One Queen Elizabeth Root-Orris Root-Hoodoo-Voodoo-Witchcraft-Wicca-Conjure-Business, Love, Attraction, Wealth

One Queen Elizabeth Root-Orris Root-Hoodoo-Voodoo-Witchcraft-Wicca-Conjure-Business, Love, Attraction, Wealth


A versatile, unusual, powerful root that should be in any magickal cupboard!
Queen Elizabeth Root (Orris Root) is held in high esteem by hoodoo's and rootworkers. They claim that if one longs for luck in love affairs, romance, marriage, and matters of passion ans sex, this is the root to get, for it is superior to any other love-drawing fetish or amulet. It is widely said to attract and draw men specifically. Women may sprinkle the root powder in their bath before going out with a man they love. They may also use it as a dust and sprinkle it in clothes. Legend says it has even been blended with a little menstrual blood and used to dress a man's food or drink. Hey, what you do with it is your business...
Orris root is used as a fixative in magickal potpourris (to hold scent) and body powders (to hold scent and absorb moisture).
This root is also known as Jezebel Root. Named for the wicked Queen Jezebel of the bible. Used mainly to perform "The Curse of Jezebel" jinx upon your enemy. Also used to attract business, success, manifestation, and money. Used in hexes, love potions, and achievement spells as well. It was also traditionally used by prostitutes to attract and control paying customers. Modern women could use it to attract a wealthy man.

This root was grown, organically, by my self. It was taken from a plant that is decades old, harvested in small batches so their is no harm to the plant, and done so with thanks. I sliced it and dried it myself. You will find NO better quality root of this kind! 

You will receive 1 root slice, or what I believe to be comparable to 1 normal sized slice. The 1st picture was right after they were harvested and prepared. The 2nd picture is after they were dried and what you will receive.

thanks for looking! 

Conjured Cardea makes no claims as to the abilities of this root. Curio and novelty only.


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