1 oz. Pyrite Gravel-Hoodoo-Voodoo-Witchcraft-Famous Gris Gris for Luck, Money, Business, Divining and Drawing

1 oz. Pyrite Gravel-Hoodoo-Voodoo-Witchcraft-Famous Gris Gris for Luck, Money, Business, Divining and Drawing


I couldn't find pyrite gravel anymore, so I'm making my own!

Pyrite is the most common of the sulfide minerals. The name pyrite is derived from the Greek "puritēs' or "pyr", "of fire" or "in fire" and "ite" referring to a stone. In ancient Roman times, this name was applied to several types of stone that would create sparks when struck against steel. Pyrite possess sulphur which gives it is golden yellow color. The sulphur can be detected upon the crushing or breaking of this mineral due to it's scent. It is also, therefore, a fire stone and under the rule of mars. It is also known as Fool's Gold.

Pyrite was very often used for scrying.  The Mayans, Aztecs and Incas, at one time, all were known to polish large slabs of pyrite to a mirror-like finish which they used for this very purpose.  Native Americans believed they could look into one's very soul when peering into a polished piece of Pyrite.  Their shamans used it as "a stone of power," and their medicine men used it in certain healing rituals.  Pyrite has also been labeled the "Healer's Stone". 

Pyrite is a mineral held in high regard as a powerful money drawing talisman. It is used by many people for the purpose of bringing good fortune in business, money, and gambling.

Root workers make conjure bags for employment and drawing good fortune. Pyrite is often used in a green conjure bag with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, chamomile, irish moss, bayberry, alfalfa, and John the Conqueror to create a powerful money drawing hand. Before handling your cash, dress such a bag with my Wealthy Way oil  and recite the 23rd Psalm. If you would like me to create this mojo, I would be happy to assist you-just convo me;)

Pyrite may be the most popular stone in hoodoo other than lodestone and is worth it's weight in gold;)

 You can easily crush these pieces to make fine pyrite gravel which will allow for more uses in oils, bags, and charms. I like to sprinkle a line of fine pyrite gravel, as fine as I can get it, in front of my door to bless everyone who steps over with luck and prosperity;)

Listing is for 1 OUNCES. This amount is HALF what is shown in the last photo. Sizes and pieces vary.

thanks for looking!


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