Prop in the Film "Now You See Me"-The Original Aunt Sally's Dream Soap-Hoodoo-Voodoo-Witchcraft- Prophetic Dreams, Omens, Divination

Prop in the Film "Now You See Me"-The Original Aunt Sally's Dream Soap-Hoodoo-Voodoo-Witchcraft- Prophetic Dreams, Omens, Divination


Beware of imitations! This is a Conjured Cardea original recipe copyright of 2010.

This soap, along with about 50 other Conjured Cardea items, were used as props for the "voodoo shop" scene in "Now You See Me". An upcoming film with Morgan Freeman and Woody Harrelson. Premieres June 2013!

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Aunt Sally is a popular icon in hoodoo and there are incense, soaps, and oils available depicting her name and image. She is often shown as an old black woman wearing a tignon of sorts and an apron. Sometimes she is seen with a crystal ball, seeming to predict the future or lucky numbers. This image was associated with a divination book called "Aunt Sally's Policy Players Dream Book" involving objects in dreams and numbers assigned to them for the use of betting or gambling. The origins of exactly who Aunt Sally was or when she gained a place in spiritism is unknown.

The History-
"Aunt Sally's Policy Players Dream Book" consists of nine separate alphabetical lists of objects and situations found in dreams with interpretations and lucky numbers for playing policy, an illegal (and now obsolete) lottery once popular in the black community. Also included was a reprint of a 19th century French divination system called the "Oraculum or Book of Fate," based on an old Arabic system of sand-divination commonly called geomancy.

The use of policy dream books may be as simple as to catch lucky numbers through dreams, but the gift of dreaming true is valuable in many ways, however, not just for money-making. Dream books, of which "Aunt Sally's Policy Players Dream Book" is by far the best-known, are part of the African-American hoodoo tradition. They link dream images (e.g. dream of a cook or dream of a locomotive) to divinatory meanings (e.g. "you will receive a letter" or "beware a strange man") and they also give numbers for betting (e.g. 5-14-50 or 65-41-55). In a typical numbers book, the dream images are listed in alphabetical order, with one, two, three, or four numbers beside each item, specifically designed for the convenience of those who bet on policy.

Copies of the original book from 1889 sell upwards of $200.

This is a family hoodoo recipe to invoke Aunt Sally's powers. She is more than just a stereotype or folk art, she is the spirit of good luck and divination. I cannot reveal the ingredients to my soap as this is family tradition but I can tell you it has a lovely spicy-buttery scent that reminds me of autumn:) All natural, vegan ingredients.

I have created this soap to honor my family, Aunt Sally, and to bring you some good fortune. So wash up and see what comes your way;)

You will receive one bar at approximately 3 ounces (bars vary due to being hand cut)

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