot on a premises, travel long distances to the target, and without the danger of possible confrontation or legal ramifications from trespassing. This set also includes a set of 7 candles, dressed with corresponding herbs and ingredients.

My oil is used to get rid of people and reverse decisions or acts they have done, righting wrongs. I have successfully used it and sold it to get rid of bad neighbors, stop child abuse, domestic partner abuse, send someone to jail who has evaded the police (it won't just send someone to jail for no reason), stop stalkers, get child support, and keep homes protected in bad neighborhoods. This stuff gets results in everyday, necessary, critical situations!! 

Created with graveyard dirt from an honest police officer's grave, sulphur, black salt, dead sea salt, iron sand, coffin nail, valerian, patchouli, and mullein. Created under the invocation of Ochossi. 

Invoke him when you use this powder for double results!
Ochossi is a warrior; the tracker, the explorer, the sorcerer, the healer. He is embodied in soldiers and police officers and serves justice. He is patron to justice and law. His numbers are 3 and 7 and his colours are blue and yellow or orange. Good Luck!

Thanks for looking! 

curio only.


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