Reckitt's Bluing Squares-For Spiritual Baths and Washes

Reckitt's Bluing Squares-For Spiritual Baths and Washes



I LOVE THESE! Talk about old time folk magic! What I love about folk magic is that it can find a magickal use for the most mundane a laundry whitening agent! Leave it to us witches and hoodoos to re-purpose something! These things draw fast luck, protect your home and keep nightmares away! Great if you have troublesome spirits or are down on your luck! This unusual magickal item is becoming very difficult to find. Very traditional ingredient full of history; tried and true! Copper sulphate is an ingredient encountered in old-time recipes for gambler's lucky hands and for floor wash used to purify the home. Also known as blue vitriol or blue copperas, bluestone is copper sulphate, a naturally occurring substance. Root doctors and spiritualists who want to work with the blue colour of copperas while avoiding its toxic side-effects use crystalline laundry bluing squares instead.

Gamblers sew a square, a lump of rock alum, and 9 silver dimes up together in a red flannel bag for a gaming charm. Spiritualists are known to place out pans of protective "blue water", or bluing, to keep a residence clear of evil spirits.

You will receive 5 squares, as pictured. Thanks for looking!


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