Retrograde Reverse Oil-Counteract the Effects Of Mercury Retrograde

Retrograde Reverse Oil-Counteract the Effects Of Mercury Retrograde


This listing is for 1/2 ounce of my Retrograde Reverse oil!

For some folks, Mercury in retrograde makes the kids crazy, accidents happen, packages get lost, e-mails vanish, checks go missing, money gets tight, appointments are missed, dates mixed up, fights with spouses...ahhhhhh! 

This service is designed to help calm you and begin proactive work to stave off some of the more chaotic effects of Mercury in retrograde. Let me dress a white candle for you with my Retrograde Reverse oil and bless it with calming, proactive energies designed to help my clients to not take things so personally (you and those around you) and help clear your paths of little hang ups and mistakes.

Mercury is a powerful messenger. While I know that many of my clients are harshly affected by this retrograde, I'd like to take a minute to address these moments of friction. If we know that a certain area suffers when Mercury is in retrograde, we should pay special attention to the area, preparing for it before the retrograde hits. This is Mercury's way of polishing you, making you check yourself, re-directing your focus, making you aware of things you neglect and common slip-ups. Perhaps, if we were all a little more careful, prepared and polished in our focus, these little habitual retrograde hang-ups would stop happening. When we prepare and address them, we have solved them. We have ended the procrastination or the sloppy work causing these little mistakes. We are then free to focus on something else. Maybe it's another area we lack in that rears it's head or maybe it's the satisfaction and pride that comes from addressing an area we lack in. Maybe, it's a beautiful balance of both. I encourage you to see the Retrograde as a time balance, a time to wake up and pay attention, a time to get your ducks in a row. After all, friction is what polishes our mirrors.

Let's reverse the retrograde with planning, awareness and work...and we'll find balance.

Photos will be sent 24-72 hours after the service is complete.

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