Mam'zelle Oil- Hoodoo, Voodoo, Witchcraft- Super Charged to Draw In True, Deep, Reciprocating Love

Mam'zelle Oil- Hoodoo, Voodoo, Witchcraft- Super Charged to Draw In True, Deep, Reciprocating Love


Named after the legendary Mam'zelle Marie Laveau, this triple strength love oil is reputed to be her recipe for love. The number 3 is sacred to Marie.

New Orleans legendary Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, was a very powerful women. It is said she could fix court cases, persuade police, that her gris gris bags were sold for thousands of dollars and that she had 12,000 devotees of every color. She was a healer, a magician, a saint, and a snake handler. To this day, if you visit her grave in New Orleans, bring her an offering, draw 3 X's on her tomb and knock 3 times, your request will be answered. Born in 1792, Marie transformed Voodou from a persecuted cult to an organized, respected religion and cultural tradition. She has achieved unofficial saint status and continues to perform miracles and answer prayers from her grave at New Orleans' St. Louis Cemetery # 1.

This oil is created to bring about layers of true love; friendship, love, and sex. With oils of lilac, gardenia, jasmine all soaked with a tiny pair of lodestones (in Mama Jar-not individual bottles)  to represent lovers. 

Use with pink or lavender candles.

client feedback; "Having recently (yesterday) had my Akashic records read, it would seem I've a habit of dating my former tormentor. I believe it's time to move forward with love for myself and to accept nothing less from a significant other. A dab of this on my wrist drew out memories, and scents I pretty sure aren't even in here. Strong stuff is an understatement. Ready to be loved again?"

"As I was going through each oil, making a little cheat sheet for what they were to be used for, I came across the Mamzelle Oil and after reading the description, I thought, "Hmmm... I think I'll just dab some of this on me". I put it on my wrists, and a little over my heart. Within seconds, I felt giddy. Then I felt like I wanted to cry... then I felt all excited like when you're at the top of a roller coaster. I have NO idea what all of these instant emotions mean in regards to me, but I had to share that whatever you put in this stuff is POWERFUL. I just hope it it working some magic on me right now because I sure could use a happy boost in a few corners of my life! Thank you again....."

"Had to immediately leave feedback. This just arrived today and after showering I dabbed some on. Went to the store and noticed a lot of smiles and rubbernecking..but my boyfriend..oh woooowwweeee.. He and I have been arguing a lot over petty stuff these past two weeks making it to where we almost dislike each other but I put this stuff on and BAM! He was massaging my feet with lotion, he can't stop kissing me and touching me.. he just now left to get me an iced coffee because I mentioned how I want one...and it's friggin' DECEMBER. Going to a party this Sunday night and I'll be sure to have this on! Definitely a staple!"

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curio only.


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